I, Am Cat.

You, Are Not.

Shameless feline effrontery via Derpy Cats


Why is Sweetie Smiling?

As if being a ruthless super cute snooglypoof fluffcake wasn’t enough?

“My Sweetie has one of the sweetest smiles in the world. She had a spectacularly rough start in life, so the fact that she smiles at all is a wonder and a daily joy to me. Even doped up after massive surgery to both of her back legs, she still had a hint of a smile for us. She’s my best friend. I’m her favorite hoomin.” -Liz Lintel

Wizard of Oz, the Pixar Version?

This is what there would be if the munchkins and the flying monkeys got together.

“They (National Geographic?) just keep taking beautiful shots.” Lennaert R.

Is There Something in Particular You Wish?

Lemme guess. I can see it in your eyes, right now you wish to feed a red-ruffed lemur slices of yuh-huuummy banana.

Via Redditor divellent

It Started With One Chick

After that everything is fuzzy.

It all went real blurry.

Rubbing eyes, blinking. It’s all out of focus. Gettin’ dizzy – thud!

“I was told by friends to submit some pics to your site. These are chicks that I hatched out myself, and were photographed by me.” -Kaitlyn H.

No Blizzards Out There Today

But there’s an unstable area of disturbance in here!  This storm will bring a few inches of the white stuff.

“This is my cat Tokie Wartooth. She is a lady cat and likes all types of paper in roll form.” -Ariel (Does this kitteh’s name mean something? Anybody know?) (And do you see the other kitteh in the background?)

Oooh Dat’s the Spot

I have a tag in my collar and it has been itching me ALL DAY. There’s only one thing worse, the itchy underwear tag.

Toby Time as seen on the YouTube

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Rise and shiiiine! (throws open curtains) It’s a beautiful daaaayyyy outside! (birds singing) Wakey wakeeeez! (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons starts in background)

“This is our (probable) chiweenie, Lucky, wondering who disturbed his third post-morning-walk nap. Now he has to start all over. Cassie (possible maltipoo with more poo than malti) is in the background wondering if there’s going to be a rumble. Picture by the hoomin in trouble.” -Liz L

Hungry Hungry Tinee Tabbees

Oh help, help. I’m so stuck.

Dinner! (zoom!)

“I have been fostering a pregnant cat for our local animal control. Last night she gave birth to 5 healthy kittens. Here are a few photos of them — all less than a day old. Talk about cute overload!” -Julie S.

Patience, Young Grass Hopper

“Quickly as you can, snatch the towel from my mouf.”

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 8.33.51 PM
Rosie playing with rescued Nurse Mare Foal, via YouTube