The Binkie Force Is Strong With This One

Meet Princess Leia, a Giant Boxer. She can’t fall asleep unless she has her Binkie. Big baby, she is.

And here’s some GIF action, too.

(Story from Mashable.)

Qte Of A Different Sort

Take a peek at two different forms of Qte Art. These little drawings were created by artist Lorraine Loots.




-Oh, but there’s more. In the mood for some…Origami? Creations by Wenche Lise Fossland.





Paintings from Bored Panda : Origami from Laughing Squid.

This Place Will Drive You Batty

adorable-orphaned-baby-bats-australian-bat-clinic-13Let’s make a visit to The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre, shall we?

[*Note: Similiar to the Tolga Bat Hospital, see here and here. -Ed.]

When you come across a Bunch O’ Bebeh Bats With Binkies- well, what are ya gonna do? Ya POST ’em, THAT’s what! These great organizations care for Bebeh Bats that get sick, or are motherless. :( Thanks to Maryann C. for the Bored Panda URL. (Uniform Resource Locator.)









ResQte Of The Week: Help Bring Kaly To Canada

IMG_6103“I thought I would send you a picture of puppy Kaly. I met her when she was 3 weeks old in India. I had to come back to Canada but I am raising money to try and save her,” writes Jade L.

“When I first met Kaly, she was sleeping at the bottom of a heap of 3 week old strays on the beach. She was much smaller than the other pups and very sick with an infection that left her blind in one eye.”

“I carried her to Animal Rescue nearby and they gave me antibiotics and eye drops which I gave her every day. Two days later her swollen eye had gone down to half the size, 4 days later she was standing on her wobbly legs and taking her first steps, and 6 days later she was healthy and playful. In this time I completely fell in love with her.”

“After some early research, I found out that puppies need to be 4 months old to fly and when I left Kaly she was only 6 weeks. I had to leave India but I am determined to bring Kaly to Canada so I can look after her.”

“Monsoon season is in May and it’s very hard on the dogs. Both animal rescue and a vet in Mumbai have agreed enthusiastically to help me bring Kaly home but I need your help!”

We’ve raised $1090 of our $4000 goal. It’s for a pet travel company I have hired to send her, and vet bills in India to give her vaccinations and care for her until she comes!”

“Thanks so much for taking the time to gaze into her tiny face.” [*Note: New FB page here. -Ed.]

Brother Cream UPDATE!

10552617_816171068479720_105558686873369701_nAlways fun to check in on Hong Kong’s #1 Cat AKA Brother Cream, to see what he’s up to. Last time we checked…BC was sleeping. As the above photo suggests, he hasn’t changed much. Well, he’s eating, too. Sleeping and eating- just goes to show, wherever you are in the world- the places may change, but the cats never do.


Box Too Small….Or Cat Too Big?

SAM_1343YOU make the call! Photo of Gabby taken by Anne D., Wilsonville OR.

Benny, Cooling His Jets

Atm0pbe“Cute Overload, this is Benny. Benny, this is Cute Overload.” -From Marla C.

Now Is That Some Rule 50 Action, Or WHAT

Pixel: Pensive, Prosh, and Perfect. (Ooo, four straight P’s. Cool.) “That other Pixel and his puppy antics are pretty adorable. But can he keep an eye on the neighborhood goings-on while sporting some sweet Rule #50 action? I don’t think so.” -Amy F.


Where’s The Blu-Ray Of Empire Strikes Back?

IMG_0581[I wuz JUST WATCHING IT. I does not trust that Lando Calrissian. He’s a weasel.]

(Kenji, from Lisa H.)

I Thought I Could Sleep Anywhere

[But then they give me this MANUAL to read. And they said ‘there’s a test later.’ Do these dopes know I can’t READ?]



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