SOMEONE Is Geeked To See Grandma Again

Zoey missed Grandma. Zoey goes to the moon when she sees Grandma.

[Careful with the speaker volume on this one. Z goes bananas. So to speak. -Ed.]

From Barb and Paul, who are patiently waiting for the Cute.

Turn Up Your Speaker Volume

Just do it. Right now. Turn ‘em up. QUICKLY.

You’ll just have to trust us on this one.

Via Say OMG.

I’ll Save You, Lois!!

SGR-4-22-2014 (4)-XL[I'm SUPERCAT! I can nom treats with a single bite! Jump over couches in a single bound! Whack the puppeh with a single swipe!]

SGR-4-22-2014 (1)-XL

SGR-4-22-2014 (6)-XL

SGR-4-22-2014 (2)-XL
This is Jack, who was adopted from Saving Grace Rescue in SF. From The Furrtographer, of course.

ResQte Of The Week III: Ooo Ooo Ooo, We Loff U

[The header will make sense once you read the comments from Judy D. below. -Ed.]

“This is Millie. She was abandoned in a casino parking lot in Laughlin, NV with her 4 siblings and her Mama. The babies were only two days old!! Some good people brought them over to Arizona to be rescued. My husband and I were able to adopt her. In fact, they were all adopted to forever homes, even Mama!!” :)

“Millie is the runt and is perfectly healthy now.”

“She is 5 months old now, and about 4 1/2 lbs.”

“She got her name for “millimeter” because she’s so tiny…”

“…and “Milli Vanilli” because she’s like vanilla ice cream!”


The Return Of Kemosabe

This chirpy little whackadoodle will make your day. Meet Kemosabe, the Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine, or “Coendou.”

If you missed him last summer, here he is at Animal Wonders in Missoula, Montana, clutching/nomming his favored papaya with his keeper, Jessi Knudsen Castaneda. When he’s not stuffing his prodigious belleh, he “gives educational presentations about his unique species, wildlife, and conservation,” according to his YouTube video clip bio.

ResQte Of The Week I: Major Nomming Action!

SecondChancesThis IS “Major.” He’s an orphaned bebeh groundhogster, who was saved by Second Chances Wildlife Center in Goshen, Kentucky. (Watch for FLOPPING PAW ACTION in the video, too.)

From Cuteporter KB.

Not Pismo Beach, GIZMO Beach!

unnamed Gizmo’s first beach trip to Oak Island, North Carolina. Photo by Etchy, sent in by Cornee Y.

Those Two Brothers R Plotting SOMETHING

unnamed (2)“Witness the miracle of three 9 month-old kittens….in the same frame….all six squeelicious eyeballs at the camera! Left to right: brothers Reddington and Cooper, little girl Ella (aka Ella Butt.)

This looked like an old-time portrait, so let’s run it through Picasa™ and give it a little Sepia Action!


In-Tocks-I-Cating, No?

unnamed (1)“This is Banff, I think she has a cute little tail!” Photo credit: Jenny Mc.

Know Why They Call Him “Mooch?”

Watch the video and you will learn why!

From William M., who correctly notes that Nana could learn a thing or two from The Mooch.


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