Augustina The Puppeh is having a bonkers good time with this iPad game, but…then haz a sad once it’s over. Sigh.


Go On, Let It Snow!

TgUpSyX[How ’bout we just stay inside and snorgle on the couch? The fire’s going, there’s the blanket, got a big bowl of treats, what are we waiting for? Grab the remote, The Grinch is on.]

(PS- Rule Of Cuteness #25: Dangling paws are Cute.) (Reddit.)

‘Scuse Me- Does Anybody Haz A Kleenex?

[Got a booger in my eye ya see. Snerf. And I jus’ woke up.]

Yes, he’s on a pumpkin stem. From Maggie D. See more of the Whimsy Turtle here.

I Gotta Go Outside In THIS?

1369217466_11fb2ed449_oYes little pal- it’s quarter after 1 in the morning, and we’re getting hit with the Storm Of The Decade at C.O. HQ in Silicon Valley. Batten down the hatches, then head out there and take care of that business!

(Flickr Foto by Jon C.)

We Wish You A Merry Margaux!

Christmas Margaux“Here is a pic of my adorable kitten Margaux. Photo by me. I love your site & it is a great distraction when I need a break at work!” -Erin E.

Head Games

Watch this video- this little Chinchilla-Meister is absolutely messing with this puppeh’s head. HERE I am. POOF I’m GONE. NO, I’m over HERE!


Maymo: Now Available In Supersize!

Maymo’s back, and he decides he’d like to be large and in-charge. REALLY large and in-charge.

“I Want To Own All Of The Squee”

That was the title of Liz L.’s email, and she’s right on the mark here. These are amazing creations by a Phoenix-based artist named Macy McKenny.

“If I win the lottery anytime soon, I think I know where my first shopping spree will be!”

“Hooray for the USA making a solid step forward to catch up to Japan in the Squee Product Business.”

“I think my brain is about to explode from all of the Cute.”

“In fact, I fear the day a villain harnesses the power of Cute to make innocent brains explode.”




On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, And….Um, Mona?

photo“This is Mona, aka Monalicious, our three year old English Bulldog, posing for her annual Christmas card photo. This took quite a few attempts and even more Snausages!” -Frances & Mike.

Jingle Cows

We saw this in August, and now the heard herd is back for more! Ho Ho Moo!

(The Squid.)


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