Bunnehs Of The Sea (Part II)

leaf-sheep-sea-slug-costasiella-kuroshimae-5Remember these guys from the middle of the month? They’re back. They’re awesome. And they’re JUST as cute.



(Bored Panda.)

OK, Time For “If I Fits, I Sits.”

Cats-7Yes, it’s a huge cliché. Yes, it’s totally appropriate for this series of Cat Photos.









(Lost At E Minor.)

Happy Ferret Friday!

Let’s have Clipper The Ferret start your day off with a bit of a piano recital, shall we? [*Note: I’d swear this is an Encore Presentayshe, but no way can I find it. If someone does, leave it in the comments and we’ll update the tag. -Ed.]

Friday Haiku: The Capybara

Big and furry Rat
That is a Capybara
No sound on this one

By Robb S. at Animal Cafes.

Flashback Friday: “OK…Set The F Stop, Whatever That Is…”

Dog - Man's Best FriendTo give you an idea of how old this photo is…President Lincoln was still a year away from taking office! “1860: A canine amateur photographer.” From Vintage Everyday!

Q: What’s White, Squirmy, & Runs Around?

A: THESE guys!!!

Sunflower Farms Creamery Strikes AGAIN

The mad scientists folks at the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine are at it again. Twice this week they’ve poured Bebeh Goasters on us, and now they return…with a Bebeh Goat + a Wah Wah that THINKS it’s a Goatster.


Tiny Animuhls Get (Wait For It…) TINY SIGNS!

one- (1)This proves Japan has not yet TOTALLY cornered the Cute Market. Welcome to: Vilnius, Lithuania of all places. Well, they get their own tag for making these. “I saw this tweet, and *immediately* thought of your site. I read the Submissions Contract, but I’ll admit, I’m not quite sure if you can use this. From what I can tell, I think you can use it if you credit Mental Floss? [*Note: Yes. -Ed.] Thanks for helping me start my day on a bright note!” -Lisa B.


Hey! Atlantic Ocean! Here Come The Bebeh Sea Turtles!

The U.S. Coast Guard, along with the Gumbo-Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, FL., released 570+ Bebeh Sea Turtle Hatchlings into the Atlantic Ocean on Monday. The Loggerhead and Green Turtles have protected status and are classified as endangered or threatened. All images by Joe Raedle/Getty as seen on Mashable.

THIS JUST IN: Giant Norbert Head Spotted On FB!

11751765_892274457528665_1336683811634509264_n“Sorry if my huge melon takes up your whole news feed,” C.O. Hall of Famer Norbert says on his FB page. No prob, Norb. Keep on keepin’ on.


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