Sweet Tweets

When there’s apples being offered, Lorikeets are very patient, polite and proper.

But there’s always one who wants to get a head.

“Here are some pictures of me feeding some lorikeets with an apple on my balcony. They are all lined up, and waiting their turn patiently. One even sat on my head.” -Risha S.


Flash that Dashing ‘Stache

“There’s a mustache on mah face,

There’s a mustache all ovah the place.

Aaaaaaaa, mustache! It’s gettin’ kinda hairy. It’s gettin’ kinda hairy! It’s gettin’ kinda scary!”

Via Stashpup on Reddit. Seen originally posted here on CO when Melly posted on CO’s Facebook Timeline.
Earworm warning: lyrics credit goes to The Mustache Song by CKNC

Did Anybody See That?

What do you do when you drop food in your lap? Do you just pop it in your mouf? Do you get a napkeen?

“Here’s Roo, the snorfy kitten, who wandered into our backyard and adopted us a couple days after Christmas last year.” -Hannah M.

No Tongue-hance Required

Woe befall the reader who didn’t believe the title.

“This is Winston! My sunbathing American Bulldog.” -Nicholas E.

Laundry? What laundry?

Oh. This laundry?

Don’t worry, I’m on top of it.

“I’m getting tired of my puppy’s half-assed attempts at doing laundry. He starts off well, separating lights from darks: Then he just gives up. Bad, puppy! Those should be pre-treated. His name is “Chomper,” and the photo was taken by Maria. Love your site!” – Scott T.

Today is Caturday

And, to honor Caturday check out these Caturday-rific cats.

“Bell” to represent the ringing in of the weekend.

“Tomoko” which can mean friendly and wise, to represent having fun and games.

“Princess” to represent observing the inner royalty in all of us.

and kittens, because they represent that on which all life depends.

“My cat Bell” -Scott B., Moopi’s friend, Tomoko. -Irene Y., “Her name is Princess and she is beautiful.” -Marita, “Ashton in the playpen with all the kittens seemingly bowing to his snorgletude.” –Josh Norem

Go Ahead and Blink

I Dare You Hoooo!

So, this is Smudge. Hi Smudge! Smudge is a little owl. No, not a little owl, a Little Owl.

“I met Smudge the Little Owl at Loch Lomond Bird Sanctuary in Scotland. She is owned by the centre and was hand reared from only 5 weeks old. This has resulted in her friendly nature believing she is human. It is common for little owls of this breed to become aggressive after 1 year old but Smudge is now 4 and still adores cuddles, kisses and attention from visitors.” -Hazel W.

Most Totally Bow-dacious

Aww-daciously bow-dacious. This is Pugsley, and he is quite the charmer.

“Here are some photos of my Pug puppy (Pugsley) on Easter Sunday this year. He was about 4 months old. He looked sophisticated. I hope it can bring a smile to someones face. Thanks for your brilliant site! It makes my day.” -Marielle J.

Flashback Friday

Mummy isn’t sleeping, darling. She’s just resting her eyes.
Circa 1914. “Puppies in rocking crib.” Found on Shorpy. “From the timeless genre of “humorous scenes of puppies and kittens dressed as humans and posed in human domestic situations.” Photo by Harry W. Frees, Route 3, Rayersford, Pa.”

Valley Possums, Whateverrr

…at first she was like, and then I was like Oh My God, and then she was like fer sure! You know?

Kim Barker for Coast & Canyon Wildlife. NO WAY!