A Slice Of Colby Jack, Please

Aimee & Chris sent us these Pretty Prosh Pix of their new kitteh! “Here are some pictures of our 3.5 month old kitten Colby Jack sleeping (since that’s the only time he sits still enough to have his picture taken.)”

“His favorite activities include wrestling with his big brother (my 8 year old cat, Max…)”

“…ribbon dancing and playing with ice cubes.”


Someone’s A Little Nosey, Eh?

6a010535647bf3970b01a73dfeddaa970d-800wiThis Bebeh Tapir has a Perfectly Tapered Double-Barreled schnozzle! But how does he reload?


Wrap Up Rump Day With Mabel Le Bun

10542598964_cc022bb3b5_oIt’s FINALLY Rump Day. We’re over the hump Rump, now it’s a short, er, hop to the weekend.

[Note- Mabel’s first C.O. appearance is here. Photos from Colleen P. -Ed.]

“You Bought Me A Kitteh!!!!”

[OMG ROFLMAO! This is the bestest thing ever!!!!]

Kip the Dog meets new family member Lizzie the Cat, as seen on DP&F.

How The Heck Are Ya, Hadley?

screenshot-instagram.com 2014-08-12 10-57-09Ladies & Gentlemen, we’d like to present to you….the one and only Hadley Sawyer.

screenshot-instagram.com 2014-08-12 11-00-15 (1)
The rundown on HS, according to her (of course) own Instagram: “I am a Maltese/Shih Tzu living in LA. I love to play, snuggle and eat. Oh- I’m good at fetching too! I was born on April 24th.”

screenshot-instagram.com 2014-08-12 11-03-49

screenshot-instagram.com 2014-08-12 11-05-19

screenshot-instagram.com 2014-08-12 11-08-22
From Sender-Inner Claire C.

Best “Impending Doom” Video Ever

Methinks this little Wah Wah has NO IDEA whose face he is getting into.


Maymo: 100 Fruits & Vegetables In 100 Seconds

Bet the very first thing you thought of this morning was, “I’d like to see 100 different fruits and vegetables on Maymo’s noggin, and I’d like it in 100 seconds or less.”

We’re happy to oblige.

♬ This Boots Was Made For Nomming ♫…

photoAnd that’s just what he’s gonna do! “This is Boots, my mom’s 16 week-old fluffy Corgi Puppeh. He’s chomping on Olive, the Bluetick Coonhound Mutt (and all-around good sport,) says Cate N.

Cuteness Ranking: Off The Scale

Maybe turn down the speakers some due to the dopey music, but otherwise this video clip is all kinds o’ awesome.

Seen on Love Meow, and sent from Lisa J.’s iPad.

How To Make A Deal With A Hedgie

1.) Plop Hedgie in your palm.
2.) Ask for permish to shake his/her little paw.
3.) Shake very delicately to seal the deal.

“My Hedgehog’s name is MO and we recently sealed a deal. Negotiations were pretty painful at first. Now we have established a serious commitment to Cuteness!” -Juan and MO.


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