You Is Having Bad Dream?

[I will come over and lay down on your head and make you feel better.]

Bunday Morning: Heads….Or Tails?

Heads (1) We get both sides of the story, from Barb R. “Our much loved house bun Caramel in his favorite sleep spot. Thanks for bring the cute into our lives every day!”


Bunday Morning Comix

10360617_738851359511237_3426279396639114980_nAs seen on the Cat House On The Kings FB page; artist page is here.

Anyone Wanna Go For A Bunday Walk?

[Just get my leash, guys, and I'm ready to roll hop!]

Seen on The Cutest Paw: originally from Worringer Kaninchenstall.

Hiding In Plain Sight

picdump-1143-29“Shhhh. Be vewwy, vewwy QUIET. I haz a secret hiding place?”

Caturday Night: “It’s Full Of ME!”

[I thought I wuz an ONLY CHILD KITTEH but I flipped open this thing to play with eet, and there's my BROTHER!!]



10535621_10152937930275130_4145572574087680558_oA tiny bit of magic from the Edgar’s Mission FB.

Caturday: Don’t Even THINK ABOUT IT

8agjFMO[I'll show you a Grumpy Cat! This is my sushi, and you can't have it. Clear?]

Coolin’ It On A Caturday Morning

unnamedAnd check out his name! “My cute little Bellie Buttons enjoys rolling around in the sunshine, ‘See my soft fluffy tummy that you can’t touch,'” says Cuteporter Brenda M.

Tough Night Last Night, Henrietta?

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up on someone’s lap, with no idea how you got there? You’re just blinking and flexing those beans back and forth, back and forth? And the other people are giggling and you have no idea why?

Henrietta has had one of those mornings.

“This is my sweet Tiger Tabby, Henrietta Cat, making Air Biscuits on my lap one lovely Sunday morning. All of her friends think she could make the Cute Overload cut. She is thoroughly qualified to be on your site; she has a PhD in cute.” -Katie.


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