C’Mere, Ya Big Lug

[I know, I know, Santa didn’t bring you the Xbox you wanted. Maybe next year, K?]

Arne spotted this Big Bear Hug in Churchill, Canada on The Telly. Photo by Alexey Tishchenko/HotSpot Media.

Caturday Night Cuddles

What do we have here? Just a Mama Kitteh snuggling with her bebeh. What could be better on a Caturday Night, eh?

Lisa J. spotted this on Love Meow.

Super Gonzo Caturday Baroo

We’ve had several great Baroos in 2014- and each time, we say “this one is the best ever.” (This one looks quite familiar.)

But, good grief People. Take a look!

Jenny S. says “this was posted by a friend on Facebook.”

Caturday Close Up #2

IMG_20141224_205310“Tinker was featured on C.O. once before, on July 3rd, 2014. He hasn’t let fame go to his head. I thought you might like to revisit this mellow fellow with a close-up of his lovely pink nose. He hopes everyone had a chillaxed Christmas.” -Jessica R.

Caturday Close Up #1

QQYQlPV“My cat Ollie Bear is ridiculously photogenic, his photos always evoking “awwww” or “woooooah hahaha” from those who see them. I hope my fellow Cute Overloadees enjoy him as much as I do! PS, please let me know if you use this! I check C.O. every day but would hate hate hate to miss it. Me and my niece and nephews get to visit once per month and the first thing we always do is sit down to look at Cute Overload together :-D” -Jared N.

How Long Do I Have To Wear This Sweater?

image2“This is Gizmo, my 7 year-old Japanese Chin all tuckered out after Christmas,” says Jessica.

Still Got Your Tree Up?

Some people do, others take ’em down the day after Christmas. Ham-Ham’s tree is still up, and he’s busy checking it out.

“Hammy was an early Christmas gift. He’s a Bebeh Dwarf Robo Hamster, and makes for the cutest Christmas ornament ever! As you can probably guess, we have a nature ornament theme this year, and Hammy fits right in!” -Scott Y.

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition) II: Peanut

unnamedunnamed (3)“We were in Costa Rica last February and found this sick little pup. We fed her the first time we saw her just because she needed it so much. Later that night we saw her running down a mountain with a pack of dogs and when she saw us she recognized us, whined, jumped into our arms and tried to get in our car to go with us! It wasn’t quite that simple, it took a few days and working with the locals to track her down and also to make sure she didn’t have owners. In the end it was a beautiful thing where a whole community helped us find our little sick street pup again! We named her Peanut.” -Deirdre D. [Peanut on the R in these shots, with Otto. -Ed.]

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

OK, Time For A Head ‘Splosion

Watch this Mama Husky play with her little guys. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya. (About the ‘Splosion and all.)

(22 Words.)

Tinker, Tinker, Little Star…

How we wonder how Cute you are! “I have for your Cute-tastic pleasure my sugar glider Tinker Bell, she’d LOOOOVE to be a part of the Ultimate Cuteness that is Cute Overload,” writes the very excitable Jade (Melissa) F. “Your site makes life extra nice!! The first picture is her ‘honkzooin’ away.”

Tink Asleep
“The second picture was taken approximately 2 seconds later after the mere mention of presents (aka yogurt drops, her favorite treat)!!!”

“The third picture is her right when we got her and she was an ittie bittie teensy weensy bebeh skquirrelio zonkered out after being fed some bebeh applesauce.”



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