Wanna See Some Bunz? (Updated With Video!)

Tiny Bunz got displaced
And needed a place to stay
Lynne and her family took them in
And ended up saving the day!



“Our neighbor’s dogs dug up a cottontail’s nest in their backyard and the neighbors asked us to take them in since we have Buns of our own. So we have taken them in and are caring for them until they get big enough to let go. We thought you’d like to see a few pics of them as they are the cutest things in the universe.” – Lynne H., Colorado.

Bunday Morning Comix

CLNIyaHAs seen on Imgur. See more comix like this by Yasmine at Cat Versus Human.com.

Can We Get U A Step Ladder Or Something?

Seriously, Goat Dude- it would be tons easier.

Say OMG!

Hamster With His Own Jet-Ski. Of Course.

“Hello! : ) I love Cute Overload and happen to have an adorable hamster, so I thought I should submit some of the many pictures I’ve taken of him. This is Bret (named after Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords, and he’s a very photogenic Roborovski hamster. He’ll be 2 years old next month, and he has a Jet-Ski, so he’s the most spoiled hamster in the world!” -Crystal.

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April 2014 (30)

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May 2014 (16)

Caturday Is ALWAYS Laptop Day 4 Sienna

“…or as we like to call her: Bear Trap (lays in wait, then springs like a bear trap) or Red Devil (self-explanatory)” says Cuteporter Christina L-S from The Great White North.

“She is OBSESSED with my husband’s laptop to the point that if it isn’t completely open…”

“…she will try to crawl UNDER the sofa tray my husband has it sitting on. Here are some examples of the crazy laptop obsession she has.”

“She prefers Mac but her dad’s laptop is Windows since she’s outgrown my MacBook Air.”





Caturday Brain Freeze Alert

[I haz all this, it's pretty good. Best of all, The Dog will get nothing, MWAH HA HA HA HA. So there. Yeah. It's like THAT.]


All Bow To Chairman Meow

unnamed“About one year ago this furry abandoned boy was wandering outside my apartment complex and followed me home. One year later, he’s a happy, affectionate and very loved Dictator of our home! I came home today and found Chairman Meow asleep on the patio, cuddling with his favorite Giant Broccoli. It would be an honor if he could be featured on Cute Overload! Thanks, Janice P.”

Saturday In The Park

So you’re a Lil’ Wiener Dog. It’s Saturday afternoon. Why not head off to the park for a little Nose Boop Balloon Action?

From DP&F. Headline by Chicago.


Timo The Cat shows all the other teams how it’s DONE, as the beginning of the 2014 World Cup gets closer.

The Squidster.

The Adventures Of Frank & Beans

Look at these little maniacs go at eet! I bet the Leetle FurHeads smell real good, too.

Music Kitteo seen on BuzzFeed. “The Frug” by Rilo Kiley.


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