Did You Wake the Whole Neighborhood at 4am Again?

Ummm, no.

“You make funny faces, but I love you anyway: Tank rubs noses with his owner, Curt Willis, at a press conference for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. Tank is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, a breed competing in the show for the first time this year.” Photo: Seth Wenig, Associated Press San Francisco Chronicle

Dubious Distinction

Peeps! Meet the magnificent, Koki! (audience gasp)
Jodi M. shared with us that Koki likes to pick on the other cats. (audience cough)
Koki also enjoys a quiet patrol around the neighbourhood to make sure no other animals are on her turf. (audience murmur-murmur)
Yeah, and after that, Koki’s favourite thing to do is bring home …” (gets yanked off stage with a hook)

TMI, Jodi M.!Smiley

From the Ear Tuft Hall of Fame

All the way from Smörgasbörd Land, the Tuftiest Ear Tufts Of All!

Cutepörtér Catherine M. presents, “EuroNutkin. He comes to visit us in our backyard in Sweden. We leave noms out for him on the back step. As he sneaks up to the step, first we see his tail… then, his mighty ear tufts… and finally, his little nose and claw peek over the top of the step. Sometimes he stays to eat his noms, sometimes he quickly yoinks a nom and then bounds away… “

Noses Poses

Butterflies and noses. They just go together.

And butterflies and flowers go together so, it’s OK to pick your nose, a flower.

We have no idea what this has to do with butterflies.

Maddie on Things, previously seen on CO here and here.
Flower Power Pup various sources origin unknown.
Hot Dog Dog, and inspiration for this post – “My darling puppers, Moses, deserves to be on Cute Overload! I have attached possibly the cutest picture of him ever, but I have a whole flickr photoset devoted to him! Thanks for keeping the cute coming! Jess B.”

Mama Hug-O-Rama

Because Mom said so, that’s why.












Delivered to you by The Daily Mail

Hi Mom, I Maded Your Mother’s Day Gift

Aw, for me? Honey thank you it’s so sweet! Did the teacher show you how to make that?

No, my heart did.

Günther, 9 weeks old Goldendoodle, Meaghan J., “He’s like a stuffed animal with dagger teeth running around like a mad man chewing everything, but his cuteness makes it all ok!”

B’Arrrk! I’m Commandeering This Boat!

Avast! This pond is not big enough for the three of us!

Kanga, the Boston Terrier on the High Seas (name of boat I’m guessing) taken in Blacksburg, VA, by mom, Shannon C.

Caturday Support Group

Where cats get together on weekends to ritually undertake Catly Things:

Fave “We’re There For Ya We Can Get Thru This Thing” Frames:

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.24.04 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.26.24 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.28.41 AM
Oh my, oh my VideOmy

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Nose?

Because, you never know when it might get booped.

“Caught this awesome photo of my dog Gordie licking his lips while he begged for some of my lunch at the park the other day. He is a 4 year old Beagle Maltese mix.” -Keely K.

Splittin’ Image

Willie and Nillie want you to know the only way to tell them apart: One of them prefers ear skritches and the other prefers chin rubs.

Whatever you say, Willie and Nillie. Great photo, Celeste P.!