I Thought I Could Sleep Anywhere

[But then they give me this MANUAL to read. And they said ‘there’s a test later.’ Do these dopes know I can’t READ?]


A Music Lover’s Dream

p15040601If you want THE best in state-of-the-art sound, then look no further than the THING/2 NS-1000 speakers from Yamaha. Dazzling HiFi Sound, with 50% less hairballs than the other leading brands.


Thankew. Thankew Vurry Much.

[Billy’s ma name, singin’ is my game. What? Oh, thankew darlin.’ Now, I’m gonna take a few requests from the aud- Huh? Wazzat? ‘You ain’t nuthin’ but a Billy Goat?’ ANYthin’ fer yew, darlin.’


Headline THIS: You’re Wearing THAT On Your Date?

[*UPDATE 1:17pm PT: Thanks to Smartypants for today’s Headline THIS entry! -Ed.]

One of the great Baroos of all time, seriously. G’head and leave your best headline in the comments- we’ll update, as we usually do, at 1pm PT with our fave. WHOOOOO wants to try?

Burrowing Owl

ResQte Of The Week (Wednesday Edition)

20150403_205617You’ll notice there’s no Puppeh Name in the headline. There’s a reason for that! First of all, check out this photo. Can you even begin to dig the little Floofie Topknot? This little guy was ResQte’d June of 2014. “He is the most loving little scruff in the world,” says Addie M.

We KNOW he is. And without further adieu, let us present a Major Award. (Suitable for framing!)


[*Note: He’s also known as “Tater Skins;” -Ed.]

Mom Taxi XLV (Kinda, Sorta)

Why did the St. Bernard cross the road? So he could drag his hoomin across it. (T.O.)

Who Wants To Take A Dip?

Dogs, don’t ever turn your back on a cat.



[Sooooooo……how much are they chargin’ to get in this place these days?]


Things Are Not What They Seem To Be

Just watch. This little slice of Zen c/o Shiro & Friends.

A Faceful O’ FERGUS

I've always wanted a dog. I used my kids as an excuse but really, he's mine! Meet Fergus. - Imgur[Somebody call Meg. I’ve passed out and can’t get up.- B.]


OK, you want some MORE? We got more. That’s Brisket.

Meet Brisket! - Imgur


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