Being A Pig Is NOT A Bad Gig

guinea-pig-booboo-lieveheersbeestje-2Take a look at THESE Peeg Pix, as seen on The Panda Of Boredom. More photos at Lieveheersbeestje’s website. (Disclaimer: I think the first two shots of The Peeg With Glasses is Booboo, and the rest are part of his crew.)












Pommy VS. Digital Camera

This wacky little Pomster goes bouncing all over the room, but what he/she really wants IS THAT CAMERA.

As seen on Boing Boing.

Yay 4 Rump Day

We’re at the week’s halfway mark, so check this clip out. Just wait ’til :26 or so. (Don’t cheat though, watch the whole thing!)

Via Momo S., who has a terrific Twitter name.


[We want to be fed, and I MEAN RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW. Didn't know we could tell time, did ya!]

From VVV.

Breakfast Noms

10351150_711567928899838_2996185799298674748_n(These three guys are in Total Nomming Mode™, so let’s just be vewwy vewwy quiet.)

From Saving Grace Rescue’s FB.

Will The Real MyFi Please Raise Your Paw?

unnamed“This is our Welsh Terrier (a breed that is quite rare) trying to pretend that she is a plushy! As such she is allowed on the bed.” -Carol Anne.

Whadya Know, Roscoe?

unnamed“I have been perusing C.O. every day for a good long time and have never been a pet owner! This here is my newly adopted Beagle Pupster Roscoe and a look that will melt your soul. Photo credit: Winosseur.” -Julie C.

Colour His World

Watch this little Day Octopus change color colour! And he never runs out of that expensive HP printer ink, either!

Duck! It’s Rush Hour In Thailand

(Pro tip: Turn down the volume a bit as the guy in the car’s commentary is pretty loud irritating.)

Rush Hour in The Big T. Buckle UP.

From Boing Boing.

♫ “Just A Spoonful Of Sugar….” ♫

n79rUD1 “Me and my housemate saved a bee from drowning and gave it some sugar water so that it could fly away,” says Imgur submitter “Pixieal.”


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