They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!

disapproving“This is my Chinchilla Mister Tibbs with his best disapproving face. He was disappointed with my offering of a stick. He wanted a treat instead. With this face, he could give a few of those disapproving bunnies a run for their money. It went like this:

Me: ‘Here’s a tasty stick, Mister Tibbs.’
Mister Tibbs: ‘No.'”

-Annie O.

C.O. Trading Cards #15: Marshall

MARSHALL1We saw this guy a month ago, and promised you a Trading Card, did we not? Ta-dah!

This Lake Is ALL (Ribbet?) MINE!

IMG_3173Who needs a swimming pool when you’ve got a massive lake to call your own? Good deal, right? “Found about a bazillion of these little guys on the shores of Dutch Lake, British Columbia, Canada,” writes Michelle P.

“Look at the sheer disapproval (and little legs!)”


If The Guilty Side-Eye Didn’t Give U Away…

….the garbage can lid did. Just sayin.’

(No sound on this one; Andrew Y. saw it on 9Gag.)

Just Send It To Voicemail

[I think that’s you. You gonna get that?] (Speakers UP!)

Cats. With Shower Caps.

Judging from the expression on their faces, you have to think that there’s gonna be a new hoomin behind the camera for the next video clip.

I Will Take Care Of You, Little Friend

Arne sent this one in from Imgur/Reddit. Apparently a little kitteh was abandoned by its mom, and this Goldie stepped right in. #WAYTOGO









What Iz You Doing, Hoomin?

[While you’re rolling that thing back and forth, I have the rumblies in my tummeh. How ’bout Friskies™ now?]

“I found this on You Tube and thought it would put a smile on people’s faces,” says Angie A.

That Did Not Just Happen (2015 UPDATE!)

“In 2007 I sent you a link to my “Otters Holding Hands” video, and after you posted it, it became a feel-good news story, and then a viral video. When I licensed the video (to Geico, Animal Planet, and many, many others), I asked the firm to make a donation to the Vancouver Aquarium (which is where I filmed the video.) Over the past 8 years, and continuing even today, there has been a good supply of funds being sent to them. In fact, the number is over $30,000. That buys a lot of fishies for the otters! So thank you for featuring my video. It is a sweet little moment that I imagine has made over 20 million viewers happy, and it has helped support marine mammals through the Aquarium. When you consider that you’ve given a platform to many, many videos and photos like mine, then really, you’ve done a ton of great for the world.” -Cynthia H.

Maru/Hana, Milo AND Norbert ALL In ONE DAY?

Youuuuuuuuuuu BETCHA, pardner. The planets musta all aligned the right way. Or something.


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