There’s Always ONE Guy…

….who has to hog all the treats for himself. Hey! Buddy! Share and share alike, whadya’ say??



Oslo Sparrows, from Anttu K.

Red Solo Cups Take You Back, Don’t They?

Ah yes, remember those late spring fraternity/sorority mixers on the Quad- lots of Greek letters mingling with their red Solo Cups full of- well, it was SUPPOSED to be an alcohol-free party. They’d never let you drink beer ON campus…right?

Wally remembers those good times. Now, he’s just stuck with watermelon juice.

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition:) This Kitteh’s All Heart

6 jess 30 heart chestSuper looking Batman Head, too! “Hello! Jess Lessard said that I could send you this…she found a litter of kittens in her carport, scooped them up, and now they are at The Cat House on the Kings. (And she’s been photographing them.) He has a heart on his tummy! (I’m The Cat House on the Kings Facebook page admin.)” -Harvie Ruth S.

Ferret Friday: Oh, YEAH?

This little guy has got a lot to say, and why not? It’s Ferret Friday!

(Bored Panda.)

Friday Haiku: Love-Sponge

NCP_5497Rupert The Love-Sponge
Likes to flop down on the bed
Want to join him there?

“Hello CO! Looooooove your website. I hope you feature my 8-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Seaborne Prince Rupert of the Rhine a.k.a. “Rupert.” Please note the Muzzlepowsche with the Cindy Crawford-style beauty mark and the long silky ears. He is a total love-sponge and my husband and I adore him.” Andrea in Houston.

Flashback Friday: Slurp!

PiSlw6X“Pet Koala drinks from a spoon, circa 1900, photographer F. Davey, Australia.” (Arne saw this on Reddit.)

Munchkin’s Big Apple Adventure

Not Munchkin’s first visit to C.O.- but this does look like her first ever trip to NYC, so start spreadin’ the news! Munchkin’s here to stay!

Lick. Sniff? Butt Wiggle! Bounce. Stumble. Repeat.

Look at Hattie The Westie, living large in the U.K. with her brother and sister. Again, we don’t know who is who- they should have little football jerseys, right? But they DO (most likely) have that Fresh Puppeh Smell.

(Imagines a quick Hattie Snorgle:) Ahhhhhhh.



ULTIMATE ResQte Of The Week IV

From Down Undah last time around, up to the Great White North. Ya won’t believe it. A mom and her six Bebeh Geese were on the roof of the Calgary Outdoor Centre, and wanted to get down. Well, that’s a problem if you don’t FLY yet. So some students quickly set up some mats for them to land on!

Super C.O. Thanks to Chloe L.!

THIS JUST IN: C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Sydney

Diving Down Undah for another stop on the C.O. Cat Café World Tour- this time, a temporary “Pop-Up” version in Sydney, Australia.

Maggie’s Rescue has set up a pop-up Kitten Café in the Paddington neighborhood. It opened Thursday in Sydney (it’s now Friday there) and is open until Sunday. (Unfortunately, the Café FB says admission is already sold out..they say they’re planning a second event.)

They hope to open a permanent version this summer. Photos from Zimbio and FB, with thanks to Tony J.






If You Go™

Where: William St. Gallery, Paddington, Sydney. (Map.)

When: Through Sunday only.

Online: Website : FB : Twitter : Instagram.

Contact: Email.


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