Pixel Finds Out He’s Famous

And we’re glad to play a hand paw in that, little feller.

NEW Maru: A Simple Plotline Here, People

There’s Hana. There’s Maru. And there’s a box. Oh, and there’s the cow again. (And why do cats love boxes? Glad you asked. Link from TJ.)

No Hair? No Problem!

Professional photographer Sophie Gamand likes to take photos of hairless dogs! These photos were shown on My Modern Met. Quoting MMM: she “focused on two major hairless breeds, the Chinese Crested and the Xoloitzcuintli (or Mexican Hairless Dog), as well as mixed hairless dogs.” (Names of puppehs are in the hovers.)











Rats, It’s Monday!

2268882905_156628d695_bDidn’t we just do this? Ah yes, another Rats, It’s Monday. This week we feature Trixie as seen on Flickr. Got some fun stuff headed your way today (a new MARU) and later this week (24 Hours of Cute on Saturday. Valentine’s, ya know, Send in your photo!) Stay tuned! Tell all your friends!

How To Pet A BUB

If you’ve ever wanted to know the CORRECT procedure for petting a BUB- we happily present this video to you. (It’s deceptively simple!)

Welcome To The World, Hazelnut!

unnamed (1)Raymond J. sent us this info! “Meet Hazelnut! She was born Wednesday to mother Sacajawea and is the 17th member of the current Ocracoke Pony herd at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. (North Carolina.) Get more park information regarding the Ocracoke Ponies and how you can participate in the ‘Adopt-A-Pony’ program here.”

[*Note: ADOPT..A..PONY? -Ed.]

How Much More BUNderful Can U Get?

Answer: Not a heckuva lot more. Good McGriefersons.

Will you play with me - Imgur


unnamed“I know Hamsters can be be Cute Overload….but Cashew continues to push the Boundaries Of Cuteness. I have this jacket that has been hanging on the inside of my bathroom door for more months than should be. When I need use the restroom, I put my sweet ResQ hammy Cashew in the pocket. It’s a perfect ‘holding spot’ until I…ummm….pull up my pants. Ever cute…ever patient…Cashew.” -Annie O.

Bunday Morning Comix

enhanced-5450-1397587059-12(From Cat Versus Human as seen on Buzzfeed Comics.)

Had a Long Day, Andy?

We’ll just tuck in you in, right? Into your nice warm bed and…oh you’re going to collapse into your water bowl aren’t you right this very second isn’t that cute we’ll just watch this for over 5 minutes then OK?



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