“The Stealth Pooper”

imageFor one, this is a Cute Puppeh. For two, our Meg loves greyhounds. For three, yet another Meg gave this puppeh some terrific names. Here’s what Meg G. has to say: “This is our Italian Greyhound Fig. She also goes by Figgy Smalls, Fig Vicious, Notorious FIG, Figgy Stardust, and…The Stealth Pooper. In this photo, Fig is preparing for a Christmas party. We’d be absolutely delighted if you would put her on the site!!”

Monday Morning Kitteh Bonanza!

unnamedIntrepid Cuteporter KB put some miles on the car and made a trip to Cat House On The Kings, and what did they have there but a lot of kittehs. And puppehs too!


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Ho Ho Ho, What Do U Know?

11575489636_ef0686d986_oIt’s just about that time of the year! (Heck, Thanksgiving is just three days off!) You know, mistletoe, the Jolly Old Elf, the Grinch, Rudolph and Charlie Brown (The Big 3 specials) and…your photos on Cute Overload! Have a terrific holiday themed photo? We’d love to see it and mebbe even USE it right here on this very website! Click right here and send it on in- we can’t wait to see what you have! (BTW, if you can put “Holiday Photo” in the subject line, that would be keen.)

(BTW II- this is Trinket. From Paul, Trinket’s servant.)

Rats, It’s Monday

Marty Rats, It's MondayWe have a special tribute to one of the stars of C.O.’s Rats, It’s Monday feature (And a member of the C.O. Hall of Fame) – Martin “Marty” Mouse, who passed away last Thursday night. Click here to save this image to your desktop to use as wallpaper.

Pygmy Marmoset Alert!!

[Pre-Emptive Nuffer Disclaimer: This little dude is a resident of the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation- not a pet in someone’s home. -Ed.]

Rule of Cuteness #45 says, “Any animal with the word ‘pygmy’ in it is Cute.”

Make it so, Number One.

Concord Paul & Barb, who have their umbrella out.

Quite Possibly The Coolest Kitteh Bed Ever

photoHow is it Maru and Hana don’t have one of these yet? (This is Gustav, by the way.) From Catherine D.

And That’s A Wrap For The Week!

photo 2And we end another week of The QTE with this nice email from Jen Smith! “Hello, These are my Great Danes. They have very cute Noses. The first (above) is Frankie, our ten year old. Next is Scottie (below,) who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago. :( He used to love to plop his jowls on the kitchen counter top! They would love to be on C.O. Hope they make the cut! P.S. I love Cute Overload. It always turns a frown upside down!”*

photo 1

{*Note: Memo to Marketing: “Cute Overload: Turning Frowns Upside Down since 2006.” Get to work on that. I don’t see Jen copyrighted the phrase, but check with Legal. I want to see visuals and a campaign mock-up by end of the week. Yes, I know it’s Thanksgiving. So I’d start sooner than later. -Ed.]

Nosevember: Hooray For Hugo!

IMG_5825Gettin’ down to the very final days of Nosevember ‘doncha know, and who do we have here? A furry little Valentine Nose* named Hugo!

“Check out the heart-shaped black nose on my tuxedo cat, Hugo! We adopted him as a stray from our aunt and uncle’s farm last year, and that heart nose won over our hearts.” -Meghan W.


[*Note- Tag with Valentine's Day 2015 so we can potentially re-run then. Classic. -Ed.]

Has Anyone Else Thought Of This?

What a great idea. No more pesky ears in your soup!

As seen here, from Vajda B.

Let’s Paws For This Announcement:

IMG_5059Digit is back and brought a friend with him! “You remember Digit? Orange Polydactyl (with a monkey?) Here he is with his tabby best friend.” -Amy S.




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