And…That’s Gonna Be It For Planet Earth

Pikachu Marching. In Yokohama. AGAIN. Coming to YOUR town…..sooner than you think. Kotaku has the story. (Thanks again Carol H.)







They’re At It Again

No, not Japan this time. Much closer to home. So…just when you thought things might have calmed down a bit at Sunflower Farm Creamery– it’s been a couple of weeks or so since their last video. Well, they are back, and they’ve brought us Part II of Lola The Cute Bebeh Wah Wah & The Goatsters. Sunflower = #UNSTOPPABLE.

[*Note: Don’t miss what is coming up at the top of next hour. -Ed.]

Page’s Prosh Pups

page-triple-woof_3402062kArne sent us this URL from The Telegraph, for a series of pup pix by British photographer Harry Page!








Happy (Six Month) Birthday, Pickle!

This Amazingly Prosh Leetle Hoofster is now 6 months old! What should we have to celebrate? Pickles? No, of course not- too obvious. Cake? Well….maybe. Oh- I know. ICE CREAM.

Today’s C.O. Science Lession: The Chameleon

Wanna know how (and why) Mr. Chameleon changes colors like that? We’ve got you covered! (As an FYI–you also see some Chameleon Tongue-Fleecking Action™ in this, so RIP to [ZAP! Slurp!] all the flies.)

(Laughing Squid.)

Hey! Anyone Feel Like Chuckin’ Some Wood?

IMG_6022We truly don’t see enough Woodchucks here on C.O., and we’re gonna fix THAT right now. “An unsolicited attack of Wild Baby Woodchucks,” says Andrew J.


The Happiest Hammiest Place On Earth™!

Walt Disney World is without a doubt The Happiest Place On Earth. So naturally, Tiny Hamster wanted to check it out. Off we go!!

(Let’s go behind the scenes, shall we?)

And Will That Be A Room For…Four, Sir?

Look at this! Every year, when the mangoes are just right- this group of Heffalumpsters (including Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster) take a short-cut THRU MFUWE LODGE to get to their munchies. ‘Scuse me pardon me, pardon me ‘scuse me. Comin’ THRU. Apparently they have been doing this for many years, too!

(Laughing Squid.)

[*Note: Tomorrow is World Elephant Day! -Ed.]

C.O. Trading Cards: BONUS!!!

[*Note: Update 3:16pm PT; if you think THIS is something…you haven’t see ANYthing yet. Wait ’til tomorrow. Carol H. strikes again. Seven AM PT. -Ed.]

So…Carol H. wrote this morning. “Hi Lovely Cute Overload Peeps, Japan should have their own Trading Card – I mean that whole country (island??? Island that is a country) is oozing with The Cute. They are practically the trailblazers of Cuteness!!!! Just my two cents! Love to you!”

Carol is absolutely correct, and so it shall be. A BONUS C.O. Trading Card…just for The Big J. Click image for C.O. Super-Size™. (They’re also in the C.O. Hall of Fame.) Nice one, Carol!


Photo of “Ninja,” the Japanese Flying Squirrel as seen on Flickr by Osamu Asami : Nature’s Best Photography Japan Winning Work.

Look Who Has A New YouTube™ Channel!

Milo is back, and he’s as Cute as ever. Take a look at his latest video!


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