C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Saitama

Robb S. has the latest on a new Big J Cat Café. Here’s a new report from a place in Saitama, just north of Tokyo, called Nekoya (roughly “House of Cats”). It’s reportedly the largest Cat Café in the Tokyo area, and its residents include several frisky kittens.”

“Also one of our Animal Cafe correspondents spent the weekend up at a cat island in Yamagata with a video camera, so I’m hoping things turned out well. I will let you know!”





If You Go™

Addy: Google Map.

Hours: 11am-10pm every day.

Cost: Y1000 for the first hour; Y200 for each additional 15 minutes.

Misc: Website : Contact.

Can We Talk?

It’s one of those topics no one really wants to discuss. But here it is anyway:

OMGPonies!11!1!…..and……Itchy Butt.

It happens. And there’s no NEED to hang your head about it. Just find a fence and take care of your business. We’ll all feel better about it.

“You guys posted a picture of my lovely prince, Sonny, a couple weeks ago for Toesday,” explains Lauren S. “Here’s a video of a horse who gave birth about 5 weeks ago to the cute foal you can see more of at the end. Mom had an itch to scratch on that booty of hers. :) They are at the barn I ride at. Can’t even tell you guys how much your website is loved and adored!!!!”

In Case You Needed A REMINDER-

IMG_0463…it’s TOESDAY. “Photo of Jaguar’s Polydactyl Toe Beans (He’s a Highlander) taken by Lisa R.”

WHO’S Chicken? Not ME!

[Well, maybe this little guy is. And how long does I got to hold this pose? My paws are killing me!!!]

Baby Don't worry I Will protect you... - Imgur

My Fave Color Is Blue. No- Green!

StellaStella has both colors going for her, as you can see. Got a little Rule of Cuteness #40 going on here, too. “I just wanted to give you all the opportunity to bask in the cuteness of Stella, just as she is basking in the warmth of this sunbeam,” says Elissa M. “I imagine she is praying for lots of birds outside the window.”

Daggone Drones!

Velvet The Kitteh isn’t scared one bit from this mini-drone invading his personal space. Be sure to turn up the speaks for some trippy soundtrack music from The Byrds, man.

From Boaz J.

Er, Which Way Is Up?

IMG_0008Vilma S. sent this in earlier this morning. “My furbabies Ziggy The Rag Doll and Poppy The Pom.” The way it was sent in is shown above. We decided to rotate it around so you could get another look. Either way, 100% Certified QTE!


Yeah, I Remember My First Catnip..

[I mean, what a long strange trip it’s been. I was seeing rainbow unicorns and everything. I gotta cut this out….next month. Now, somebody put on side two of Terrapin Station, willya?]


gandalf's first taste of cat nip

grendel needs to lay off the nip

im not as think as you nipped i am

never look in the mirror while high
From Casey C. (Who also supplied the hovers.) “Here are some cats going crazy for cat nip. Hope you like ’em! Shot by Andrew M.”

♬ “Gonna Go Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp Dressed Dog..”♫

Fancy dressed bulldogMaya The Bulldogersons is a resident of NYC- you can see (many) more photos of her on her own Instagram page!

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog

Fancy dressed bulldog
(Do you…Yahoo?)

OMG Pony Kisses!!!1!!1!

So this fellow decides he’s gonna give this OMG Pony a big ol’ smooch. Fine -n- dandy. But THAT, as they say on Action Five News at Six- is NOT where the story ends…

“Sweet <3," says Michelle S.


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