We’re Ready For Your Nosevember Close-Up, Mr. Fintan!

ZOE_0036“This is a close up of 6 year old Fintan on his daily 5:00am campaign to get his breakfast. We love C.O.!!” -Julie S.

And Tonight’s Forecast For Buffalo Is For…

032….more snow. Buffalo NY USA is getting positively pounded by The White Death, so we thought you’d like to see this Stubbular Bebeh Buffalo. Image from SimplySarahJane.com.

ResQte Of The Week (Wednesday PM Edition:) Tino

This first Floppy Eared Photo just keeled me DED DED DED so it’s not gonna wait ’til tomorrow. “This dusky little schnozz belongs to Valentino (AKA ‘Tino’), my 11-month old rescue,” writes Erica P.

Tino Smile
“He’s 16 pounds of long sproingy legs and, as you can see in the above picture, he is an ecstatically happy puppeh. Tino’s favorite things are: (1) Snorgling Oscar, my elderly gentleman of a cat…”

Tino and Oscar
“..(2) Running at the speed of light, and (3) Leaping over tall buildings (or at least over the extra tall baby gate I installed in hopes of giving Oscar a breather.)”

Tino Schnozz

Nosey Barnabie

009“I’m Barnabie, a big Chartreux boy (9.3 kg) from Belgium. I am also Kobe’s housemate and partner in crime. Kobe was on CO twice already (Sept. 12 and Oct. 31, 2014.) Hope you like my nose – it never fails me (food, glorious food!)”

(Iris W. helped write this email.)

Nosevember: I Spy

Spy“This little guy with the ‘Dorabul Button Nose is Spy. He was one of a litter of five that I whelped and raised for Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England. (Also: Trifecta of Rules of Cuteness 99/48/13- bonus: 97.) -Sue A.

[*Note: Also Rule #95- Ed.]

C.O. Daily Emails (Or Lack Thereof)

*UPDATE 7:02pm PT: Folks, we think we’ve got the problem solved. Let us know in the comments if you start getting them as usual. TY for hanging in!

We’ve been hearing from a few peeps that you’re not getting the daily email with the previous days posts on it. Hmmmm. While we look into this, here’s an alternative to consider. Set up a Google Alert by going here. It’s easy and fun for everyone!

1.) Fill it out like so: (Customize the fields to suit, such as “language.”)

2.) That’s it! Then they’ll arrive looking like this:


“Hey Honey? Did You Take The Last Orville Redenbacher’s?”

“No, I didn’t. You might ask Coco, though. She’s in the living room watching the basketball game.”

From Vlad The Cutester.

Nineteen Puppehs (And Counting?)

There are puppeh litters…and then there are PUPPEH LITTERS. Check out this story about Snowy The Great Dane! WHTM’s Debra Pinkerton is ON THE SCENE in York Haven, PA.

That’s Duke, the dad, below at left.

The Terry family is going to keep one-

The other 18 are up for sale.



Jump In The Air Like Ya Just Don’t Care

Somehow, photographer Julia Christe got all these photos of puppehs bouncing up in the air.

















From Vajda B. as seen on Fubiz.net.

Her Day Was Off To A Flying Start

IMG_6011You shuffle into the kitchen at 7:15am, barely online. Pop on the iPad tuned to C.O. Reach for the coffee maker, reach for your coffee mug, reach for your Flying Sqwerl, -uh, wait. What? “I’m used to having critters get in the house when the weather gets cold but wasn’t expecting a Flying Sqwerl in the kitchen this morning” says Properzombie.

“I resisted the urge to keep him, feed him and name him but snapped a few photos before I helped him outside. Perfect start to my day.” [Just like the can says. -Ed.]



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