A Return To Cat House On The Kings

A couple of weeks back we took you, thru the magic of video, to a ResQte place in California called Cat House On The Kings.

Now, we’re going back! ‘Cause why not. LOOK at these PAWSITIVELY PROSH faces! GAAAAAAAAAAAA.










This terrific brought-Dropbox-to-its-knees imagery courtesy of KB. The Cat House Facebook has lotz more of the informations.

Play Ball, Hank!

Back in February we told you about Hank, a little guy who wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers spring training camp outside Phoenix. Suffice to say, Hank is now Big Time. Not only has he been adopted by a member of the team’s front office, he’s gonna have his own…wait for it…bobblehead.

Baseball immortality.





hank_openingday_1 (1)




First six photos by Mike De Sisti, submitted by Sara M.

Kaikki Adorbs*

People, you must stop what you’re doing and watch this. Here’s this dude living in Finland, lotsa your standard snow and ice and, um, AN OTTER LIVING IN HIS FRONT YARD. There’s a little hole in the ice snow ground and Iivari The Otter just pops right up.

*Totes Adorbs in Finnish. Sent in by Janne K., who says “What happens in the video is not commonplace in Finland.” Yeah, well I still wanna go there.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

shutterstock_67555879[It's Opening Day! But first, take me out to the backyard 'cause I gotta, well, you know. And I can't do that in the ballpark.]

Shih Tzu from Shutterstock.


It’s a dog’s life…..but somebody’s gotta do it!!!

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Vol. II

Last week we started featuring some entries in the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Here’s Volume II! Did these little kittens lose their mittens? Photo by Ninalauren Khaiat.

Indianapolis Turtle 500, photo from Lyndon Sawatzky.

download (1)
Goose ‘Tocks by Frank Frey.


Bunday: Chewie And Lady DeathStrike

You have to admit, Sender-Inner James T. didn’t go for the usual Bun names like “Fluffy” or “Scooter.” (Chewie’s obvious, but I had to search “Lady DeathStrike.”) Chewie is the darker brown Bun in the first shot!



Leaf It Alone, Leo!

Leonardo my friend, it’s a leaf! A part of a tree that fell off! Chill out!

Via T.O.

Caturday: You Will Address Me As Your Lordship

[O HAI my name is Simba, and everybody noze ah am gonna be The Lion King cuz Disney says so. Now bow down before my greatness. Oh, sorry- before that can you get me a bowl of noms please?]

From Reddit.

Caturday: Kiska

It’s Caturday. You rule the house. What’s on the agenda today? Obviously, get your well-trained hoomin to tend to your every whim while you lay sprawled on the bed. Bonus points for the Double-Paw Snack Grab™! Let’s hear from the Humiliated Dedicated Hoomin Cat Servant:

“My name is Elise, and this is a video of my cat Kiska! She’s a loveable 18 lb. ball of fur and she’s very floppy. If I’m downstairs in the living room and shake the bag of treats I can hear her jump off the bed upstairs and suddenly she’s at my feet! One time she was laying on her back on the couch and I decided to experiment to see if she would eat them without getting up and assuming the normal cat-eating position.”


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