Gus: The Ultimate Food Thief

Cuteporter Abbey R. in The Big Apple fills us in on the magnificence that is…..Gus.

“Hello Cute Overload: This is Gus, our basset hound keeping a watch out for all entrants and food-droppers at our house. He never seems to outgrow the name ‘Squat-O’. He’s about 75 lbs…the ultimate food thief.”

Beautiful Gus

“He doesn’t sit down long when the camera’s on him, if he sees someone paying attention to him he tends to get up and beg for food.”

Gus's Tock-Shot 2

Friday ‘Tock Three-Pack

“This is a photo we took on Boston Common a few months ago – tall, short and medium ‘tocks!” -Deb B.


“I think my frenchie Monty has the cutest bum! He has matching swirls and a little nub tail. You can see he’s a little sensitive about having it photographed.” -Megan.


“Hi Cute Overload! This is our kitten, Matty. Cheers, Lauren.”


POLL + THIS JUST IN: Chickens. With Sweatuews!

[FWIW: Peering thru the massive CO Database Archive at Livermore Labs has located more than one CO-style spelling for "Sweater." You get Sweatahs, Sweatuews, Sweateuh, and Sweatews. And there may be more.]

This glaring discrepancy requires resolution. So, let’s have a poll! First, the Sweatuews! (The default spelling ’til we get poll results.) Why do this? We got this email from the staff at The Zip Yard in Winton, Bournemouth, UK.

“I work in a clothing alteration store, and we had a strange request last week! These chickens came from a battery farm, and had sadly lost some of their feathers.”


“The cold and wet British weather is on the way, so we were asked to make some jackets to keep them warm!”


“But we couldn’t just make them plain boring ones, oh no.”

Hover text info from Mail Online.

Welcome 2 World Animuhl Day!

peace_on_earth_animals-640x552 According to this site, “World Animal Day has become a day for remembering and paying tribute to all animals and the people who love and respect them.” Check the website header for WAD deets in your country. (And don’t forget to reach out today and give an animuhl a helping hand. Or a scritch on the belleh. Or in the case of this little maniac, a peanut.)


Cuz whether they’re big….


Or small…






Or tall..

There’s no doubt..


We loff ‘em all.


~Le Creditos~

1. Photos 1-6 from Deanna W.
2. Photo 7 is an Encore Presentaysh from Alex W.
3. Photo 8 sent in by Cuteporter Kerzine as seen here.
4. Photo 9 from My Modern Met, photo by Marsel Van Oosten.
5. Thumbnail from Maati.TV.

Friday Haiku: Baby Can U Drive My Car?

No one’s said turtles
can’t drive an automobile
They just need small cars

“We saw this little snapper on a nature walk in the McMillan Marsh Preserve in Marshfield, WI.” -Cuteporter Missy S.

Goldies Frollicking In A Punkin Patch

The ‘Tocks. Random Romping. The Nomming. The Puppeh Breff. #Outrageous.

From the mighty Erin “fluffy rays of sunshine” M. @ HoopLaHa.

The Hunt For Red ‘Tocktober*

(*Hovers in RIP tribute to Tom Clancy.)

“I look this photo on Sunday at Grist Mill Farms in Glenmoore, PA.” -Lauren P.


“Buddy’s furry ‘Tocks enjoying the view.” -Ali Y.


“Here’s Billy! He’s my sister-in-law’s adorable little puppy and look at his ‘Tock! I hope he’s showing enuff ‘Tock for CO!”-Valérie from Montréal.



“I submit for your approval a ‘Tock Shot of my girl, Dylan, on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA. She even kept her naughty bits hidden for the occasion.” -Eileen H.


THIS JUST IN: How Different Cats Are Spending Autumn

We never really know what’s going on in their derpy little heads, do we?

As seen on The Squid Of Laughter. Posted to The Tubes by Pleated Jeans.

BOO! From Joey And Jamie, Y’all*

Deep in the heart of Cain-Tucky, there’s an artist of note named Sarah B. Will you check out these Puppeh-Punkins???


“Hello! This is Joey and Joey’s neighbor friend Jamie – Made him a pumpkin too because they are best friends! He’s a super sweet, older doggie, and only Joey’s friend because he is deaf. Thank y’all* for your time!”

Aren’t There Supposed To Be SEEDS Inside?

Martha Stewart never said anything about a PUPPEH when going over carving instructions.