Whatta Whackadoodle

KWDadE1We spell it differently, but the meaning is totally the same. Via Imgur.

HUGE Puppeh Welcomes His Hoomin Home


That’s not a puppeh.

From Wendy M.

So Who’s Photobombing Who?

Can’t be too sure from this photo, but everyone involved is having a good time!

“Logan, our smiling Sammy (aka Samoyed) and Kerri. Photo by Lynn.”

Who Needs A Towel? I’ll Just Dry Off WHOOPS

“My sweet little puppy freaked out after a bath and went crazy rolling around, so much so that she lost awareness of her surroundings!” -Melanie F.

Just Wait For It

SOMEONE is ready for DINNER!

From Julie A.

Now That Is One Hungry Dog!

photo[Memo to copy edit department: The header should read "Hungary" dog, not "Hungry." This pup is a "Vizsla," which originated in that country. Can we get this updated? LMK. -Ed.]

“This is Maci the Vizsla with her Princess Diana eyes. Taken 6/14 in Somerset , WI.” -Megan S.

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Vol. VIII

The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest returns with a Big Ol’ Honkin’ Batch O’ The Qte. Thanks as always to the mighty Marilyn Teeeeeee.

“Who said I can’t climb mountains?” by Miroslaw Kwasnik:

download (6)
Sheepishly curious by Kiri-Ana Libbeson:

download (4)
Just hanging out by Jorgen Tharaldsen:

download (2)
Gentoo walking on water by Shanu Subra:

download (3)
Look what I found by Magendran Muriandy:

download (5)
Guardian of the temple by Kelly Morgan:

download (7)
Don’t leave any food on your plate by Gavin Werbeloff:

download (8)
A mother’s love by Yaron Schmid:

Lorikeet secrets by Pam Gill:

download (1)
Bear snack by Mike Eggett:

download (2)
Bebeh Mountain Goats by Joan Reedy:

download (3)
Squirrel with bird feeder by Ke Qiang Ruan:

download (4)
Mother + daughter time by Duane Baker:

download (5)
Hanging out on a sunny day by Patricia Petersen:

download (6)
Peek-a-boo by Christine Haines:

A well-deserved rest in the jungle by Robin Kluck:

download (7)
Coquerel’s Sifaka Lemur by John Freedman:

download (1)

Rats, It’s Monday: DDL

Daniel Day Lewis (yes, that’s his name, or just “Daniel Day” if you prefer) peers out of a bag in Central Park!

Daniel Day in Central Park
From Zena Woz.

Frostie The Snow Goat SUPER UPDATE

People, this one will knock you out. And wait ’til the EAR NOMMING.

For Frostie, there just ain’t no mountain high enough–sing it with us!

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Frostie the Snow Goat Update from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Thanks to our mate Kyle B.

Who’s The King O’ The Stump?

The maniac goatsters at Sunflower Farm (you remember ‘em from last week) are back at it!

Oh, and here’s one more. Just ’cause.


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