Not In Our Park You Don’t!

Gladys, dear, I think these people have no bread crumbs. Oh, the calamity.
Tsk, tsk. Gabby, we can’t even harass them in our own park anymore without getting cheated. I think it’s scandalous.
Let’s give them an eye full, Gladys.
That’s the spirit, Gabby. Harrumph!

“OK – this came about from a walk in a local park, Heather Farm, in Walnut Creek, California. Anyway, they were quite disgruntled that we had no treats for them, and gave us an eye full.” -Barb P. Photo by Paul P.


Seek and Find – Cat Version

Search through mysterious wardrobe portals! Peer behind mystical cloaking veils! And dare to look under the bed for enigmatic cats lurking where no one would ever expect!





8594141926_f5a835694a_z (1)
Thank you for playing!
1 &2: “I walked into my bedroom this morning and heard purring…no sign of any cats anywhere….listened a little closer, realised it was coming from the wardrobe! My cat Sam (Samantha) loves to hide in the back of my wardrobe where its all cosy. :)” Bryony in Devon in the UK.

3 & 4: “Sending you some pics of the best Tarzan ever and hopefully he will start your cute-alarm. The pics show our ragdoll cat Tarzan a few weeks after he came to us in January 2011 (he was born in November 2010). He, like all other kittens I guess, liked to play with everything including the curtains. (My favorite pic is the one where he looks like a bride.) Thanks for your great site by the way!” Very best, Anna in Stockholm, Sweden.

5: “This is my cat, Paravel, plotting her takeover of the world in her secret lair. Poor Amadeus (tabby cat in the background) has no idea.” By Lindsey.

How To Get Your Pup’s Attention

It’s easy, mate. Just say, “Do ye woonta go fedda wook?”

Fave outrrageous occent Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.40.11 AM
Barbara B. sent in this YouTube video with doggies and magic words!

Flashback Friday

Let’s go back to 2005. First YouTube vid evar! And eet’s got trunksters!
“The cool thing about these guys is they have really, really, really long …trunks.”

“Me at the zoo” by jawed

All Out of Lipstick

Going to have to use the dog.

“My eight-year-old niece’s “Morkie” puppy named Cupquake, after her having discovered the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in my sister’s purse. It’s an image that I dubbed “Apoca-Lipstick” (And I just thought my sister had kissed the dog!)” 😉 -Katie H.

Ali, Cat of the Basket

Alley cat abra! Alley cat zam!
I am the new genie. You may have three wishes. What do you desire?


When Did Fox News Take Over Facebook?

Look at all these baby fox pics! Talk about your complete coverage. It’s like, something from those kinds of people…

You know, the people who take 600 photos of their kids each week,

8751336913_7d234dac2a_z (1)
And write a caption for every single picture,

And share them all online,

with their friends, family, everybody,

And tend to over share everything.

You know, just like those people on Facebook!

FB Status: Foxy

A Mom and Dad fox are socially networking at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Sender-inner Wendy M. says, “This is why I want to work for Facebook: Facebook overrun with baby foxes.” Photos: Robert Beiber, Claudia Ceia, Jon Park, Ryan Rosario, Roberto Grijalva, Tina Li, Renee Glenn.

The Old CO Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Tips

When planning your flower garden it’s so important to consider where to place the puppies. We’ll help get you started.

Puppies are ideal for creating a stunning centerpiece to add instant charm and a sense of playfulness to your landscape.

Puppies do very well in any spot but for best show-stealing results they really should be put right in the middle.

Puppies are instantly eye-catching and let gardeners express their inner unbridled natureglow buttercupdrops flutterbyglitter yadda yadda.

Next: Which Compost is Right For You?
Brutus, 8 week old chihuahua mix, first day in new home, by M. Schmidt. Little Lou Lou enjoying a day at the park, being a little flower, by Teresa S. Dog (Newfie?) in flowers, by Christine K.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

but if you try and try and try and try and try and try and try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

Sender-inner Jessica B. says, “This pup is not mine! This video is not mine! But this video is too cute not to share!”

Home Alone Two

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“My friend Raeann H. and her daughter Makenzie S. took these pictures of bebeh boids hatchingks at their house. It’s pretty amazing and these bebehs are the very definishe of ugly/cute at the same time. The photos are dated to show the progression. Enjoy!  P.S. – Note for nuffers: no boids were harmed in the process of taking these photos. The Mom observed carefully but did not dive bomb photographers or reject bebehs.” Your faithful sender inner, Erin C.