Today Is World Animal Day!

More deets here, and check out this great animated video from the Singapore SPCA. BTW–how much IS that Doggeh In The Window?


Bunday Morning Nap

We’re just not gonna disturb Derby under ANY circumstances. That plus we’d probably need a tow truck to move him, too. From Art D.


The first weekend of ‘Tocktober is rolling right along, and who do we have here? Why, it’s (another) Stella! “Thought you might think this pic of our sweet Stella (previously featured on Cute Overload a few times) for Tocktober. Our Stella has booty for days!! We hope she is up to your ‘Tock standards.” -Stacy M (‘Tock Photog.)

Bunday Morning Comix

(Seen on My Modern Met : artwork by Liz Climo.)

He Is…The Most Tolerant Cat In The World

This is probably the only cat in the entire world who would put up with this type of treatment. (OK, maybe Shiro too. But that would be it.)

#Tocktober: Three For The Price Of One

Got some Fyne Quality ‘Tocks here today from David L. Up top, we have Guapo, Plissken* and Ripley! That’s Papi below.


[*Note: From Escape from New York, perhaps? -Ed.]

Pets vs. Technology

They’ll never ever win. But that doesn’t mean they won’t stop trying!

I Bet Maymo Longs For A Normal Life

You know, free from carrot-brandishing robots, giant centipedes, and GIANT ZOMBIE HORSE HEADS.

Wanna Cupcake, Maxie?

Uh…I guess you DO.

Caturday: TCB (Typical Cat Behavior)

Watch Hanami the Kitteh display utter disdain…for everything.