Bonus Wallpaper Wednesday

TOBYGot a little TOBY action for your desktop this morning! From Katy B.: “First time submitting! This is my gorgeous little guy Toby; he’s a miniature dachshund, and I think there’s no better nose for Nosevember than a dachshund schnozz!”

We agree, soooo………..

Click HERE to save the above image for your PC use.


Smile And Wave Boys, Smile And Wave

This Penguin Gang decided to make a break for it at the Odense Zoo in Odense, Denmark. Unfortunately, a dead end and a zookeeper foiled their plans at the last minute.

As seen on Mashable.

THIS One Is Dog Tired

image“Charlie- too tired to get up on the couch fully (He sleeps like this a lot.)” -Liza O.

Nosevember: Go To Your Happy Place, Maura!

20151101_145040“For Nosevember … I submit my girl, Maura, in her happy place at the park. But then again, pretty much everywhere is her happy place.” -Neil J.


They are for RIGHT. NOW. And of course, the name is FLOOFY. “Foofy doing his post snacktime cleanup. Cause what is cuter than a bunny washing his face??” -Phin P.

Nosevember VIDEO

We rarely never get any VIDEO submissions for Nosevember, so we hafta go out and search for just the right video.

Found it.

Dateline, BIG J: Tiny Hats. For Tiny Buns.

While we’re sleeping, they’re over there cranking out Teh QTE.

This Bun is named Collon and belongs to Twitterer @goen0414, who knitted the hat.

usagi-3 (1)
Sent in by Andrew Y. as seen on RN24.

The World Needs Norbert More Than Ever

Clipboard01And here he IS in all his, er, Norbertish glory. Image from Norbie’s FB page.

World Leaders Get Catty At The G20 Summit

Given the current state of events in the world, security for world leaders at the G20 Summit is tighter than ever. Here we see G20 Security Team members making sure the area is locked down.

And free of any random rodents.

Attention On Deck: A New Rule Is NOW In Effect

FullSizeRenderEarlier today, we asked whether this should become Rule #61: “If you use another animal as your bed, that’s cute.” Comments below are in favor, except for BFB who wants to sleep on a bear.

“Yes, this should be a rule.” -BatBlaster.

“I say absolutely YES on this burning issue of our time!” -Squirrelyone.

“It definitely must be a rule.” -Erika.

“…I Vote YES!” -Clare.

“I want to sleep on a bear. Is that healthy? Am I normal?” -Blue Footed Booby.

“YES to new rule! And nomnomnom to those kitty beans!” -Jlamusings.

“Definitely Yes to the new rule! It’s so sweet when animals feel safe enough with each other to use each other as a bed.” -TinyChih.

Drum roll, please:


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