And That’s Gonna Wrap It Up For The Week

Time to hit the hay, and we leave you now (oh, just for a few hours, don’t stress) with Willow and her binky.


Bindi’s Mellow On A Bunday Evening

20141115_204940(Will you PUH-LEAZE check out those soulful blue eyes!) “Ms. Bindi asked me to send you an email, since she lacks the opposable thumbs to send one herself-‘I love looking at Cute Overload with my mom!’ Thanks for the Nosevember consideration, love your site!” -Viny F.


10644190_729629670435978_6022939702245233046_o[Your pitiful Walther PPK is no match for me Meester Bund. I shall keel you and then drink your Bollinger RD champagne and drive your vintage Aston Martin DB5. I hope it’s an automatic.]

From The Featured Creature FB page.

Right- Flowers That Look Like MONKEYS

Spotted this one while zipping through The Facebookster. These are quite real!

They’re called “Masdevallia Orchids aka Monkey Orchids.”


Alpacas Share The Loff

A great snuggly story here, People! (The speaking is in German, but it’s easy to get what’s going on here. These therapy Alpacas live at a nursing home near Berlin, and are brought inside from time to time to interact with the residents. And to watch TV.)

From Arbroath.

So U Wanna Sleep Late Today?

Go ahead! Just try and KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE!

A Smedley discovery.

Bunday Morning Comix

smallFrom Bird &

It’s Missing The Little Button Tag On The Ear-

SONY DSC-Otherwise I would swear this has to be a Steiff™. Bunderful photo from Flickerer Jannes P.

Muffin Madness

Twitterer @Renzo_Soprano asks The Eternal Question: “Is it wrong to eat a blueberry muffin that looks like my dog?”

Nope! Little low-fat margarine spread on there, and you’re all set! (Your dog might need a little puppeh tranquilizer, tho.)

Saturday Night Side-Eye

20140716_164005[Right, right, officially it’s #Caturday night on C.O. But then if we used that, we wouldn’t have the alliteration necessary for the headline…..would we? -Ed.]

“Belle wondering what am I up to,” says Carol P.


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