‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 3:44 am PT

“Here is my harlequin bunneh Baily. She is a pretty large bun and loves to lay with her legs back, surrounded by her stuffed animals which she loves to cuddle with. It looks strange and adorable at the same time. Photo’s taken by me. Hope you can share these!” -Angela M.

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‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 2:30 am PT

Maddie On ‘Tocks. Er, well, just…Maddie’s ‘Tocks. Image by Theron Humphrey.

Send us your pet’s ‘Tock Shot! We might just use it sometime this month!

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‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 1:21 am PT

Persey, contemplating the meaning of life in the City Of Roses.

I recently moved to Portland, OR from Virginia with my previously on CO bunny, Persey (so proud!) Check out her website- we’re so excited to share our adventures!” -Amanda C. & Persey.

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‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 12:00 am PT

‘Tocktober is here, and another 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks to kick things off. Let’s get down to brass tacks ‘tocks, then.

“I came home from work yesterday afternoon to find this tiny little guy (or girl) in a box on the porch! My parents found it in our backyard! Never in my life have I held such a teeny turtle! And look at that itty bitty tail! And the itty bitty feet!” -Cuteporter Kristen P.

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CO Welcomes Baby Gulliver

ytytyttRemember earlier in the summer when little Jay Vitazko passed away- such a sad day for Jay’s hoomin Christina V., and all the CO Peeps. Good news, though! Stupid Sadie (Jay’s term, not ours) has a new co-conspirator! Please say hi to Baby Gulliver. (Who looks like a Gund Stuffy.) From CV: “This is our new puppy, a 9 week old Leonberger pup named Gulliver…”



“…who decided to throw his own personal poo party on his first night at home in his crate, so he had to get a bath, and was quite pathetic about it! He ended up falling asleep in the sink afterwards. :).”


“He was pretty shocked that we weren’t impressed by his poop painting skills.”


“He is all fluff, fat rolls and paws…and so adorable. Our other dog Sadie the border collie mix LOVES him already, and is thrilled to have taken a protege under her paw…literally!”




(And Tofu wanted to give Jay a shout-out! Thanks to Alexa B.)

There’s always a place for Jay at CO.

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No Panda Cam After Tonight? (Updated With PonchoCam!)

“With the recent warning that the Smithsonian Panda Cam at the National Zoo might stop in the event of a looming U.S. government shutdown tonight, my 24-pound cat Poncho and I were getting our final fix…maybe I can offer a substitute “PonchoCam” until Congress lets us see Mei Xiang and the baby again?” -Cuteporter Donna R.



And we’ve got ourselves a PonchoCam!

Live streaming video by Ustream


[I've never seen one of these before. And these little "mewing" noises? Must investigate. I can haz kitteh?]

Retired Military Working Dog Chef H067 sees a kitten for the first time. From Doris V.N.

One Big Happy Family!

67813ae427b34d14340fc16bf614764eSay, People! We’ve got another terrific book giveaway for you! One Big Happy Family by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Rogak tells the stories about animals that rescue babies of other species, and raise ‘em as their own! (Interspecies snorgling, anyone?) It’s not even on sale ’til tomorrow!

We’ve got a pair of signed One Big Happy Family books to give away! Send an email by clicking this link: cuteoverload at gmail dot com. Include your complete mailing address and phone. We’ll take entries ’til 9am PT on ‘Tocktober 1st, and choose two names at random. We’ll announce the winners on ‘Tocktober 2nd. (One entry per person, please – entries outside the US are fine!)

(Update 9am PT 10/1: And thanks for your emails, a lot of them, too! We’ll announce the winners mid-morning PT on Wednesday 10/2.)


One More Day

‘Tocktober’s alllllmost here. Super ‘Tocks all month! We kick things off tonight at midnight PT..with 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks. Every hour, all day long. (Yeah, set that case of Red Bull down over there. With the Candy-Corn Oreos® from Target®.)

[Disclaimer: We run only 100% CO-Certified Prime 'Tocks. Only the best will do. They've been checked out by Inspector 1, or...someone. Be here with your jams on...starting at 12:00am PT!]

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O Hai I Can Haz Carrot Cake?

“After 7 long weeks, Pixel is out of his cast and, in celebration, we made him a puppeh cake (Basically carrot cake iced in peanut butter and topped with a Milkbone.) We took some fantastic pictures and thought we should pass the highlights on (more viewable on his FB page.) Enjoy!” -Claudia, Brett, and Pixel (the newly doctor-certified quadruped.)

pixel cake


pixel waiting


the first lick (1)