ResQte Of The Week 2: Say CHEESE!

Photographer Guinnevere Shuster came up with a “photo booth” concept for friends that are available at the The Humane Society of Utah!

They’re having a “Love UT Give UT” event today, too. More deets here.

(Did you know your $10 donation can vaccinate one homeless pet?)




(My Modern Met.)


The headline says it all. As the video says…“This may quite possibly be the cutest thing you’ll see in your entire life.”


Bliss II

(*UPDATED! New video as of 12:40pm PT!) Yesterday we saw a hoomin givin’ Fiete The Big Cow the business with a massive rubdown, essentially sending Fiete to another planet. Today we find out that you don’t NEED a hoomin, as long as you have a big thing called a HAPPY COW; kinda like those spinning brushes at the car wash.

(Squid for the first video; commenter Katherine gets the nod for #2.)

ResQte Of The Week: Scooch The Pooch

When I come back, I wanna come back as THIS guy. I see NO downside. Zero.

“This is a photo of Scooch The Shih Tzu, my three year old rescue from the Voorhees Animal Orphanage (NJ), PRAYING that Cute Overload will post his picture! Scooch is a big fan of your site and ready for fame. I love your site. Thank you so much. Always lifts my spirits and brightens my mood. Sincerely, Karen (who typed this email) (and Scooch R., who posed for the photo but didn’t know it at the time.)”

scooch praying
And…we got the FRONT view, too.

scooch cb5

Scooch shame

Luna’s Got The March Madness™

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetRemember Otter #681? (AKA The post that broke the Interwebs.) Pup #681 was named Luna last December, and she’s grown since then! She’s definitely in the March Madness™ spirit playing with one of her new favorite toys! Thanks to Shedd Aquarium for the photos.

Luna 1

Luna 2

Luna 3

Luna 4

“Are U Getting In, Or Not?

[The water’s fine! OK, maybe a little chilly. But you’d rather have this than the weather they’ve had in Boston and New York!]

Come on in guyths, the waterths fine - Imgur

“Hey Honey? Do We Want A New Dish Service?

“There’s some guy at the door- you wanna talk to him?”


Sons of Scotland! I Am William Wallace!!

FullSizeRender[*Note: That’s this kitteh’s name, so the Braveheart header makes sense. -Ed.] From Michele H.

Definitely One Of Those “O HAI” Posts

There’s not a lot of, well, ACTION going on in this video. Just Ohagi and some Zen Whackadoodle Eyes BORING INTO YOUR VERY SOUL.

[*Note: Haven’t we seen that fire truck before? -Ed.]

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. VIII

Both Cats Porch (2)Been almost a year since we’ve heard from MGG and LB (AKA sidekick Lady Bubbles) and their hoomin Nathan G. was kind enough to send this bandwidth-crushing update. “Both cats are doing well,” he writes. “They’ve recently got radio frequency trackers, so when Bubbles is out too long on one of her adventures across the street at the abandoned amusement park I can go find her. They also help when I want to find Magilla Glub Glub, though he’s usually just sleeping under one of our bushes.”

Bubs Laundry (2)
“Here’s one of Bubbles helping with the laundry (above) and Glub Glub reveling in the fact that Rwanda has perfect weather year round (below.)

Glub Under Palm (4)


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