“Hey Honey? Have U Seen The Baby?”

“Oh, she’s in with the babysitter. The sitter has a real special touch with her.”

Wide World O’ Wonder

animal-wildlife-photography-marina-cano-12Take a moment to look at these stunning photos from photographer Marina Cano, as seen on Bored Panda.

Just. Wow.










Rats, It’s Monday

6455399593_357370a14c_oThis little guy has just realized it’s FIVE more days ’til the weekend. From Flickr.

There’s Something To Be Said About Life’s Simple Pleasures…

You know, like…sticking your snoot out the window at 30mph, when there isn’t a cat in sight?

From Concord Barb & Paul, who are A) Just back from visiting with some Cuteworthy ducks and B) So NOT on Vaca but still Cute.

If I Fits, I Ships

Geoffery in his box“I know you must get loads of these…but this is Geoffery the Burmese kitten. When not rumbling dogs ten times his size, ["Rumbling? -Ed.] he likes to surprise people. He also disapproves…of everything. A lot.” -Anne F.

Now, All I Need Is Some Cold Weather

Xiri waiting for fall“This is my girl Xiri. An American Hairless Terrier. She is the sweetest dog ever and getting kisses on the neck and cheek is her favorite thing. When i wake her in the morning she puts her paw around me neck and pulls me down to her neck so I can give her lots of kisses.” -Elin N., Sweden. Photo by Maria V.

Bunday: Hold Still While I LEECK You!

It’s totally possible that BUNS get tired of the same ol’ thing- carrots, lettuce, carrots, lettuce. Sometimes they’re in the mood for some HOOMIN! Cuteporter Noel says “This is a video of my rabbit, Hoppy, giving kisses to my boyfriend Jason. Enjoy!”

Did Someone Say “Shark Week?”

20140806_191615“At my house we take Shark Week very seriously. Harrison is trying his best but he really needs to work on looking ferocious.” -Kim J.

Yep, Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Kitchen

This can only mean that we’re lazy and couldn’t find something newer it must be time for the annual Discovery Channel Shark Week, starting tonight at 8/7C (check listings!)

And just when you thought it was safe to go into the kitchen.

And while we’re at it, yer gonna need a bigger doggeh carrier, too.

Spend Bunday Morning With Penny!

pennyhutch“This is Penny. She is a Holland Lop. When she’s not being bossy or smug, she is making herself beautiful. You can see more of her ridiculousness in the attached photos.” -Ashley S.


rules of smugness


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