The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 9: Speed Racer

As we saw earlier today with Sydney The Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, Ground Clearance is a key concept when ZOOMING along. Helps to get a little air under your belleh so U don’t BUMP IT on anything. This little kitteh shows textbook form.

From Digital Photography School.

THIS JUST IN: C’mon Maru~ PLAY With Me!

Hana wants Maru to play with her. REALLY bad.

Hana is 100% Looney Tunes.

Welcome 2 The World, Sydney The Wombat

Syd’s official designation is a “Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat.”

She lives at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney is eight months old, and is just now poking her considerable schnozz outside to see wassup.

That’s mom Korra at right.

Sydney shown here achieving decent ground clearance!

Credit 2 ZooBorns with the story.

Got A Frog In Your Throat?

One of those Sucrets® lozenges should help you right out.

(An Australian fisherman reeled in his catch, and Green Dude was sitting right here. WHAT.)

Sent in by Catalina from Berkeley, CA.

Tahoe Update #2!

The Little Bear is named Tahoe, and as you recall, she turned up (unannounced) last month at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care center. Here’s the latest video, plenty of adorabuhl bumbling-tumbling-fumbling, too. Thanks go to KB.

Orphaned Bear Cub at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care from First Tracks Productions on Vimeo.

No Problem With Snuggling (The Sequel)

‘Member this post last week where the kitteh uses the chick as a pillow? We have a bebeh duckling sequel of sorts, where it’s the other way around, sorta. (Actually, they both use the hoomin as a pillow.)


From Frîncu M.

Maximum Guinea Peeg Tongue Enhance ACTION!

Here’s the zoom-in shot to end all zoom-in shots! LOOK. AT. THE. PINKNESS!

Good grief.

“Hi! I saw this crazy cute pic and I just had to share it with the Cute Overload community! Enjoy! :) Photo is from Skoop102’s Flickr. I found it via Pinterest.” -Frances G.

The Zen Of Toesday

Carl The Kitteh seems toe-tally absorbed in his Beans. (That plus he has the best extra names ever.) Monkey Butt? What?

“Carl (aka Carlos, Fuzzy Butt, Monkey Butt, Mr. Carl pants, Little Man) curled up with his paws. Photo by me… Meghan (aka Meg-on, Megster, Meg-Meg).”

Bugs Woulda Killed 2 Have That Carrot

To be honest, I don’t know I’d want a raw carrot lying on the kitchen floor, either!

Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath.

Happy 1st Birthday, Ruby Cuddles!

Let’s get down to bizness! Do U want your cuddles now, or later? Your choice! (Heck, you’re SO cute, you can have ‘em now AND later!)

From Karina C.


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