Cat Beds & The Secret Behind IKEA Names Revealed!

We’ll have a go at just about any topic around here as long as there’s a KITTEH angle in it.

[It’s a stretch, but if I say no you’ll just do it anyway…sigh…..go ahead. -Ed.]

From the tag-team combo of Andrew Y. and RocketNews 24 comes…kitteh beds. But not just ANY kitteh beds.

These are from IKEA!

No more flimsy, round conventional kitteh beds that get all furry and stuff.

Now, your kitteh can sleep in style just like their hoomin does!


They’re not really kitteh beds.

They’re for toy dolls!

As always, IKEA has a cool Swedish name for ‘em.

This is the Duktig. Goes for $20 USD.

That means “talented.”


Lunch? Oh Well, Since You INSIST~

[Every day, the same ol’ dog food. Just once, I’d like a CHOICE, y’know. Like hoomins! Maybe a PB&J..or a Hot Dog..or a Chef Salad..or- HELLO, DOMINOS!]

From @CuteEmergency.

TurboRoo Update Too Two!

‘Member TurboRoo, the little Wah-wah who needed a little cart to get around? Unfortunately, TR was born without front legs, and has to have a cart to go from point A to..anywhere. The first cart designs were pretty basic- but look what TR’s got now! I mean, this first one is waaaay cool. Like “Transformers” or something.

Here’s his website



And Instagram.

My Modern Met.

A Comment About, Er, Comments

shutterstock_191852270You may have noticed that the comments thingy is kinda not working all the time because well we don’t know why. Has something to do with this—we think.

We’ve got our best people on it (above, aka WordPress VIP) and we hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

(Image via Shutterstock.)

Headline THIS: Pucker Up, Buttercup

IMGP2905Our latest Headline This! candidate comes courtesy of Rebecca S. What do you think Mr. McFrogster is saying (or ‘thought ballooning’) here? Post your header in the comments, and we’ll refresh this post at Noon PT with our fave.

(*Sorry for the late update, workin’ on a massive Kitteh post, and tryin’ to fix the comments, and stuff about the 2016 C.O. Calendar, and gotta dentist appointment in a few, and, yeah. Thanks to Gayle! -B.)

If You’re Gonna Play “Superman,” Little Guy- got to get yourself a red cape! Standard procedure for the Man Otter Of Steel!

Baby otter
From Arbroath.

How Would YOU Know The Hyperdrive Is Deactivated?

The City’s central computer told you? R2-D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer.

From T.O.

Jowl Rest

IMG_20141030_204338053[It’s the middle of the night. Turn the lights OFF! And why do you got that thing in my face?]

“This is Miss Trixie using her moose toy, Sven, as a jowl rest. She likes to rest her jowls.” -Natalie W.

Remember Munchkin The Shih Tzu?

The Ewok from yesterday? She’s back, and right in the swing of things.

!Così Belli Kittehs!

chi-super-cat-show-wre0023818178-20141108More than 800 kittehs got together (imagine the giant hairball) in Rome last weekend for the Super Cat Show 2014! (it is all-Italian, Crhome refuses to translate- buona fortuna.



As seen on the Chicago Tribune.


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