Mo’ O’ Mo

Last week, we met Mo and his Glare Of Death/Look Of Disapproval. Submitter/Hoomin Kathleen T. has a different term for that Look.

“There’s so much doo-doo face. There’s doo-doo face to spare.

1. Doo-doo takes over dog bed.
2. Doo-doo reads Freud.
3. Sleepy doo-doo.
4. Doo-doo hates my MacBook Pro
5. Cute doo-doo.

Good times with my evil overlord cat.”






Strike A Pose

[Look, all this controversy about Kim Kardashian on Vogue. Blah blah BLAH. Enough, darlings. I'LL do the dog-gone cover, OK? I've already got my hair done. Styleesh, no?

Anna Wintour, give me a call, will you? XO]

Via Cute Emergency.

U Have Become One With The Jellies

“This is Kiwi, my 4-year-old Pacific Parrotlet. I volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium and it’s too bad Kiwi can’t come with me, he generally enjoys watching things swim. So I brought the aquarium to him with his own Little Jelly Tank! You can see it in his inquisitive little eyes! When watching the jellies he goes into a state of peaceful Birdie Zen.” – Cuteporter Manda.

[If I didn't know better, I'd almost swear Kiwi's about to give us a Birdeh Baroo. Most extraordinary. -Ed.]


Cone Of Death Star Shame

[Get the Hoomins, I will. Indignity, go unpunished it will not.]


No, Your Eyes Are NOT Deceiving You

This is Mr. Leon Berger. If you ever crash at the bottom of a ski slope and need help, he might just be the guy who comes rumbling up with a keg of brandy attached to his collar to revive you.

Just don’t let him run you over, or you’re a goner. The slobber might be a bit much, too.


The (Almost) Look Of Disapproval

No doubt we would GET a look of disapproval…if Zofia could get that hoodie off of her head!

“Hello! this is my bun Zofia!” -Laurie S.

Whadya Think, Billy? Kin We Take ‘Em?

Ah don’ know, Bart. Reckon that short one sittin’ down ain’t much of a shot- heck, he ain’t got no gun. But that one on the right, he’s packin’ some serious attitude. I’d be careful not to get him riled.

Photo by Jake Olsen as seen on Viral

Caturday: The Dukester

Duke (6)-XLA QTE© gray and white face, soft nommable toes, and a snorgle-ready belleh- that’s Duke! He was found in a backyard, fostered by Toni’s Kitty Rescue in San Francisco, and adopted a few weeks ago, according to The Furrtographer, who took these shots!

Duke (5)-XL

Duke (9)-XL

Duke (10)-XL

Fruit Ninja, My Favorite!

When Apple unveiled the first iPad and ushered in the tablet era, they probably didn’t realize what a hit it would be with the furry set.

Fruit Ninja, in particular!

Time for some TO.

You Can Either Wake UP On A Caturday…

…or not! Your call!

From Trevor M.