OMG (Really REALLY Little) Ponies!!1!1!!1!

Take a look at THIS Prosh Little Dudester. I promise you will NEVER look at OMGPonies!!1!11! the same way AGAIN. This bebeh Mini-Horseh is FOUR DAYS OLD! Will you check out that GALLOPING ACTION™!

(First video seen on Viral Viral Videos.)

So….You’re In The Aussie Outback…

…and all of a sudden: Crikey! A Koala decides it wants to chase your Honda tricycle thing AND HOP ONBOARD. What do you do? YOU HOOF IT OUTTA THERE LIKE A WOMBAT ON WHEELS!

[From Mashable. *Note: mild NSFW language. -Ed.]

THIS JUST IN: OK Just ONE More Black Kitteh!

10563138_10203618597258288_5055110985841416788_nWith the BESTEST NAME EVER! Ready?


“This is my shelter kitteh Mouse AKA Oreo Speedwagon, AKA Mr. Pipples….We both (and his sister Boo!) love, LOVE Cute Overload and have checked it daily for the past bazillion years! Keep up the Cute Work! Thanks!!!!” -Crystal B., Washington D.C.

Hold On To Your Butts Buns

JPMad Props to Matt C. – (That’s good, right? when you give them “Mad Props?” I think so) for his #REDONK recreation of Jurassic Park.

“Big fan of your site! So, I thought I’d pass along these photos of my rabbit, Roger, re-enacting the famous scenes from Jurassic Park, as if he were a big scary dinosaur.”








Black Cat Appreciation Day, Vol. II

6 jess 30 heart chest calHE/SHE HAS A HEART ON HIS/HER CHEST!

OK. Was hyper-ventilating there for a bit. Say, today IS their day as we mentioned earlier, but we didn’t want it to pass without showing you these great Jess Lessard pix c/o Harvie Ruth S. at CHOTK!

3 Jess 18

5 jess 8

5 Jess 56 best camera accessory

6 Jess 25 cal

9 Jess 14

Meow! It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Sure, they get a lot of attention in October, but that’s not quite the kind they want! Today’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! And here are five ASPCA-approved reasons why they would make a great kitteh for you!

Black cats go with everything—and they’ll never go out of style!

You can tell your kids you adopted a miniature panther.

Their fur won’t show on your little black dress.

In most cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.

Black cats are just as loving, sweet and wonderful as any other cat!

NEW Maru: You Are Now Entering…THE MARU ZONE

Nice corduroy hammock there, pal. Amazon Japan, I guess?

Now Playing At A Website Near You

11866339_10153368102390073_1551654460357687322_nCute Overload. Keepin’ QTE real since 2005.

“I Need You To Sit Down For This.”

Lily The Goldie got her test results back. Historically, this kind of test never turns out good. But then again…

From Daily Mail– another Quality Smedley Find.

Rats, It’s Monday!

unnamed“This is one of my two Dumbo Rats, Sherlock. He’s poking his head out of every nook in search of a treat or two. Thanks! Chloe.”


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