Been Waiting for a Sequel to Rocky Raccoon?

Wait no more. These guys are cousins of Rocky; the cacomistles, and they’re lookin’ for revenge!

Lorie J. never knew cacomistles even existed until she saw them on Nat. Geo’s Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark project!


Peeper Partner in Crime

Sorry, Froggy. Mom says you’re a bad influence on me. She caught me sticking out my tongue at her again. It was totally worth it though.

Columbus, Mississippi, 3-year-old Helen Imes gives a lift to a hitch-hopper. Photo by Birney Imes, Associated Press/SF

Totes Busted!

Did I rob a bank or sumpin’?

Kara E., as if the name, Kingston Pappy Van Winkle III, wasn’t enough, but a close-up too?!!!

Your Turn

Sender-inner Daniela recently took this cartoonish photo when she caught her “little tigers in the kitchen” and was inspired to write her own caption:

“Emilie is screaming: MUUUUM! Luise is sitting on the table, again!
and Luise explains: NO! I am NOT. I am sitting IN THE BOX.”

We found that quite funny! Do you agree? Or, do you have one of your own?

Luise, black and white, female cat, European shorthair, 11 months and Emilie, brown and black, female cat, European shorthair, 8 months, both live with Daniela and her fiance’, in Dresden (Saxony).

It’s Worth a Try!

They say, according to ancient legend, rubbing the happy corgi’s belly brings good luck!

Machete, the happy corgi, smiles upon you! Sent in by S. Raelynne Becerra.

There’s Something in the Air!

Spring, spring everywhere. And all the bunnies did bink. -Samuel “Bunnytailor” Coleridge

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”” -Robin Williams


Splendour in the grass! Squirrel in the flower! -William Pawsworth


Spring, Spring! Wherefore art thou, Spring? -Chill I. Am Shakespeare

Bumper crop of fresh cute brought to you by Eames the bunny by Nicole, Unnamed via Pixdaus, Lennaert Roumen/National Geographic and Redditor hwfudge.

MM-mm eee-eee-eee ow! ow! ow!

Aa-aa-nn-nn-dd-dd, noo-oo-oo ss-star-arch-ch-ch ii-ii-nn-nn mm-mm-yy-yy coll-oll-oll-ar-ar-ar, p-p-p-lea-ea-ea-s-s-se!

Fave Frame:

It’s nice to be kneaded, Roman Positive

Revealed At Last!

A kitteh Who’s Who of CO. Yes, it’s true, CO is run by cats. And we’re ready for our close-ups! Can you guess ’em all?





Our cuteness protection program clients are: Violet by Anita B., Pierre by Josh Norem, Kitty nom via Pixdaus, Copper the cool kitty by Candie N., Pinecoon,  Mac by Yoko T.

Bebeh Trunkster has Crush on Hoomin!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Nope, not at all.

Fave Frame:

Teri C. shared this with us from her crush on YouTube.

We Should Talk More Often

Mm-hmm, that’s very true, oh yes absolutely in fact, it’s like, I understand perfectly, gobbledygook, carry on.

I really see your point, quite fascinating, mumbley jumbley, and the thing is, I totally agree, blabberjabber, by all means and I’m so glad we had this little talk.

Got any treats?

Rebecca S.’s cousin’s dog, Keegan, the scintillating conversationalist!