Little Red Riding Pig

Oink[*Note: “Pig In A Blanket” is the obvious header here, but Arbroath already claimed that one. We only steal borrow when we’re too lazy busy to come up with another one. -Ed.]

O, Can-A-Da (Day)


“Attached is a picture of my Chihuahua “Teddy” dressed as an RCMP officer. Teddy will be debuting her costume in Banff during today’s Canada Day July 1 celebrations. Thanks for all the cuteness!”- Janet T.

WANTED: Cat For Starring Role In CatZilla

Kitty breaking into a dollhouse. - ImgurHOLLYWOOD, CA., JULY 1, 2015/PRNewswire (For immediate release:)

The Cute Overload Moving Pictures Company is searching for just the right cat to play the lead in the new movie, “CatZilla: The Cat That Destroyed The Big J.” Must be large and somewhat corpulent (like Maru, but Mugumogu wants too much cash) and have a laser like glare (think Grumpy Cat but already committed to another movie.) Should be able to burp flaming hairballs, and smash through houses and basically flatten Tokyo with a single paw. Working knowledge of the Godzilla films helpful but not a requirement. If interested leave name/number in Comments section. Casting closes 30 July.

(Photo via Imgur.)


Headline THIS: Ab Crunchies?

picdump-1394-1[I haz Abs O’ Steel. I can hold this for…THREE seconds!]

Write up your favorite header—we’ll choose one and update about 1pm PT! (As seen on DP&F.)

Spend Wombat Wednesday With Winnie!

3983687814_8674d3eea3_oIt looks as though Winnie would like to spend the day cuddling in her blankee. Care to join her? (Flickr.)

Gonna Need A Bigger Tub

[*Note: In the grand tradition of the “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger (Fill in the blank)” cliché we use so frequently well, we are happy to present Cole & Marmalade, getting all geeked up for next week’s Shark Week hysteria. -Ed.]

Congrats To The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team!

They defeated Germany today 2-0 and will play the winner of tomorrow’s Japan/England match on Sunday for the Women’s World Cup title!

Gorilla Your Dreams (Part II)

6a010535647bf3970b01bb08492c11970d-800wiShabani was the star of Part I if you will recall. Now, we can all welcome a Bebeh Western Lowland Gorilla to Zoo Basel. Proud parents are Mom Joas and father M’Tonge. The newborn came online May 19th.




You’ll See Me In Your Dreams

I blocked imgur on your computer... I'm the only kitty you need - Imgur[I am just gonna sit on your chest and stare at you like this. Even though you are sleeping, I KNOW you feel my presence.] (Imgur.)

#BestBuds: Puka And Rocket Larry

1Meet Puka, a 4-year-old mixed breed with a cleft lip..and his pal Rocket Larry The Tortoise!

Puka was rescued in L.A. when a friend of Puka’s new hoomin noticed Puka with a homeless man, and was worried the puppeh might need medical care.

Puka’s hoomin had previously rescued Rocket Larry from an L.A. Craigslist reptile hoarder.

You can see more photos of these guys on Instagram.



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