Double Stumpers Action!

Watch this! Little Mr. Stumpersons has a real problem with the OTHER Stumpersons in the mirror. (Watch the lightbulb go off over his head at :58. “Ohhhh, I get it now….)

WHO Had A Good Day? WHO Did? YOU Did!

But I gotta ask about my sweatpants, guys. Who’s gonna ‘fess up here?

Let’s Go Cubbies Kittehs, Let’s Go!

WrigleyLook“In honor of the Cubs’ win over the Pirates last night, I am sending you photos of my gorgeous cat, Wrigley. He’s just as beautiful as his namesake, IMO. Go Cubs!! And keep bringing the Cuteness. Thanks, Jen H.”

[*Note 1: Got some Timely Ear Floof, no? -Ed.]

[*Note 2: Sorry, can’t root personally for the Cubs- I’m in the San Francisco East Bay. -B.]

Are You Gonna…Eat That?

[Lemme just get that little Count Chocula marshmallow there, K? Hold STILL!]

Moments A Mom Will Never Forget

If you’re a Mom, no doubt you’ll recognize some of these Prosh Moments. Heck, you’ll still love ’em even if you’re not a Mom!

ResQte II: Way To Go, Taronga Wildlife Hospital!

12068452_1009277329135158_8188972680260534902_oThis female Brushtail Possum Joey was found orphaned and dehydrated in Sydney, Australia. :( Taronga Wildlife Hospital is working hard to get her healthy again! She will eventually be released back into the wild. Until that happens, this Roo Stuffy is a lot of fun, matey!

New RULE Now In Effect!!

tina jEarlier this morning we asked for your help in creating a new RULE regarding Toe Floof! And here we are! “Rule of Cuteness #59: Non-Conforming Explosions Of Floof Are Cute!” (AKA The Tina J. Rule.)

It was the word “Explosion” that pushed this one over the top, BTW. Congrats, Tina!

ResQte Of The Week: Waynesboro, VA.!

Waynesboro is our destination for this week’s Thursday edition of ResQte of the Week! “This is a video of a young Beaver nomming on a small branch,” says Mieke Z. “It was filmed by a great organization: the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where he – along with numerous other birds and beasts – is being rehabilitated. (Note: The center also offers classes for wildlife rehab-ber trainees!)”

[*Note: Speakers UP for the nomming. -Ed.]

#Tocktober: Maximum Maxine

Maxine butt“Hi Cuteoverload! This is a picture of Maxine’s cute bum. She lives at Heartland Farm Sanctuary in Madison, WI. Photo taken by Jennifer R. Maxine knows how to move it!” -Ann W.

Halloween In The Big J

MDAh, it’s a fall tradition at C.O. Trying to discover what Mister Donut is offering up in The Big J. Seriously, I was asking Andrew (“oooo, I forgot to look in YouTube”) Y. about this like in August probably. Anyway. In poking around the InterTubes and through their Twitter and Facebook accounts, this is what I was able to come up with. Looks like they’re staying with the Hello Kitteh theme, which is fine with us.

And this last one- well, it’s 2 years old but has the total authentic Big J vibe to it. You’ll see what I mean.



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