RIP 2 Giant George

Sad news to report on a Saturday, folks- Giant George has passed away. He died on the 17th, according to his Facebook page.

Guinness recognized him in 2010 as the Tallest Doggeh Evah.

He could get up to 7′ 3″ on his hind legs!

He was 43″ tall from paws to shoulders.

Georgie ate 110 pounds of dog food per month.

And he even slept in his own queen-size bed.

Photos from Mail Online, with additional info from


The calendar says ‘Tocktober 26. It’s getting pretty late in the month, and you’ve been trying to get that Perfect ‘Tock Shot. You quietly creep into position in your bare feet, silently cursing #$#%!& when your camera beeps at you to let you know the battery is low. Too late.

Your camera has betrayed you. You’re busted with The Look.

“A friend’s new Icelandic Shepherd puppeh.” -Cuteporter A.J.

“Honey, How ‘Bout This One Over Here?”

[Oh NOSE. Hoomins in my Punkin Patch. Way to ruin my Saturday morning.]


[There are millions of Punkin Patches. Go find your own.]


[No! Not mine, either! Get lost!]

Amazing photos from Deanna W.

NYC Halloween Pooches On Parade Today! (Updated!)

522954_329462660484535_136797246_nToday’s the day for the 23rd Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in NYC! Noon ’til 3pm ET, at the Tompkins Square Dog Run, on E. 9th, between Avenue A and B. Registration begins at noon. Admission’s a suggested $5 raffle ticket sold at the door. Rules and more info here and on the official site here!


UPDATE: From today’s judging going on now! “Our 1st Place, Round 1 Winner- Hot Dog Cart!”

Images from the Tompkins Square FB page.

Ready For Halloween In The O.C.

Cuteporter Jen S. send these in from Southern California, and says, “Are you ready for this? Betty the “Bee-ver” is ready for the OC Zoo Halloween Zoo-tacular event in Orange, CA. (It’s today from 10am-4pm PT.) Betty is leash-trained, so the staff can give visitors an up-close look to learn more about her.”

“For the other animals, treats are hidden in pumpkins for the animals to discover. The wonderful zoo staff dress up some of the animals they work with.”

Halloween beaver 2
“The animals at the zoo are mostly rescues that can’t be released back into the wild.”

Halloween tortoise
“The staff find all sorts of creative ways to keep the animals entertained and active.”



When You Climb A Pole, And Drop Your Snack…

You look like this.


Story from Mail Online, photo by Caters.

These Guys Know A Thing (Or Two) ‘Bout ‘Tocktober

Thing One and Thing Two as spotted on the Japan Interwebs, by Cuteporter Anna C.



THIS JUST IN: Scary Legs (A Halloween Special)

Simon’s Cat decides that spiders are, in fact, our friends. At least ’til the very end.

Poll: Tribble, Or Bun?

Not quite sure what to make of this, People. Is this a Tribble straight off the Starship Enterprise, or the Biggest Bunneh In The World? I know Bunday is still two days off–this couldn’t wait. Poll away.



Dr. Wendy L. with this submission heah.

CO Welcomes The Real Dogbert

1380279924477 Well, actually not the real Dogbert…but close! This puppeh is Snickers, and the hoomin taking up valuable space in the photos happens to be his owner, Dilbert creator Scott Adams. We asked Scott to try and take a “selfie” of himself and Snickers, but…he failed at that. So his assistant took these shots. (Failure? Scott’s got a new book out on that, BTW!)

“I have a treat in my fingers here. That’s why Snickers looks so intense,” Scott says.

Snickers on Scott's arm
PS Nice punkin costume, Snickers!