I Get BBC With The Left, And CBS Radio With The Right

[I can't get cable in my burrow, so I pop up outta the hole here to catch up on the latest news. Sometimes I gotta crick my neck to get 'em to come in good though.]

Sand Cat Kitten from Cutest Paw.com.

Cat Nap

Oscar’s trying to hang on, but he’s JUST TOO TIE TIE.

From Lyndsey H.

ふわふわパンダ!(Fluffy Panda!)

The video is outstanding- just nothing but furry bellehs rolling around munching out on bamboo.


…make sure you turn the speakers up. The music is bizarre just as good, if not better than the video, er, movie.

YouTube says: “Original music ‘Fluffy Panda!’ by Sera Amagi, song and lyrics, and Anpan_Ogura, composition, with movies by mrpenta.

Need Some Help There, Lil’ Guy?

All Cole The Kitteh wants to do is PLAY with the Lizard. What seems to be the problem, buddy?

From Tastefully Offensive.

AWWWW-TERS! (The Sequel)

A few days back we showed ya some Awwww-ters; it seems only right that we bring you some more and THIS TIME THEY’RE FROM JAPAN.

From RocketNews24.

How To Put Your Kitteh On A Diet

Feed ‘em one piece o’ cat food at a time, and make them gallop down the sparkling clean floor to get it.

Thing Two, from Guremike.

SOMEone Is Gonna Get A Ticket

You’re supposed to park alongside the curb! You better move, they’re cracking down on double parkers in the neighborhood!


Bebeh Bun Chubbular Toez

Will ya take a look at the leetle pink chubby feet/toes/paws/whatever of this guy? Ridiculous!

From The “Bandaids for Bunnies” FB, by way of Cuteporter Vicki W.

THIS JUST IN: Maru’s New Box

Maru decides to REALLY jam himself into this new box. Hana seems to enjoy The Circle’s predicament.



While The Hoomin Is Away….

…the mice doggeh will play. Even if it earns him a sock in the snoot.

From Metro UK.