Ciao Bella!

image2Dana B. sent these to us over the weekend, and they just can’t wait until Thursday’s ResQte Of The Week! “Bella is the happiest dog I’ve ever met. She was saved from the shelter last week and is settling well into foster care. She adores everyone that she meets and they fall in love with her. She was rescued by Ottawa Dog Rescue in Ottawa, Ontario. After some medical attention needed she’ll be available for adoption and will make the most amazing family pet!”

(P.S.: “I took these photos only an hour after she arrived into foster care. She’s a great assistant in the garden.”

Ever Wonder What 10 Cats Eating Sounds Like?


(Andrew Y. via RN 24.)

Hold My Calls, OK?

[And…I have a 9 o’ clock? Cancel that. Is the Bentley detailed yet? Would you mind bringing me out a cold lemonade, and change the channel on the cable?] [*Note: Speakers up for this one!- Ed.]

Thanks to Kristin W.R., who found the video here.

C.O. Trading Cards: THE DUDE

dudeRemember THE DUDE from last month? And how we said for sure there’d be a Trading Card for him? We weren’t foolin’ around. Here he is in all his Derpy Glory, #10 in our weekly series!


tumblr_nrs0q420f91up2b4zo1_1280Prolific Photographer Patrick Jones writes us about Tilly. “She was brought into our shelter suffering from severe head trauma and an untreated ear infection. Thanks to our amazing clinic staff and Tilly’s foster carers, she’s now doing much better.”

“There have been some lasting effects from what Tilly went through; the most obvious of which is that she always tilts her head to the left. This may improve over time, but for now, it definitely doesn’t stop her from enjoying life just as much as any other six-month-old kitten.”

Welcome To Toesday

It’s early- we understand that- so if you wanna go back to sleep, we toe-tally understand.

Should I Flip Or Should I Flop?

[Either way, this is positively the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life.]

And…the GIF.


(From Boing!! Boing!!)

Ticatnic: My Heart Will Go On

Cue Celine! ♬ Near, far, wherevvvvvver you are!♫

Thanks to Arne.

Happy First B-Day To Boris!

image1“Hi! I just wanted to send along a few pics of my hedgehog, Boris. Today he is celebrating his first birthday :). He can also be followed on Instagram. Feel free to use on your site if you want! Have a good day!” -Alex M.



Norbert takin’ DERPY to a whole ‘nuther level.


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