What Not To Do When Holding A Cooking Demo

1.) Invite Mari The Shiba Inu. That’s it. No other steps. Good luck.

Two Out Of Three Sqwerls Say-

JIF tastes BEST!

[Wally The Sqwerl, BTW. -Ed.]

“Hey- Are We ‘Sposed To Wiggle..Or WAGGLE?”

[It’s important to have the proper table manners, after all. Do I WIGGLE my ‘Tocks, or WAGGLE. Which is it? SO confoosed.]


“You Can’t Get Any Cuter Than This,”…

…says Ryan R. And we tend to believe him. “You might like to check this out. She’s a Japanese food artist and painter. Many of her works are based around Ghibli.” (Website here: “Supercute cooking for healthy geeks.”)

Oh. In that case, I’m IN.


You Own Two Cows. You Forget To Lock The Door. And…

…they decide to, um, MOOve in. It seems these two, named Five and Six, wandered into Pat Coston’s Guernsey, UK home while she was taking a shower.

Daily Mail says she “noticed an unusual smell after finishing her shower (imagine that) and discovered two new house guests.





Thanks to Claire H.

Do As I Do, NOT As I Say

Maggie S. sent us this terrific video! “Here’s a cute video I took of my sweet budgie Chi-Chi bobbing his head to imitate his bobblehead giraffe toy. Thought I would share with you!”

Maymo Battles Judge Judy

Another day, another headline I never imagined I would ever write. Yet here we are.

Coleslaw? I’d Love Some, Please!

KITTYWe SEARCH THE GLOBE for the finest Cute available! This hour, Sylwia K. welcomes us to Poland to show off her kitteh.


“Hi, I’m Sylvia K. from Poland, Europe. I love Cute Overload and I LOVE all animals. At the moment I live with my cat, he’s name is Coleslaw, like this salad. He is 5 years old, and is the love of my life. I would be very happy if You’d like to show him on Cute Overload!”


Hey! Busby! Wake UP, Pardner!

It’s time to POLLINATE, baby!

“I didn’t even know that bees sleep – this is SO CUTE!!!” -Imogene B.

Welcome To The World, Penny!

C.O. thanks our Mate Down Undah, Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission, for these prosh-tacular photos of Brand New Porkster Penelope!









Goodnight Love Penelope Sue from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Penelope Sue from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.


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