Did Someone Say…”Whipped Cream?”

There’s probably more than one can of Reddi Wip in use today- and these kittehs are ready for it, too. They might settle for Cool Whip, too. Whatever ya got.

“Foolishly gave one of our cats whipped cream once, this is what happens every time we use it now,” says YT poster “Minion & Friends.”

Lil’ BUB Gives Thanks….

…for a bowl of fish and yogurt!

[*Note: From YT video: “Some may say that cats shouldn’t have dairy. That’s true to a degree: what’s bad for them specifically is lactose (can give them the runs.) Yogurt however is very low in lactose, and as long as it is plain without sugar, it is quite good for cats and their digestion. BUB’s vet approves, and she has never had any sort of illness from yogurt, even with a Thanksgiving portion.” -Ed.]

Hey Rosella! You ‘Bout Done In There?

Save everyone else some of the hot water, willya??

From FJ.

Timo VS. The Drone

This really isn’t a big deal, it’s just for THE SUPREMACY OF THE LIVING ROOM and all.

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving, Everybody!

[We’re just actin’ like a couple o’ Turkeys! WAIT! We’re-NOT-TURKEYS! Just wanna be clear on that.]


Rump Day

10057338115_fbd826e670_oHoliday week Rump Days are the best. I mean, we’re already halfway done with the week, and tomorrow’s a day off for many of us in the US with Friday a likely vaca day, (Unless you work in retail) and Boom! Weekend! Celebrating tonight’s edition of Rump Day is The Pipster! “This is Pip, our Norwich Terrier, and his Cute Little Scruffy ‘Tocks.” -Leslie R.

Woo Woo! It’s Lulu!

IMG_1785“Quick! While it’s still Nose-vember! This is our spoiled rotten Mini Schnauzer Lulu, AKA Lulu the Woo Woo. I especially love the snuggly over the shoulder nose shot. Photos by Julia O.- that’s ME!”


WHO’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Polar Vortex?

imageCertainly NOT Nudnik (Nik Nik) The Pomeranian! And please don’t overlook Rule O’ Cuteness #99: “Peeping tongues are Cute.” Photo from Ezra G.

Hey! You Work Out?

Munchkin the Shih Tzu is determined to shed some pounds before Turkey Day, because she knows she’ll be adding a few with all the leftovers!

Yeah, I Remember MY First Snow….

IMG_20141115_083323_003~2Only a couple of days left in Nosevember, and do WE have a NOSE for YOU! A brand-new Nose, as a matter of fact! This Prosh Schnozzle belongs to Lars, who is all of 9 weeks old! In this shot, he is experiencing snow (in Minneapolis) for the very first time. Lars, pal- that ain’t the only snow you’re gonna see. Trust us on this. Thanks to Ali M., who rates this photo with a Squee Factor of 9.9+. We’re OK with that.

P.S. from Ali M.: “Lars’ current nickname is ‘Dr. Snorgeltocks, Esq.'”


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