Super Kasey The Mighty Maltipoo

unnamed (1)“My husband and I are huge fans of your website. It would be so fun to have our sweet dog Kasey’s photos on C.O.! Kasey is 6 years old and the most steadfast friend out there. His sweet face and gentle nature has made him a perfect companion to bring to work as a social worker….”

IMG_0135 1
…”I have often found him cuddling in the laps of my clients and I have no doubt that he is a much more effective social worker than I am!” -Ferma.


Take Us Out To The Ballgame, Hank!

Tonight’s the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. With that in mind, you might remember back in the spring, we told you about Hank, the little guy who wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers camp, and just….stayed.

Now look- he has his OWN MOBILE HOME.


From SBNation.

I Totally Meant To Do This

image001“While enjoying ourselves on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota, my girl Amanda managed to catch the perfect photo of our friend’s dog, Scholar falling into the lake. You cansee the moment of realization that he had dipped one too many toes into the lake… Don’t worry, Scholar was pulled to safety very soon after. #Derp.” -Lauren G.

Penguin Power In The Volunteer State!

Well, well. What little McBeakersons do we have here? Shannon C. wrote us to say “There’s a new fluffy face at the Tennessee Aquarium’s ‘Penguins Rock’ exhibit. He was welcomed to the colony last month.”

Welcome to the world, little friend!!

TNAQ Mac Chick 6-23-2014

TNAQ Mac Chick 6-18-2014

TNAQ Mac Chick 7-11-2014

Cody Comin’ AT Ya

WP_20140430_14_57_34_ProImagine being a little Chocolate Lab Puppeh. All ya gotta do today is romp in the backyard, take a nap, the usual routine. Oh, and chasing a Cat would be nice.


Josh took these photos, and Melissa M. sent ‘em in.

Happy Birthday Derpday To Dobby The Ween!

I mean, good gracious. Look at that face. Happy Birthday, little guy!



Q: What Do Bebeh Trunksters Eat For Lunch?

A: Pretty much anything they want OM NOM NOM.

Don’t Just Have A Cow, Dude–

…have a whole lot of ‘em!


NEW Maru: In This Clip, Maru Does One Thing.

And he does it VERY well. (Dreaming of…boxes?)

One More From Da Cat House

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.37.45 PM“The puppies that Cat House on the Kings rescues all mingle well with the hundreds of sanctuary cats, but I managed to catch a ‘Puppies????’ moment from this resident.” -Cuteporter KB.