Toesday: “♬ And They Call It….Kitteh Loff ♫…..”

15219995137_1881efafaf_oBEANS UP! I think we’re all in agreement that the very best thing to do on a Toesday Afternoon is…..take a nap. Photo by Sharon as seen on Flickr.

North The Wonder Cat

unnamed[*Note: North is the one on the left. Just so that’s clear. -Ed.]

“This is North who is unbelievably attractive and completely aware of it. He’s also deaf, but since no cat actually listens, we just assume he’s slightly more evolved. Left in a hotel room (stuck with the bill!) he’s now waiting for his perfect family at Santé D’Or. (Los Angeles.) He’s disgusted by other cats, but would love a friendly canine companion, preferably one who keeps telling North how good he looks.” -Quinn C.

P.S. “If this gets him adopted, we’ll name the next litter of kittens at Sante D’Or after C.O. writers; yes, one will be named Not That Mike the Other Mike.

OMG Twin Prosh Pachyderms

YES Way! (Remember saying that way back when?) Two extremely rare elephant twins were seen on the Pongola Game Reserve, located in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. (South Africa, yo.)

Um, I think we get a bonus Gila Monster the end of that clip?

They haven’t determined the sex of the twins yet.

Less than 1% of heffalump births are twins!

Mail Online has more info. And remember: RoC #07: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.”

From Kimberly P.

I’m Taking You To My PEE PAD!!!

That’s IT! I’ve had ENOUGH of you! OFF to the PEE PAD we go!!!


Presenting Pumba, The Rock And Roll Puppeh

Got this email in Monday afternoon from Gemini C.

“This video and puppeh aren’t mine, but I wish they were! This video is of Pumba, who turned one on Saturday and pretty much displays all the Rules of Cuteness (doing something bad, splayed haunches, exposed belleh, extreme chub.) Pumba is the bulldog puppy of Tokio Hotel‘s Bill Kaulitz (the man with the baseball cap and skeleton tattoo on his hand – yes, he and the rest of the band have changed so much since 2008!) The song in the background is their new single, ‘Love Who Loves You Back.’ Enjoy!”

OK, see- and here I thought this was a video of a pupster….in a hotel in Tokyo.

You Are Cleared For Landing

15977241292_ab17067a58_k“Hi, I saw this on Flickr. It was called ‘Jumping From the Clouds.’ Flying Disapproval – yes please!” -Jaclyn Z.

(Bonus) Wallpaper Of The Month

Because oh why not. (On a PC, click on image, then right click to save. Mac folks, you…know what to do.)

Kitty from Shutterstock.

Been A Busy Parrot, Have We?

In The World According to Shrimp, it’s NEVER a dull day. So, first, let’s take a bath, right?

Then, it’s time to play with some of those OUTSTANDING coffee filters.

And finally, let’s Deck The Halls or..something.

From Natalie W., who never sleeps.

Holly, Aren’t You Gonna Check Out Your Present?

DSC02228HollyBun has decided that the WRAPPING is a lot more fun than whatever was in the bag! “HollyBun enjoying the wrapping more than the present! Taken by BunnyMummy Sue.”


ss-141204-twip-05.nbcnews-ux-1520-900From NBC’s This Week In Pictures: “A small owl yawns as it sits in the snow in Ansung City, South Korea, on Dec. 4.”

*Captioning assist from Smedley.*


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