Toesday Tickle Toes

unnamed“Someone told me to submit Henry Oliver (half Maltese and half Shih Tzu) to you! Please pardon any typos and the brevity as this was sent from my iPhone on the fly!” -Gina.

Harley: Born To Rock

photoLittle Harley gettin’ his JAMS on at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, c/o Sender-Inner Erik S.

One Post. FOUR Rules.

Ron and PuffTwo! Two! Two Ferrets In One!

“Dear all, please find attached a picture of my ferrets Ron and Puff (Ron on the bottom and Puff on the top.) They are sleeping (surprise surprise) in their favourite place, in their purple hammock! I do believe that they are covering the following Rules of Cuteness:

#20: Showing your paw pads is cute.
#46: A yin-yang position for two animals is cute.
#49: If you curl up into a circle when you sleep, that’s cute.
#99: Peeping tongues are cute.*

Kind Regards, Kelly, Ron and Puff, BIG fans from England.

[*Note: Don't see the peeping tongues, but we'll let it slide. -Ed.]

New York Times “Bulldog Edition.”

unnamed[There really is such a thing. -Ed.]

“This is Mamie, Queen of the Coffee Shop. No photoshopping here! She’s a regular who likes a little light reading on a summer morning. Mamie’s hoomin is Robert. I’m just a friend.” Photo taken by Marianna’s Verizon Wireless BlackBerry.

Caught. In. The. Act.

[They all said it was so wrong. But in the end---it felt so right. To BLAZES what the others say. This is OUR LOFF, and it will NOT BE DENIED. BTW, anything good to eat around here?]

From BP.

Toesday Double Play™

photo“Dear CO, Here is an even better shot of Minnie’s beans!” -Kibblenibble.

TY, Kibblenibble. And let’s check out the backend of our Toesday Double Play™ with Hans, (featured in last year’s Halloween pet round up) from Margaret (Hans’s translator and food dispenser.)

Hans_M (1)

Anyone Who Thinks Cats Aren’t In Charge….

….has not seen this video of Bobo being vacuumed. Endlessly.

Levitating Weiners

Yep, that’s what the header says. Remember Magician & Mentalist Jose Ahonen? He’s back, and he’s floatin’ hot dogs for fun. Check it out:

It’s YOUR Day Today, Mae Mae!

I absolutely admit I am a Morkie Person. LOOK at this little lady. Would you like to come over to MY house? (Say yes!)

“This is Mae Mae my 3 month old Morkie puppy. She likes playing with her big brother Max and Ferris and….chewing on people’s flesh.” – Kiera C.

The Summer Of Goats Rolls ON!

goats“Hi guys! LOVE C.O.!!! It’s my first stop EVERY MORNING! My childhood friend has an ever-growing farm, and shot her bebeh goatsters this weekend. [With a CAMERA, folks. With a CAMERA. -Ed.] Lily is on the left and Coco Loco is on the right! Coco wants to know: ‘Whatchoo doin’?” Submitted by Carrie H., Fredericksburg, VA. Shot by Fawn H., Stafford, VA.


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