Bunday Morning Comix

53355bd94f265c9a1f3ab217c5d0e83cFrom Pinterest.

Today Is YOUR Day, Ma!

unnamed[OK, I said that. Here’s a card. Now can we go get a Snow Cone, Ma? Huh can we Huh can we Huh can we?]

(From the U.S. Interior FB via Maureen P.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

unnamed..from C.O. and the Sanctuary At Soledad Goats in Mojave, CA. Photo via KB.

It’s Mother’s Day (AND Bunday)

chico2a“Most women like jewelry for Mother’s Day…my hubby knows me pretty well. Introducing Monchichi! AKA “Chico,” our newest addition to the family! He’s a 5 month old “otter” colored Netherland Dwarf. Feelin’ the love over here, in Texas, Happy Mother’s Day!!” -Natalie W.

So THAT’S Why They- (Fill In With Below)

cat-behaviour-explainedFrom Higher Perspectives.com. Also thanks to Kristin.

Caturday Night: “Duder Is Cuter”

unnamedThat was the subject line of Christina K.’s email. “Duder is a 9 month old ginger cutie. I think you will agree he’s adorbs.” Yes, totes agree.

Caturday Afternoon: Can We Paws For Just A Sec?

IMG_20150418_144315“Hi! This is Bart offering a benediction to all the sick and the suffering, cuz he’s a pretty good cat like that. He’s Stella’s platonic life mate! (The white cat with one gold eye and one blue I submitted and you posted a couple weeks ago.) Love C.O.! Thank you!!! Elissa M.”

Caturday: BUB Visits The In-Laws

BUB passes the time low-profiling it under the chair…then she decides she’s had enough of that. Speakers up, please. GOOD JOB, BUB!

A Mom’s Work Is Never Done

While the kids frolic, various Moms keep a watchful eye at the Cincinnati Zoo. Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is tomorrow!

Caturday Morning: Man, What A Night I Had…

IMG_6324[….must…get…to…the…coffee. I will never again do what I did last night. If I could only remember what it was I did. And where I did it. BTW, how did I get here? And where is here? So many questions, so little coffee.] (Rowdy Kittens.)


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