THIS JUST IN: Dramatic ResQte Of The Week At Ft. Drum!

1511554_362874227239917_1220258369527593713_n[Say like Sheriff John Bunnell on World’s Wildest Police Videos:] “ just doesn’t get ANY more real than THIS. Ft. Drum, Jefferson County, New York….”

Info just in from Nicole S. “I’m a film instructor with I Was There Film Workshops, a nonprofit organization that teaches free, therapeutic filmmaking workshops to military veterans coping with PTSD. Last week (June 11th) we had a workshop at Fort Drum in NY. I was not on this workshop, and that’s unfortunate as we had THE CUTEST CRISIS EVER.

“A team of students and instructors noticed a TINY GRAY KITTEN who had climbed inside and gotten stuck in the side of an inactive Cobra helicopter on base. The helicopter was in a museum of preserved (but not in use) vehicles on base.”

“After feeding the poor thing some milk via drinking straw (yes, there are photos of that,) they were able to finally free the kitten by opening an access panel on the side.”

“A passing couple- a soldier and his wife- who had become invested in the rescue took little Cobra (who seems fine, if sleepy) to a local vet to get checked out!”

[*Note- we’ve emailed Nicole to get a Cobra Status Update. -Ed.]





The Definitive Big J Video

We’ve seen a lot of wacky video from the Land Of The Rising QTE, and this is right up there. Ryunosuke the cat rides on the shoulders of this fellow as he rides his motorcycle through the streets. ( sidecar?) We also get some swing set and biscuit making action. Don’t forget to turn up the speakers for the classic Big J soundtrack.

This makes no sense, which is totally the point.

(Andrew Y./RN24.)

C.O. Trading Cards: Scooting Bebeh Trunkster!

TRUNKSTERCute Commenter Doomchild requested that Scooting Bebeh Trunkster be the next in our series of C.O. Trading Cards- and so it shall be! Collect ’em all!

[*Note: We’ll be bringing you Trading Cards on a regular basis starting next week…..on Trading Card Toesday! Who will it be? You otter know the name and face….-Ed.]

The (Accidental) Adventures Of Hobbes

stuffed-tiger-airport-adventureHobbes happens to be a handmade stuffy belonging to one six year old hoomin named Owen Lake. So, Owen and Hobbes go off on a Texas vaca, flying out of Tampa International Airport. Problem? Owen got on his flight..but Hobbes didn’t. He was accidentally left behind in the kids play area! UH-oh.

The airport staff found Hobbes and made sure he was safe.

They also decided to make a collage book of Hobbes having an airport adventure while his hoomin was away.

As you can see…

…Hobbes clearly enjoyed himself.

When Owen returned, he was reunited with Hobbes and presented with his adventure book!

(Seen on Mashable.)

ResQte Of The Week: Fennic Farnsworth The Fifth

IMG956614Now is THAT a “Batman Head” or what. Anyways, this little guy is hanging out in Southern California, and needs a home. Michael S. said, “I’m told that as soon as he’s big enough, Fennic will be available for adoption at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in Pasadena, CA.”

Fish Are Friends, NOT Food!

2006 Jesse 'n Fish3[I just want to give you lots of loves and hugs! Honest! Now come on up to the top of the water so I can pet you!]

“This is Jesse hugging it out with the goldfish. In his spare time, he likes to learn to read so he can take over the world.” -Lindsey L.

2009 JesseReading

Because U Can NEVER Have Too Many Meerkats

This lil’ Mob is toooooo Cute for words. Five new bebehs came online at the Edinburgh Zoo on May 8.

Mom Queenie has her paws full- she gave birth to three more pups earlier in the year.

Do Meerkat Moms use Meerkat…Nannies?


unnamed (1)
(From ZooBorns via Maureen P.)

“Hey. HEY! Eyes On ME!

raptorsquad9-061715It seems that the staff at the Georgia Aquarium saw that big dino movie.

From The Nerdist and WIRED.

What Do U Do When Your Duck Wants To Go For A Walk?

Well, you get a leash, of course.

(Tastefully Offensive Videos.)

Zoo Critters Review The Apple Watch™

ArmadilloThe Raven says: “3.5 stars out of 5. Cool if you have wrists!” The Armadillo prefers to eat worms, but ya gotta expect that from an Army.

The San Diego Zoo assisted Mashable with this video. Learn more about the Zoo’s efforts to end extinction.


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