When SharkPuppehs ATTACK!

Poor thing—she never had a chance.

Caturday Cat House ResQtes!

9 Jess 78Caturday is always a great day to feature these little knuckleheads who are waiting for a new hoomin to choose them, at the Cat House On The Kings in Central California! (Say like Adam West: “And how ABOUT these Batman Heads, old chum?”)

9 Jess 76 cal
Photos by Jess L., and sent by Harvie Rush S.

9 Jess 100 cal

9 Jess 102 cal

Mom Taxi L: Allll Aboard!

So Christina Ciancio was just floating along in Moss Landing Harbor, CA.- when all of a sudden, a furry friend decided to stop by for a visit. WHY doesn’t this ever happen to me?

[*Note: You’ve never been in a kayak. -Ed.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

C.O. Caturday Cat Café World Tour: Nakano, Tokyo

800-nakano-kanzume11At this point, we’re convinced Robb S. doesn’t sleep. “Neko no Kanzume (“Can of Cats”) cat cafe is in Nakano, Tokyo, with very energetic cats and human staff.” (As opposed to, er, a kitteh staff.)








If You Go™

Online: Website : The Facebook.

Phone: 070-6522-2225.

Hours: Open noon-8pm (Sat, Sun 11am-8). Closed Wednesdays, first and third Thursdays.

Cost: Cover charge is Y1000 for the first hour on weekdays, Y1200 on weekends.

Addy: Nakano 5-68-9, AK Bldg 3F. (Google Map.)

International Cat Day

GCToday IS International Cat Day– on a Caturday, no less! SOME of us happen to think that’s a big deal!


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.58.23 PMThat’s really her name- don’t wear it out! Five weeks old and ready to rumble! Thanks to Dao L.

Very Rare RULE Noted!

20150802_183327Rule of Cuteness #46: “Yin-Yang is cute.” While it IS true these two aren’t curled up, they got the Black/White (yeah yeah yeah) thing going, so it works for us. “Meet Ms. Belle and Mr. Cash. Two very loved boxers.” -Faye S.

Cats Merely…Tolerate You

Now, Puppehs—they make the Best Pals EVER! Don’t believe it? Watch!

If This Doesn’t Make You Want To Take A Nap…

nothing will!


output_LbGmKWThis little critter was part of The Furrtographer’s photo set from KitTea Cat Cafe in San Francisco. We held onto these three for one particular reason..purrrfect for Friday at 5pm PT, AKA TGIF!


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