The UK Has Really Gone To The Dogs

The Crufts Dog Show is being held through Sunday at the NEC in Birmingham, England. They bill themselves as “The Biggest & Best Celebration of Dogs.”

That works for us.

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crufts-dog-show-2014 (2)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (3)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (4)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (5)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (6)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (7)


crufts-dog-show-2014 (1)
Photos as seen on NY Daily News.

THIS JUST IN: Mama Heffalump Rescues Bebeh!

Folks, this one is gonna keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t worry, everyone is safe! Whew!

As seen on VVV.

Friday Haiku Too: Badda-Beep, Badda-Boop

Joey Tomato
Loves to drink water anytime
Named for a gangsta?

“He will eat tomatoes and really any kind of people food he can steal from us. What Joey loves most of all is water. When he was a kitten, he didn’t want to drink from his bowl, so I grabbed the squirt bottle I originally bought to punish him for going on counters. Well, he latched on and loved it so much it stuck with him. He was recently in the hospital for a week, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. We were so glad to get him home and back to his normal self!” -Anonymous Cuteporter.

Friday Haiku By U

“Found this little guy-
floating in the pool. I just-
-had to rescue him!”

Submission (and text with just a minor edit) from Amber B.

And Now, Back To the Countdown

“At number 20, we’ve got the debut release from the Proshest Porkster around. This little dude’s got the wheels to roll alllll the way to Numero Uno. Rockin’ that gospel thing, here’s Chris P. Bacon!

Yo, Joey. How YOU Doin’?

Wouldn’t you like to be a Friend to Joey? Adam Cox of Wakaleo Animal Channel sent these photos and video in, and explains, “I recently took a trip to North Queensland, Australia because I heard they had some rare species in care. These are Tree Kangaroo Joeys! These guys are super elusive in the wild and very hard to find anywhere else so I had to go and see them for myself. Their caretaker Margit is an adorable woman who’s passion in life is animals. The 2 animals in the video have had a rough start in life losing their mothers but Margit is intent on getting them healthy and ready for the wild.”

Eating spaghetti

Kimberley standing

Kimberley with leaf

On shoulder

Poll: OMG Donkeys!1!!11!!1?

IMG_1167 (1)This shot does kinda remind you of a OMGPonies!1!!11!!1 photo, right? That leads to this question: are they as prosh as Ponies? Let’s take a poll, shall we?

“I took this photo last September during a 200-mile bike ride around Vermont & New York. We shot across the road as soon as we saw the miniature donkehs in their little pasture. What’s better than a bebeh miniature donkeh?” -Courtney B.

Springtime Can WAIT

As far as (OMGPONIES!!1!1!1) Stetson is concerned, winter can take all the time it WANTS!

Another gem from The TO.

Smile For The Camera? This IS My Smile!

DSC09232CWCxe SM2[You should see me when I'm grumpy.]
This orphaned Baby Great Horned Owl is a patient at the California Wildlife Center. Photo via KB.

THIS JUST IN: And The Winning Name Is……..

The Toronto Zoo held the usual “Name That Cub” contest. Yer gonna hafta click the video, like we’re gonna spoil the surprise. (But wait ’til the 1:10 mark! Gaaaaaaaaa.)

Spotted on MSN News Canada. (No, no link. They mention the name!)


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