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Happy Late Birthday, Patty & Selma!

IMG_0859A great big Late Happy First Birthday to Patty & Selma! (Patty is the one with 2 tan cheeks, and Selma has one tan cheek and one gray cheek.)


“It’s hard to know the exact birthday with rescues, but we *think* my little Patty & Selma turned one on Wednesday,” writes Hilary K. “Selma’s tocks were featured last October, but Patty has yet to grace the pages of CO. This next picture is from when they were all tiny and I could cuddle both at once.”


“They love doing stuff together (yep, even peeing.)”

And in this bonus video, Patty is having her way with some Catnip….and then Selma decides she wants some of that action.

OK, That’s Enough Of That

[Listen Little Guy, I appreciate the effort and all, but I can clean my OWN Muzzlepowche, thanks very much SQUASH.]

“Reminds us of Barney, our wonderful St. Bernie. He thought he was the size of this little kitten, and loved to snuggle in bed with us. What a great dog he was. Our animals really and truly help define what kind of people we are. And, with all the MILD EXPLETIVE DELETED going down in the world, Cute Overload is saving many an individual who might not be able to crawl out of despondency on their own. You should get awards for that alone.” -Barb and Paul, still no rain for ’em in the 925.

The Many Faces Of Imogen The Kitteh

Meow Face:

imogen meow
Grumpy Face:

Awkward Face:

“This is my kitten Imogen,” says Casey C.

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition)

Check this out! “Hi C.O.! With summer heat reaching 45 degrees Celsius (113 F!!!) over in Cape Town, South Africa firefighters have been battling blazes not only keeping people safe but animals too. This pic was seen on Facebook page of Gale McAll Photography©. The firefighter was pretty happy that he managed to saved the tortoise – I am too!” -Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)



Flashback Friday: Etti-Cat

P5260727Check out these New York City subway signs from the 1960s. The Gothamist.com article says Etti-Cat was introduced in 1962 “when marijuana use was on the rise,” and Etti’s primary job was to discourage subway graffiti.

Etti-Cat wrote a book, too.

Featured photo from this blog; others first spotted at The Gothamist.com.

You Lost Your Front Door Key AGAIN?

OK……(sigh.) Hang on, I’ll throw down the rope for you.


Bird Dog?

Something tells me that this little guy isn’t ready to be a bird dog. Leave the hunting to the big guys for now, fella.

Wanna See Some Kittehs Freakin’ Out?

Well, we have that base covered.

“Hey Honey, You’re Snoring Again.”

“Honey? You’re snoring. Can you roll over, please? Honey? WAKE UP.”

(Boing! Boing!!)


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