Friday Haiku: The Baroo

To do a Baroo
You tilt your head right or left
That is all there is

From @BabyAnimalPics

Who’s Up For A Trip to The Vet?

Cats and Dogs don’t like going to The Vet
Even if it’s just for a brief stay
But later when you both get back home
You know that some way they’ll make you pay













From Mashable.

Flashback Friday With Buzzer The Cat

SHORPY-7a13489u“March 3, 1913. “Miss Marjorie Silvester and Buzzer the cat.” Favored furry prop in the portrait studio of Arnold Genthe.

Thursday Night Double Tox™

IMG_0555Ah, just the thing to help you wind down before bed. “Double ‘Tocks with Chelsea (in foreground) and Finn.” -Jill N.

♫ Would U Like To Play…♬

….with my beautiful balloon?

From the YT video: “During a trip to Oludeniz, Turkey, Abhinav M. met a cute French Bulldog named Carlos who absolutely loved to play with balloons. Watch the little guy in action!” Header by The 5th Dimension. Sorta.

NEW Way To Carve Your Punkin!

Forget getting out that big ol’ (dangerous) carving knife, spreading the newspaper, and getting those gunky, gloppy seeds everywhere. Just hire Maya The Corgi to do it!

From T.O.

Domino’s™ Really DOES Deliver!

[WAY out here in the forest! WAIT. I didn’t tip the driver! Come back, Mr. Domino’s! Oh, never mind–MRRMMMRPH. Pepperoniiiiii.]

Blorp Spoken Here

_DSC6195Intrepid Cuteporter Jen F. continues to churn out the QTE, with another image from her January 2013 trip to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands. Wonder what their snoring sounds like?

[*Note- LOUD. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Sir Pounce UPDATE!

IMG_4025‘Member the story from last week? Sir Pounce has a home! Robin C. updates us. “He was taken in by a wonderful family yesterday where they’ve already made a special space for him. He will have a 3 year-old boy, 2 dogs, and a cat friend to play with. Thank you so much to everyone for your help and good thoughts!! His new mom says: ‘He’s doing great. Slept on my bed last night, slept on the dryer all day while I was at school. Using the litter box no problem and eats the food I’ve been giving him. He’s fitting in just fine.'”

Robin adds, “It makes me Squee to know he’s sleeping in someone’s bed now! And his new family found him through some posters we put up on Marshall’s campus. Will send pic when I get it!”

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat In “Scaredy Cat”

It’s getting closer to Halloween, and Simon’s Cat has some ideas on that.


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