How To Make A Chinchilla Salad

1.) Spread out several paper towels for cleanup. You’ll need ’em.

2.) Add dust to a stainless steel mixing bowl.

3.) Sprinkle in some random greenery.

4.) Add Chinny.


cat-loaf-bread-lou-lou-p-delights-1A “Catloaf” is when your kitteh plops his/herself down wherever they want to (imagine that,) folds the front paws up underneath, and…looks like a loaf of bread.

Lou Lou P’s Delights, a UK baker, decided to bake actual catloafs. (Or would it be…”catloaves?”)

The My Modern Met article says LLP recommends using this Bunny Bread recipe. Bunneh Bread? Who knew?


Pickles And Hazel

Part of the appeal of Squirrels- to me, at least- is you never know quite what they’re gonna do at any particular moment. For no reason at all, they’ll just BOING go straight up in the air. Like Pickles here!

And this is Hazel, methodically picking through the nut selections for the day.

From Eric W in Iowa.

THIS JUST IN: The Simon’s Cat Kitten Chaos Collection

Almost FOURTEEN MINUTES of Cartoon Kitteh Chaos. Get your lunch out of the break room fridge, sit on down, and let this one roll!

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls Ferrets #2

IMG_0341We told you Part 2 was coming…after all, it’s Ferret Friday!

Aga G. says, “Clearly displaying a Rule of Cutenesstip of tongue. Hopefully, the contorted pose also helps (no, she is not broken, that’s how she sleeps.) Her name is Miss Noodle and pics were taken by me, her hoomin.”


Flashback Friday: Washington, D.C., 1915

05642a“Washington, D.C., circa 1915. ‘Miss Catherine L. Littauer. Dog show.’ Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.” (Shorpy.)

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls #1 already did. (Yes, #2 is coming shortly.) Arne saw it here.

Friday Haiku: Smiley Bug

Smiling BugIf you’re happy
And you know it flap your wings
And smile real wide too

Smiling bug 2

Charles In Charge

Charles is really workin’ that Side-Eye. Snorgles and many treats are imminent, I say again: IMMINENT. Sent in by Raelin S. Photo by Jordan L.

Five Ways To Tell If Your Cat Hates You

Let’s face it, they march to the beat of a different drummer. As a rule, they’re rather inscrutable and hard to read. What’s going on in that little noggin? We might not want to know.


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