Caturday Morning: Sister Act

momskitchen 002“My 2 rescue sisters: Sophia and Bella. Bella’s in charge though….” -Kelly S. of Pepper Pike, OH.

Caturday Morning Breakfast

[Dis stuff iz great! Nom nom nom; maybe we can go to Denny’s next Caturday?] (Speakers UP!)

Cat(urday) Burglar

Most of us like to save our money in the bank. It’s safe, earns interest, you get a handy ATM card, etc. Then there are some die hards who prefer to keep their cash under the mattress, or in a pickle jar in the basement. Still others prefer to simply hide it under the living room rug.

This is a bad idea. The Cat Burglar will find it everytime.

We’ve All Seen The Signs

You come back home from a long day and work, expecting your loving cat to greet you at the door. [*Note: Riiiiight. -Ed.]

And then…you notice a certain glassy far-away look in his/her eyes. Hmmmmm. Where’s that number for Catnip Anonymous?

Prosh Blorp Bundle: Little Z

Let’s get this outta the way first: I CALL MATCHINGKS. OK. Here we have a rather Blorpular Mr. McStubbersons Jr. by the name of Ziama. He’s out and about on the outside paddock and in the pool- just the right way to spend a hot summer at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in London.

Of course, we can’t forget this Rule of Cuteness #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.



output_ps7ZBEIt’s 5pm PT on Friday, time for another TGIF, the best part of the week! “C.O., meet Mr. H. Just look at those toes!” Long time listener, first time caller!” –Emily T.

Mission: Impossible

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it**, is to scale the pole and capture the bird feed. As always, should any member of your IM force be captured or killed, Cute Overload will disavow all knowledge of your actions. Of course, you can always just hop over to the birdbath. This YouTube video will self-destruct end in one minute, 21 seconds. Good luck Jim.”

“We got this video of a squirrel trying to get up a feeder we sprayed with silicone lubricant. He was leery at first but after two tries, he gave up,” says Toni W. of Colorado Springs, CO.

[**Note: When did they ever NOT accept it? Did Jim ever long for a cozy 9-5 gig, or just wanna yell, “Are you nuts? Not a chance. We’re outta here!” -Ed.]

Happy Ferret Friday Afternoon

OK fellas. Look, if you do your little rollover thing, I’ll let ya have a snort off the Tasty Tube! Ready? Hit it! Hey, c’mon, you too, pal! Don’t sit there and pout, there’s enough for both of you!


What happens when two ferrets enter the long tube thingy from opposite ends? You’re about to find out.

Wild Goose Chase

[Listen, I’m trying to get to the lake to meet some friends. Think you could point me in that direction? I’ll just follow your truck, OK?]

(Arne sent this one in; location is Shining Bank Lake, Alberta Canada. You can lead a Goose to water…)

THIS JUST IN: Norbert Battles The Blanket Monster!

Brand new video from The Norbster- watch as he bravely battles The Blanket Monster! WHO will win this epic struggle???


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