Toesday Late-Breaking Bonus Post!!!

image1Had to get this one in here, JUST in from Jennifer M. Get a load of those BEANS! “Rudy says all the cool kids are on Cute Overload. He promised to stop chasing the cat if he got on the site. At least for a day. Which by the way- he is not naughty. He has spirit. Lots of spirit.” Rudy, time to give the break, starting right now.

Look Very Closely…

How many Goldies do you see?


Gettin’ Catty On The Kings

OrangesurprisedkittenLBeen almost two months since we’ve checked out the Cat House On The Kings, so let’s go! Got some terrif photos from Jessica L. She says, “KB said that you guys might be interested in showing a few of my photos from my weekly trips to the Cat House on the Kings and possibly other furry friends.”

“Anyway, I got a few cute kitten shots from this week that I would love to share on your site.”

“All of them are available for adoption now.”



A Visit To Living Free Animal Sanctuary, Part II

unnamed (1)Yesterday we showed you Part I of Cuteporter KB’s trip to the Living Free Animal Sanctuary near Palm Springs. It’s our pleasure to now present Part II: The Kittehs!

unnamed (2)


unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

If You Go™:

Addy: 54250 Keen Camp Rd, Mountain Center, CA, off Highway 74 in the San Jacinto Mountains. Located 10 minutes from Idyllwild, 45 minutes from Palm Desert, 2 hours from San Diego and 2.5 hours from Los Angeles.

Hours: 11am – 4pm, every day except Wednesday.

Call: (951) 659-4687.

Social: The Twitter : Facebookster : Pinterest.

We Direct Your Attention To The Ear Floppage

Livy Top ModelIf that isn’t enough, don’t you like how the paws seem to just….kinda curl over? Kinda just…fold? You know if you pick one up and rub it against your cheek, it’ll me all MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Are we right? Of course we are.

“This is Olivia, America’s Next Puppy Top Model,” says Erynn W.

Time To Play The Name Game!

unnamedFrom Kate S.: “This is my new Baby Ferret I got Sunday, he’s 2 months old and he needs a name and I would like the help of your viewers readers!! [We have readers, Kate. Not viewers. -Ed.] I currently have 4 other Ferrets by the names of Jack, Leo, Vincent, and Dasher. If it helps, his coloration is called champagne. Thank you for considering!”

Let’s help Kate out, everyone- leave your suggestions in the Comments section, puh-leaze!


Talk About Spoiling For A Fight

This kitteh is doing everything it can to get the Corgi into a tussle, (biting its butt!) but the Corgster isn’t having any of it. “My corgi (Sun) is a saint, and my cat (Schrödinger) is a total jerk. Guaranteed lolz!” -Lottie P.

It’s Early Toesday- What Do U Need To Get Going?

Morning coffee…AND CUTE BEBEH PYGMY GOATS! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Saw this one on T.O.

Toesday Double Play™ Action!

IMG_0296Last week, we featured Biscuit In A Box. We didn’t realize it at the time, but THAT post would eventually lead us to today’s Toesday Double Play™ Action! Jenna C., tell us all about it.

“We were so excited to see Biscuit on Cute Overload! Some might say too excited. BUT THEY WOULD BE WRONG! :). This is Biscuit’s sister, Kali. She is usually very stoic but every once in a while she suffers an attack of what we call “The Night Cutes” where she rolls around on her back and is super adorable. The Night Cutes gave me the chance to capture this rare belly floof and toe-bean action!”


Does SOMEone Need A Bath?

photoEver got one of those “I didn’t REALLY do anything bad but I haz a feeling they’re gonna think I did so I am gonna get in trouble” looks?

This is one of those.

“This is Augie The Happy Jack Russell. He likes to help out with the gardening. Augie would love to be apart of Cute Overload! Ruff!” -Michelle J.

That’s a Rats, It’s Monday wrap. Toesday’s gonna be big on Cute Overload- we’ve got…Dancing Bebeh Pygmy Goats (honest,) and Part II of our visit to the Living Free Animal Sanctuary. (Here’s Part I.) Plus….Ferrets. Tune in!


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