Nosevember: Ciao Bella!

BELLADOG“Our new adoptee, Bella, wants to join her sibling, Kit the Doxie, in the hallowed halls of the Nosevember gallery. It’s not easy getting a clear shot of her; every part of her, including each individual hair, is constantly in motion when photos are being taken and true clarity remains elusive.” -Jo B.

Can’t Tell Who Is Using Who Here

This one’s called “A Man And His Cat.” Usually the Cat takes advantage of the Hoomin; think it’s about 50-50 here, no?

Sent in by Krzysztof S.

The Adventures Of Hattie The Westie (Cont.)

If your idea of fun is bounding through the seaside sand, you’ll love this new video from Hattie!

Did Someone Say Monday?

FullSizeRender[I’m not getting out of bed. My AccuWeather™ App says it’s 30 degrees outside. Jack that number up to 75 and we’ll talk. Otherwise, I’m in for the day.]

“Meet Kilo. It was one of those mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed! Best Regards, Tammy T. from The Great White North.”

Absolutely UNHEARD OF

Kodie throwing off some MASSIVE Side-Eye. Unprecedented.

From Kodie’s Instagram.

Maymo & Penny Meet Their Match

We’ve said it before- this time, The Dynamic Duo has met their match, whether it be robots, sharks, or Judge Judy, etc., blah blah blah.

We never mentioned Talking Pizzas.

Maru Doubleheader

Two Maru videos in one post? Whythehecknot? In the first one, His Blorpship is met with the choice of two boxes to stuff himself into. Small, or large. We can guess which he chooses first. Because he can.

And in the second, we flashback to when Maru was a mere seven months old.


It’s kinda hard to tell them apart, no?

Rats, It’s My Birthday Monday

20151010_175028As Nosevember reaches the halfway mark, these three goobers show off their best side. “Noodle, Hester and Vincent chilling on top of their hammock. Hester has a fabulous schnozzle as I am sure you will agree.” -Megan D.

Toby Nose What Month Eet Ees

image1“Oh Hai! Haz pets for me?” -Toby The Corgi. Sent from the magic iPhone of Kim M.


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