“I captured this quintessential picture of my cat Hermes. I can’t get over how wide his eyes can get!” -Claire V.

Yo! Rocky!

Rocky doesn’t want to SIT on a Ritz…or PUT ON the Ritz.

He wants to EAT the Ritz. ALL of ‘em.

This is gonna be good fantastic.

Just Another Lazy Caturday

These guys have absolutely NOTHING planned for today except for…………this.

“Far left is Jack & his sister Maggie resting on orange tabby McGuire. Jack & Maggie are 7 months old. We adopted them last month from Cozumel Humane Society. We rescued McGuire three years ago as a kitten from Animal Control. He’s been a great sibling to our new arrivals.” From Tina H.

[I Like The Scratchy Stuff On His Chin & Lip...]

[ I is gonna smash myself all over his faces and stuff cuz it feels good and I like that.]


Caturday: Whac A Kitteh!

And watch out for the Kitteh Jailbreak about halfway thru:

Malibu BLORP!

[Sounds like a Hasselhoff reality show on cable. Tune in to watch retired & overweight Baywatch guard Mitch Buchannon goof off at his Malibu pad. -Ed.]

Check these photos out and read what’s up.

“The California Wildlife Center in Malibu has 13 Bebbeh Blubbersons AKA Elephant Seal Pups. They eat loads o’ fish and the CWC is raising funds this weekend for a new freezer to hold all the food that these little (big) guys require. Anybody who donates today or tomorrow gets their name on the freezer which will help the pups for years to come. (Put ‘FREEZER’ in the comments on the donation checkout.)” -KB.








I Wanna Fly Like An Eagle, 2 The Sea…

Dream the impossible dream there, buddy.

From Reddit.

Absolutely Ultimate Definitive Kitteh Baroo (#2)

While Thursday’s AUDKB is prolly still the gold standard for Kitteh Baroos…this one ain’t half bad. (Got a Kitty Baroo shot we need to see? We’d love to check it out!)

“This is Bogart, the master of the house and ruler of all he sees. He’s beyond cute but a relentless little demon. I took this after peeking around the doorway at him. Classic baroo! He’d love to be on C.O. so he could enlarge his legion of admirers.” -Andrea S.

Nemo? U IN There?

According to the Advanced Aquarist site, “Juvenile CB clownfish will often ball up in what can only be described as a Clownado™! We need to trademark that word.”

Remember Dahlia?

Last time we checked, Dahlia was 100% sacked out.

As U can see (and hear, speaks up for the snoring,) Dahlia still doesn’t have much on her agenda.

“Sleep apnea, puppy style! Billie Jo Waddle’s white Boxer Dahlia. Sent from my iPad.” -Kevin W.


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