Maru And Hana Slow-Mo ACTION!

The very last Mugumogu video extravaganza of the year finds The Dynamic Duo moving….rather…slowly.


Norbert Meets Sawyer

Norbster flew out to Sacramento yesterday (Air Norbert?) to meet Sawyer, an eight year old boy battling cancer. As you can tell, the meeting went rather well!

Happy Baroo Year?

Sure looks that way, does it not? “This is my American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix, Kaya. She’s about 3 months old now. Some serious Baroo action happening here.” -Jenny N.

Did Santa Forget…

…to bring you your copie(s) of the 2016 Cute Overload Calendar? Well, when the 24th rolls around, the Big Guy has a lot on his mind…so we’ll give him a pass. We JUST found out Amazon has a few copies left in both sizes- and here’s a handy link.


Lookit! A Bebeh Snowball!

No sound on this one, but that hardly matters, right? Favorite comment on the original source post: “WHAT KIND OF FLOOF IS THIS I NEED 10 OF THEM.” (Imgur/Reddit.)

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How About A Drink, Tibbie?

[Evian, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, Lemonade, Heineken- doesn’t matter, you stick your paw in just like THIS. Why- doesn’t EVERYONE do it like I do?]

“This is Tibbie. She is a British Shorthair kitty and she likes to drink water from her humans’ glass,” says Vladimir S.

Toesday Is Also For….

…’Tocks. (I know it’s a stretch, but Toesday starts with a “T” and so does “‘Tocks,” and, well- OK, I couldn’t think of anything else. So, here they are. “Hi! This is my first submission to the site. I took this at the River Safari in Singapore the day after Christmas.” -_snowmoon89.

Toesday Too: “He Is The Zoomies”

Tracy B. says, “This is a goofball cat I am taking care of named Indiana Jones–aka Indy. Indy’s mom Susan got a job in China and has had to go travel for a while, so I have been keeping Indy at my house till her return. Indy is a complete clown at all times. He doesn’t have the zoomies, he IS the zoomies. And the reason he makes a good Toesday submission is this: Indy has exactly One Pink Toe (OPT). All of his other toes are gray, except for The One. I took one picture of him sleeping where you can see the OPT, and another EXTREME CLOSE UP so everyone can really appreciate it.”










Basil. It’s What’s For Breakfast.

Yui The Bun wouldn’t dream of starting the day off without some fresh Basil.

And as long as we’re rolling with Yui The Bun videos- take at look at THIS Disapproval. She is BRINGIN’ IT.

(Andrew Y.)

I KNOW I Left My Seed Here SOMEwhere

[Wasn’t it just fall? I left some PECK? seed here. Right over PECK? there. And some PECK? corn. I’d SWEAR it was riiiiight about here….good PECK? grief and everything.]

~ ~ ~

“This is a picture of our rooster, Julie. He was hoped to be a she and hatched out back in August. Julie first experienced snow today and was not very impressed!” -Sarah L.