10500422_586638754796237_97729471850706497_nThis is the very first one. All the way back to the very beginning. Waaaay back in December of 2005. Twitter wasn’t even INVENTED yet! Rule Of Cuteness #01: Putting a paw up is Cute. Now that we’ve established that, who’s up for a quickie snorgle in the park…hmmmm?

Kristin MHS ’78/IU ’81 saw this on the Paw My Gosh FB.

UPDATED! Welcome To The Taronga Zoo, Mate!

DSCN0376“We were fortunate enough to take a behind-the-scenes tour at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The Cuteness of the Australian native fauna is off the charts. This Quokka jumped right in front of my husband’s camera!” -Michele G.


“The ones that were awake just hopped around and seemed to be begging the keeper for carrots (the curious little guy had to hop around a few Echidna to make sure he stayed close to people.) I would have scooped him up and Snorgled him if our guide hadn’t been watching us like a hawk. He told us that he could stop our private tour if we touched a Koala, so I wasn’t going to step too far out of line, even with massive temptation. It took self-control of epic proportions.”

Voila! More Quokka!


Oh C’MON, Just Play For A LITTLE Bit, Huh??

[Lemme just give ya a little nudge here, OK? Well, maybe two nudges. OK, THREE nudges. OW! Boy, if the other dogs seem me doing this, I'll NEVER live it down. Sheesh.]

Wendy M. found this on The Buzzzzz.

‘Tocktober Toe-Fer

photoThis Puppeh is displaying about as perfect an example of Haunch/’Tock Splayage as you are likely to find anywhere. Add the questioning look and you’ve got Cinnamon, the complete package. (Oh, and the Curly-Q Tailio Iglesias and Bonus Toebeans.) “My name is Sumi. I thought you would like a photo of my dog, Cinnamon a.k.a. Cimanum! I love your website!”

Ah…..butt there’s more.

Yes, Cinnamon’s Splayage gets a 10 from our panel of judges- but these are classic, too. “This is my Beagle-Lab mix Kitsch and his favourite pose is ‘The ‘Tock Pose.'” – Allison L.”


Just Back From A Late-Nite Dunkie Run

[OK, we brought you the two coffees, but bad news- they were outta the Frosted Maple Cremes, so we got you the Glazed Guavas. We good?]


Very Rare Rule Of Cuteness Spotted + ResQte!

photoDon’t see this one so often- #09: “Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.”

So we’ve got that going for us. But WAIT as they say on the tube- there’s more! They’re ResQtes, too!

“This is Henry, Rocky and Duffy. I saw a pic of one of them as a kitten and rushed to adopt him, only to find he had two identical brothers. I could not separate them, so I brought them all home. They almost always sleep in a pile. They are 3 years old. BTW I’m Katey (the ResQte’s mommy and photographer) and i am an avid C.O. fan!”

What?? Did?? You?? Say??

Folks, this is Banye, a British shorthair from China.

ImageProxy (1)
Due to her coloring, she’s always got a bit of a surprised and perplexed look.

Banye IS probably surprised she’s not as big (not literally) as Maru!

As seen on DesignTaxi.

Ready Or Not….

spiny960x540[Here I come! I've had FIVE Monsters so far and I FEEL FINE!]

(Harapan The Spiny Anteater at the Zoo Rostock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, northern Germany. From, spotted by Vajda B.)

‘Tocktober: Deer Me!

100_4385Prosh Bambi ‘Tocks:

‘Nuff said.

“Taken at the Allegheny Cemetery here in Pittsburgh.” -Sharon L.

‘Tocktober’s Flying Furballs

It’s still plenty warm in the US in most spots, but before you know it, we’ll be seeing some serious snow. And these guys will be ready for it. [*Note- Please take notice of the SERIOUS ground clearance. -Ed.]

From Andrew Y., as seen here.


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