Dream Catcher

cute-squirrels-tits-andre-villeneuve-8__880Canadian photographer Andre Villeneuve took this photos as seen on Bored Panda, of sqwerls and titmice hanging out and snacking together.

Quoting the BP article, Villeneuve says “My camera is almost a dream catcher.”

Can’t argue with that!







Hi, R U New Here?

The Cute-O-Meter goes allllllll the way to eleven with this one. A playful little puppeh says hi to a mellow bebeh monkeh. WHAT.

But then, “Baby Monkeh” gives us an excuse to roll out this classic for another spin.

CAREFUL: U will have this song in your head the rest of the day. Guaranteed.

Kitteh Butt Wiggle, Part II

We saw this little critter a couple of weeks ago. Now, we get a sequel, where we learn about the different types of butt wiggling. Who knew?

Submitted by Paul P.

How About..A Half Hour O’ Bebeh Finches?

Seriously, you will love this video taken in Pasadena, CA. Bebeh Finches being born and stuff, and peeping their puffy leetle heads off. Sit back, and glow -n- flow!

From Toorima.

How About A Mini-Pupcake?

With some white frosting, yeah! They go GREAT with a glass o’ meelk.

unnamed (1)
“Attached is a few pictures of a two-week old puppy (named Bane) on a piano with a mini-cupcake.” -Eden B.

It’s Harder Than U Think

Nana The Great Pyrenees isn’t quite ready to play in the Big Leagues yet, but she’s getting there!

From T.O.

Part Of The Knothole Gang

_h1080_w1920_m6_ofalse_lfalseHe couldn’t afford a ticket to the baseball game, so he just peered through the hole in left centerfield. Image Of The Day as seen on MSN News.

Got Some Friendly Groundhogs In Edmonton, Eh?

This Furry, Friendly Chubbular is “Raisins.” Or, maybe Gordon. So, it seems a CBC reporter was out jogging, and came across a woman on a bike ride who was feeding the groundhog raisins, nuts and Smarties candy that she was carrying in a plastic bag. She named him (or her?) Raisins.

Others say this might be a local groundhog legend named Gordon. More deets here, OK then?

From Susan S. Technical assistance from Kirsten L. at WordPress VIP.

Kellar Has A Ball

You won’t find a puppeh that enjoys a game of fetch more than Kellar! He was born blind but that doesn’t slow this three year old English Springer spaniel one bit!

From Miss Cellania.

It’s A Dog’s Life, And We Like It

Kita doesn’t have a care in the world except where the next tennis ball is going to come from after she slobbers this one to death.

She’s what you might call….happy. Yeah, that’s it.

“I work in a warehouse and she gets to come to work with me. Every now and then she stops in the middle of chasing the tennis ball to flop around in the grass with joy. I love C.O.- I check in at least twice a day for my happy breaks!” -Julie S.


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