Blorpin’ In The South Georgia Islands

You will not believe what happens at the 1:23 mark- but don’t cheat, start from the beginning. (FYI, the problem is not in your set- no sound on this one.)

Anyway, this is from photographer Kristina J. “In December of 2013, I had the joy of having a juvenile elephant seal snuggle with me in the sub-Antarctic region of South Georgia Island,” she writes in her email. “This was one of the cutest and happiest experiences of a fantastic trip to the Antarctic, and I would love to share it with your fans (which I am a huge fan!)”

You Know How Kittehs Don’t Like Water?

Diego The Bengal Kitteh didn’t get that memo.

Here he is going for a casual stroll swim at Graham’s Beach (New Zealand.)

(22 Words.)

Poll: Koala, Panda, Or Wombat?

Whenever I see a Koala, I think that is the Cutest Roly-Poly in the world. But then when I see a Panda, I think the same thing. Along comes a Wombat, and…well, you see the dilemma. What do YOU think? Panda..Koala..or Wombat? Let’s go Polling!

Credit where credit is due, for the first photo: “Here is a pic taken recently at Australia Zoo owned by the late Steve Irwin & family (crickey) located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I had to fight the crowds and wait about half an hour for this cute little baby Koala to come out of the leaves for the perfect shot.” -Kon K.




Happy Whoooooo Year

unnamedThis just in, from Peter G. at Providence Raptors: “Here are some photos of “Little Who,” an adorable Northern Saw-Whet Owl who was rescued by Tara Kissel. Driving home one night, Tara spotted the reflection of this tiny owl’s eyes as he lay in the middle of a four-lane highway. Here she is accepting the Oscar® for Bravest Owl Rescuer, then releasing the “Little Who” back to the wild after rehabilitation by the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island and the Born To Be Wild Nature Center.”

unnamed (1)
“It was obvious he had tried to fly across but was hit by a car and stunned. With no way out, this owl was doomed.”

unnamed (2)
“But along came his guardian angel who pulled a u-turn, waited for a break in the traffic and ran out to scoop him up in her new Christmas sweater.”

unnamed (3)

Only One Kitteh Can Save Us, Chief O’Hara!

I wonder if Commissioner Gordon REALLY knew who he was talking to on the other end of the Bat Phone?

From Cuteporter KB, who says “I made it from the photo my friend Kathy took of Bat Kitty that you featured a few months ago.”

Q: What’s Warmer & Fuzzier Than A Sleepy Owl & Bun?

A: Nothing. Night night.


Singing Signe

Singing Signe“Hi Cute Overload! This is Signe from Uppsala, Sweden. Santa brought her singing lessons, and she’s already preparing for her Christmas concert in December!” -Mikaela G.

Cat In The Hat Drawer

Cats are renowned, as well all know, for their ninja-like stealth. Take Coo, for example. He sneakily tucked himself away in the bottom drawer with no one spotting him. Now he makes his move.

From Izu W.

One Hamster Video Was NOT Enough

Remember Enoki getting tucked in? Thanks to Submitter Jaieden S., we have two more! “Just your regular apartment-living hamsters watching TV, snacking, bathing & sleeping,” he says.

Of course they are.

And in the second one, “Hamster relaxes on a sofa, happily munching on an apple pie. And after having her tummy filled, gets a massage & naps in her daddy’s pocket!”

Toesday II: A 22 Pound Speedo

10806384_10152523013435689_671233001664312812_n“I’m cat sitting for my cousin for a few months. Meet Speedo – 22 pounds of magnificence with double paws. Check out the Toe Beans. His New Year’s Resolution was to get in shape and spend more time on the treadmill. I don’t have the heart to tell him this isn’t how it works. Speedo is wintering in New Hampshire with us, while his mom and dad have gone fled to Florida.”

[*Note: Speedo, dude. You shoulda gone to Florida. WAY less snow there. -Ed.]

-Nancy K., Pembroke, NH.


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