ResQte Of The Week II: The Renegade Riders!

16791490205_c9b0a8056e_oEarlier we told you about The Pheebs in Fairhope, Alabama. Now over to the SF Bay Area. Look- a bunch of kittehs- collect the whole set! From left to right, here are the Renegade Riders: Tesla, Cooper, Lincoln, and Kia. (Sense an automotive theme here. No Bentley?) They are six-week-old kittens being lovingly fostered by Bitten By A Kitten Rescue in Milpitas, CA.





In the area and interested in these muffinheads? Email Bitten By A Kitten!

Sometimes U Feel Like A Nut…

….so you just dive-bomb the pigeons to get it. Easy peasy.


ResQte Of The Week: The Pheebs

Phoebe 3“This is Phoebe aka Pheebers aka The Pheebs! She is a cat here at the Baldwin County Humane Society in Fairhope AL.,” writes Abby P.

“She’s kind of the heart of our office and is also the head honcho in the cat room. Unfortunately, she has some tendencies that hold her back from finding a forever home (like peeing in the sink and slapping the other cats when they aren’t looking.) We love her. And we will keep loving whether she find a home, or remains my faithful desk cat until the end of her days.”

In the area and interested in Pheebers? Send a Dear Abby email STAT!!

They’re B-a-a-a-a-ck

quokka05Unfortunately, Meg has not (yet) approved my airfare to Australia to meet the Quokkas for some Selfies. While I cross my fingers and pack, please amuse yourself with this Follow-Up Quokka Qollection from My Modern Met.







Elvis LIVES!

Elvis on exhibit at the Oregon Coast AquariumAt the Oregon Coast Aquarium, that is. They have some new residents- meet Elvis (above) along with Tater (second photo) and in the third photo, Tater and Swap exchange sniffs. (Which is what Harbor Seals do best.)

Tater sports a dry coat during her first moments at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Tater and Swap exchange a sniff behind the scenes at the Oregon Coast Aquarium
Photos by Oregon Coast Aquarium : with thanks to Erin P.

There’s Derpy And Then There’s DERPY.

Oh, Bertie. Would you like a treat? SURE you would. OK, assume the position! THERE we go!


Why The Glass Haz Me In It?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, who’s the derpiest kitteh of them all?


BUB @SXSW For A Great Cause!

tumblr_nl2ge2YDz21r69a5mo2_1280Listen up, People! The humongous music/tech/geekfest SXSW is coming to Austin Texas, and so is BUB! You can meet (and kiss) her this Saturday (event runs tomorrow through the 22nd) and help her raise $12,000 for animals in need! (Tix here.)

The meet and greet is limited to 150 tickets. 100% of the ticket price is split evenly between Austin Pets Alive and Lil BUB’s Big FUND for special needs pets. (5:00 PM to 8:00 PM local time.)

Animal Planet


With your donation/ticket purchase you will get to meet, pet, and give BUB a kiss, get a photo with BUB, and get one of 200 handmade and numbered silkscreen art prints (shown above) signed and personalized by BUB. It’s basically a generous donation for an excellent cause, with the best perks on the planet.


(PS- BUB’s hoomin tells us there’s another event, too. BUB is joining with Animal Planet to help them get the word out about their big adoption event at Austin Animal Center on Saturday, March 14th from noon to 5 pm. Animal Planet is covering all adoption fees that day, and BUB might just make a surprise appearance.


And THIS Little Piggeh Went To School

Clipboard01At the Family Dog Training Center in Kent, Washington- one of the pupils is not QUITE like the others. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Let’s just say when they pass out the bacon flavored dog treats, Amy The Pig passes.

But that’s just the school part. Amy took her Mad Skillz on the road to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show, and you can see the video here.

(Feature photo from The Seattle Times : Trina E. and Shirley B. sent info on this story- thank you!)


This is WEAPONS GRADE CUTE on a beeline from The Big J. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



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