Flashback Friday

Chihuahua keeps thinking, “I wonder. Am I having a weird dream? Or am I in a vintage photograph?”

Elliott Erwitt’s 1974 photo of Felix, Gladys and Rover in New York.


Juvenile Chicken Humor

(peeppeep) Dude? (peeppeep) Dude? (peeppeep) You got some food on your face!

Fave Frame:

And then he said, “Guess what? Chicken butt!”, James H. via Youtube, where you can see many more videos of Oscar the cat and his chicks!

Last Me-nut Squirrel Week!

Looong-time Cuteologist, Nikki, alerted us in the comments, this week is “Squirrel Week” over at the Washington Post! Hey, why should they have all the fun? CO has acornucopia of treemendous squirrelographs! Let’s get cracking!





In a nutshell: Top photo by Jerry Salvatico. SFGate Day in Pictures. Backyard buddy pics by mystery submitter known only as =BG=! I also found this cute squirrel FAQ site. Fact: Their Help Desk squirrel is lookin’ at CO.

Welcome to McPeanuts

May I take your order?

Fast Food Fave Frame:

Holly B.’s husband took this video of her ginger cat, Loki, who, “loves watching squirrels so my husband has trained them to come to the window for peanuts. Loki got so excited he ended up assisting the squirrel and pushed a peanut right to him! It was so adorable! Here’s the video I thought everyone would enjoy 🙂
I love the site, keep up the good work, brings me so much joy on a daily basis! :)”

Don’t Tease Me, Bro!

Pup is all, “Waaaahhhh I was afraid you were going to say that!”

Fave Frame:

This Ultimate Cute or Sad submitted by: Mark Emich via YouTube.

THIS JUST IN: Mags to Riches

The story of Beans-erella starts on a cold, foggy San Francisco pier …
And ends up with a Toni’s Kitty Rescue milk-stache fairy getting In Touch.

And they all lived happily ever after.


Big news from Josh N.! And he makes a leetle joke too! “So check this out. “Beans” from Toni’s Kitty Rescue ended up in the magazine In Touch Weekly. Here are three shots – the original shot, the magazine photo, and then Beans next to the magazine photo. Of course, he aged a few weeks in between so his ears moved from the side of his head to the top of his head. Anyway, he is the cutest thing ever. You can also work in a joke about the Pawparrazi.” Applause!

No Tresspissing

I will now mark this territory! For my own scents of pees!

Nairobi National Park. Photo by Marko Djurica. Via The Telegraph. Erm, yeah.

OK, That’s It!

So, remind me.

Why do we dress up squirrels?

Why do we pose them in funny settings?

Why do we put them in charge of bar-b-queing the snausages?

Because squirrels are cute and some people have no cute mercy?


. . . . .


Why? WHYYY?!

Photographer Nancy Rose is out to kill us all! Via Buzzfeed.

There’s Birds, Then There’s Pichí

There’s cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.


There’s Rolls Royce, then there’s Pichí.
Pichí says, “Ahem. If you’ll permit me, there’s Rolls Royce cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.”
. . . . Silly Pichí, there’s no such thing as a Rolls Royce cream puff.
Pichí says, “There is now.”
  8412591030_1a23eb00bd_bFrom Ana F., “Hello, my name is Ana and I have a lovebird, it´s name es Pichí. He always live free with me in a small loft in Canary Island. My English is no good, but I´d like to show you some photos for your page. I hope that you like. Thanks you very much.”


Shhhh. It’s too quiet. There! That! Yeah! Mah ears don’t hear anything. But mah wheeskaires do!

What was it, Square Pants Rudy? Maybe your buddies Coco, Tracy L. and Neith M., of Toronto know?