Easter BunDay: Uri & Friends

Shaitani, Amrie and Krüger The Mice set things up for today’s Easter Egg Hunt. It’s Uri the Airedale Terrier’s job to find ‘em all!

From Laughing Squid.

Easter BunDay: Buns From Space!

That can be the only explanation for this rather UNconventional-looking Bun. “Buns From Space;” sounds like a 1960s Roger Corman B movie.

This is my precious English Angora rabbit. Her name is Cynthia.” -Brian N.

WHO’S Got Five Names? WHO Does?

YOU do! Sir Irving Tesla Paddington Baxter, who wishes all the C.O. Peeps a Happy Easter Bunday! (And for some reason, Irv’s posts always go up at 6:29am. And so it shall be today.)

Tesla Bunny
Thanks to Judy H.

Easter BunDay: Henry Sez….

[And here I thought PEEPS came in little packages???]

“Cute picture of Henry and our baby chick, taken by me, Maggie. Happy Easter! :) thanks, Maggie.”

Cuddle Puddle!

OK TOTALLY BIG DEAL: My husband and I were out in the Fraser Valley over the weekend. We visited a dairy. It is Spring. THERE ARE BEBEH GOATS! We found this cuddle puddle sleeping amongst one of the feeding areas.” -Christi Y.

Photo credit: Martin G.

Caturday: The Cat & The Flat

Cat In The Flat” is the name of a fashion shoot in Vogue magazine. Photographer Charlie Engman and fashion editor Jorden Bickham put this together, as seen on Design Taxi.









Caturday: 57 Channels N’ Nuthin’ On

[Dad: "U sure U wanna watch this show? We can watch Ani-"]

[Son: "-mal Planet, yeah I know. I'm SICK of watching Animal Planet! That's all we watch!]


If The Easter Bunny Is MIA Tomorrow—

– there might be a very good reason for that.

From the Sacramento Zoo.

Feel Free To Sing The Song Now

You know the one.



Photo 1: “Dammit Boots, I’m trying work here and your Cuteness is distracting!” -Lara A.
Photo 2: “Lilli. In daily position on closet door.” -Victoria B.
Photo 3: Lily, from Felicia S.

Our Caturday Operators R Standing By!

The weather’s going to be heating up very soon. Unless U live in, say, Surprise AZ, in which case it’s already scorching. Call Screens -R- Us and we’ll stop over and show you how EASY it is to install one of our cat-proof front door screens; perfect for those cool summer night breezes!

OK, so the cat-proof part needs work.

As seen on Reddit.