MMMM, Cadbury’s 99 Flake

unnamed (2)“Here are some pics I took yesterday in lovely Leamington Spa (UK) of a squirrel scoffing an ice cream (a Cadbury’s 99 Flake, to be precise). The tubby little bugger had it all over his nose and chin by the time he’d finished with it.” -Mark.

unnamed (1)


The Beans Of Dimitri

image2“This is Dmitri, our Siberian Forest Cat, and his uber-furry Toe-Beans!” -Submitted by We Have No Idea ‘Cause They Didn’t Include Their Name Just An Email Addy Cuteporters Doug & Sowmya from Winnipeg.

He’s Back There, Isn’t He.

image1From Cuteporter Irina.


Clipboard01Photographer Ty Foster has created a photo series called “Timeout.”

The photos are meant to convey the emotion felt when a puppeh has to wear The Cone Of Shame.

I’d say he captured it pretty well. The cat (featured photo above) seems to enjoy it all, too. Imagine that.





As seen on Design Taxi.

Sophie’s BEANS!

2015-04-07 21.52.47“We LLLOVVVE Cute Overload and have for years now. Thought perhaps you would enjoy my Sophie’s (Sophums, SophieDophie) Toe Beans, the fluffy parts of which have turned white with age in an oh so dignified manner. Many thanks for the joy you bring!” -Carol B.

Want. Cheese. Wrapper.

[I don’t care about the cheese- I don’t even like cheese. I DO, however, want the WRAPPER. Help a little Pomster out, huh?]

“This is Reagan, our Pomeranian. He believes in trickle down. The object of his desire is a string cheese wrapper.” -Deborah S.

Mini-Me Moo

524211_141235559388466_1807316049_nGot a few late emails regarding Mother’s Day- here’s a TEXTBOOK example of RoC #7: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.” Tell us all about it, Barb Y.

“Hi CO, Barb from Avila, Spain, sending a late Mother’s Day entry: this is Vera and her daughter Bailarina who live near strawberry fields in Avila, central Spain. The girls have French pedigrees and in a circle-of-life-kind-of connection these high-altitude strawberries are very popular with French pastry chefs. Photo by Irene Gonzalez. Hope we make it into C.O.’s Tribute to Moms. Keep up the cuteness! Many thanks!”

Greatest Wah Wah Ear Action Ever

IMG_1265Kibblenibble sent us several great shots of her Wah Wah, Rosie. We’re holding on to the others for an upcoming edition of TGIF. It’s for the best.

Deflate The Football? I Don’t THINK So.

SONY DSC“I didn’t alter the ball in any way. I feel like I’ve always played within the rules. There’s a guy behind me with his head in a bucket. Can we talk about that instead?”

Text and photo at Sanctuary at Soledad from KB.

Milk. It’s What’s For Dinner.

Let’s see, there’s Vitamin D…1%…2%…Fat-Free…Chocolate…Organic…

(Speakers UP for this one, seen on T.O.)


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