Caturday Night: I Haz Attack On Broom OK?

[Look, Broom. This Howse and Kitchen belong to ME. You wanna have it out right now? You wanna rumble? Let's DO eet.]

From Cuteporter Vladimir S.

‘Tocktober Is For The Birds

IMG_1434“I’ve been saving this for ‘Tocktober. He (or she) is a regular visitor to my feeder.” -Rebecca S.

LIVE UK Otter Webcam ACTION!

1024px-otters_in_a_row-970x0Ever wanted to just kick back in front of the PC and gaze at Adorable Lil’ Otterz?


Let’s go LIVE LIVE LIVE to the Zoological Society of London.

From Digital Trends.

Caturday: Watching Cute-VC Again, Pazuzu?

photo[O HAI! I thought you'd.......left!]

“I grabbed my keys out of my purse, left it on the couch, then came back…to find this! No WONDER I keep getting all those ‘Suzanne Somers collection’ catnip mice in the mail! This is our ResQte Pazuzu (Zu for short,) she’s boss cat here in Santa Monica with her Hoomins Paul and I, and her brother kitty, Pho.”

Spend Your Caturday Morning With Mr. Fluffypants!

Mr. FluffypantsDon’r you just loff eet when outta nowhere, cats decide to take over your entire existence bond with you? Take Stephanie, for example.

“This is Mr. Fluffypants, a cat I started feeding in the spring. When I first saw him, he was so thin I could see his hip bones and he had large bare patches of skin. Now he’s a big fat Floofball who comes for breakfast and dinner every day. He’s not adoptable but he’ll have a shelter on my patio for the winter and will continue to eat well. I love how the smudges on his front legs match up! Thanks for making every day a little brighter!” -Stephanie F., Albany NY.

[When asked to comment on his name and how he got it, Mr. FP just turned and sauntered off. As he should. -Ed.]

Caturday: Potential New Rule Of Cuteness?

kitadishAnne S. tells us, “I think my kitty Kita is showing a possible new Rule Of Cuteness. “Sleeping in other animal’s dishes is Cute.” This is her falling asleep in our dog’s food dish. Love the Cheek Floof Action where her head rests against the edge!”

Slo-Mo Caturday

Normally—cats will NEVER play a game of catch with you. (Why? Because you want them to.) However, if you make it worth their while with their favorite cat toy, they might. Nice video from The Big J, and you can dance to it, too.

It’s Late- Ready To Call It A Night, Bogie?

output_I7fFP8Apparently so!

“Bogart was last seen on C.O. showing off his Baroo. Now, since it’s Tocktober…”Uh oh, she’s gonna take pictures again!” -Andrea S.

Bored ‘Tocks On A Friday Night

Porkytocks[Nuthin' much goin' on here. Guess I'll just flop my 'Tocks down and stare out at the front yard. YAWN. Are we goin' for a walk? Got the harness thing. it time for dinner?]
“Here is Porky, showing his best side. Kind of hard to tell where the ‘Tocks end and the Hamhocks begin.” -Keri K.

#TGIF: Already Having A Snootful

7378ea1c-0691-4556-99eb-30171178f4d0-2060x1373Ah the weekend is here, don’cha know. Time to kick back and relax with a glass lake of your favorite beverage.

“Dear Cute Overload, Thanks for running more photos of hummingbirds these last few weeks! And, on the opposite end of the size spectrum, here is something I saw on the Guardian, called “Highlight of the Day.” This Heffalump having the highlight of his/her day is the highlight of my day. Love, Anna S.”


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