A Cow or a Cloud?

Next time you look up in the sky and see a bovine shaped cloud, thank a fluffy cow.

Next time you get frothy milk for your foamy coffee, thank a fluffy cow.

Next time you meet a big teddy bear in a cow pasture, thank a fluffy cow.

“After some Googling, it seems these fluffilicious cows are bred/sold by Matt Lautner Cattle.  Unbearably adorable. Don’t you just wanna hug and snorfle them?” -Kim L.


Baby on Board

These days, smart skateboarding chameleons everywhere are planning ahead by opting for roomier, yet stylish, skateboards.

Which really comes in handy,

when you’re expecting a skateboarding chameleon baby on board, literally.

African Pygmy Chameleon, Porkey. “She just laid an egg the other day so she’s going to be a Momma! That means I will be a Grandma!!! I’m so stoked, (if this egg hatches). She has been on your site before when she was riding her bike. She likes to skateboard, and surf too.” -Lindsey E.

We Dubstep Thee, Sir Beatboxbird

Some call it dubstep, some call it beatbox, some call it electro.
We call it hope-his-li’l-head-don’t-fall-off.

Most deafening amazing tweet evar:

Turn down that racket and go do your homework, beatboxbird!

Koala vs Puppy Wars

It’s one of the oldest rivalries. Koala or Puppy? Koala or Puppy? Which do you prefer?

Image (2) koala-772-_tplq.jpg for post 772
Some say classic Koala is best.

Image (2) koalas_for_steve-3383.jpg for post 3383
Because Koala is the original.

Image (1) koala_baby_1-4256-_tphq.jpg for post 4256
Some say they are both the same.

Koala_climbing_tree copy
If you had to choose, which would you go with?

And here we have a Slight Baroo with Bonus Pudgie Paws
Some say Puppy is too sweet.

Image (1) puppeh-1942-_tphq.jpg for post 1942
They say Puppy copied Koala.

Some say it’s all about the cute delivery drivers.

Then there’s the un-koala. Aaahhh, now that’s a soft drink!

Erik V., Cutest Paw, Selphie B., Miles, Buddy, Wally, Memebon

As CO Peeps, You’ve Seen It ALL

Buuut? What’s a hermelin? Y’know, maybe there’s some hermelin things we don’t want to know.  And that’s OK, hermelin. No really, hermelin! . . . it’s OK . . . seriously! Hermelin! We mean it!

Piss off, TheCatsandNews

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

M’Lady, your beauty hath no bounds. For truth, I ask of thee, where does your flowering end and the blossoms begin?

“We are getting married in October, and the theme is “imperfectly together”. For our Save-The-Dates, we decided to do a little photoshoot of our fur-baby Boston Terrier, Coco, with our friend’s 5-pound Chihuahua, Huey. We’re getting married on October 12th, in Piedmont, California. Naturally, Coco will definitely take part in the wedding – I’m thinking a floral, pompom collar!” -Stephanie C.

Oh Don’t Be Jealous

Just because Lolita has a matchinks stuffy.

And you don’t.
… …do you? (shifty eyes)
Lolita, by Huy D.

Do Not Push the Red Button

Oh noes! SOMEBODY pushed the red button! Fasten your seatbelts!
And prepare for blast-off.

Rocket boosters ignite.

Super jet-pack take-off!

Orbiting the planet.

Reaching for the moon.

Sploosh down!

I pushed the red button!
I pushed the red button!
I pushed the red button!

1. An Inspired Perspective. Image courtesy of Flickr, Melly. 2. Reach for the sky, little ginger cat. Image courtesy of Flickr, Rachel Bowles. 3. Levitating kitty. Image courtesy of Flickr, Alienlebarge. 4. Snapped in Japan, a wonderful setting. Image courtesy of Flickr, Akimasa Harada. 5. Cat plays catch. Image courtesy of Flickr, Manuel Castro. 6. Derpycats 7. It’s Beans! gif by Josh Norem

Toby has a Vision

Ahem, (pushing up glasses) did you know, …a greyhound can see as far as a half a mile away? So then, greyhounds will make great seeing eye dogs …right?

Everybody say awww, “Toby is a 5 year old Sheltie mix with an amazing personality. He let us dress him up in some prop glasses and was kind enough to pose for us a few times.” Andy G.

Exclusive: Private Island For Sale

Haven’t you always dreamt of owning your own private getaway?

“Right after my sister unpacked Jacques’s newly-arrived bed.” -Larry B.