A Pup of Great Wealth and Taste

who also ties damsels in distress to railroad tracks.

Melly, all he needs is a top hat. Awww.


It’s Pillowtuplets!

Look! The pillow gave birth! And I helped deliver the babies!

Alyson B., your puppy is also guilty of Eyebrow Dawts!!!!

Just ta Let Ya Know,

it might be a good idea ta hide the can opener! (singsong)

Coco the calico is sporting her thumbs rather nicely, Tracy L. and Neith N. from Toronto!

Patty Cake, Patty Cake,

baker’s man, bake me a cake as cute and tiny and adoradonkable as you can!

Misa Minnie, the smartest Yorkie pup in the world, Fave Frame:

Untitled 2
Priscilla N. sent this in via Yorkietube.

Unrequited Lime Love

Smooch, smooch. I loff you, Lime. Smooch, smooch, I do.

Fave Smooch Frame:

Fave Twu Loff Frame:

This is Penny, who was featured on Tastefully Offensive.

Business in the Front,

party in the back. This pygmy goatlet is bringin’ back the mullet!

Renee L. wants readers to know, “This little guy was born this morning, along with two other pygmy goats at Flamig Farm in West Simsbury, CT. Photo credit to Karyn Cordner.”

Must Be Dandrrruff Season

You could at least wear white.

And use a more energetic dandrrruff shampoo.

Puppeh, on my shoulders, makes me happeh, Mindi M.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring is here! Everything is coming up noses!

Beth R. says, Blue, the 7 mo. old longhaired dachshund, is being stalked by his best friend, Strips, an 8 mo. old tabby. (“stalked”, ha ha, good one, Beth!)

Happy Cheeks!

Well, we hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter, complete with all the flowers, feasts, faith and fun with friends and family, and most especially that oldest favorite Easter blessing,
“Keep eating all that candy and you’re going to be sick!”

Thanks for sharing, Daily Pozitive.

C’mon Get Happy!

So happy together!
Mae & Sydney are happy and they know it! Both adopted from the Tampa Bay Humane Society, sent in by Yunet H., photo by Paper Rabbit.