Beautiful Kitty …

Even beautifuller (capitalized out of respect) Toe Hawk! Look at eet! Eet ees Outrrageouss!

“It’s not a full toebean. It is, however, some pretty spectacular toe-tuftage. This is Sida, my sweet little patchwork cat.” -Kate

Ever Seen a Bunny Melon?

It’s like a watermelon, but a lot cuter.

“Lollipop is chill’n by the fan!” -Ingrid B.

Seas the Day

This pup has just decided to chuck it all in, buy a big yacht and sail around the world! Woo hoo!

“Meet my boy, Rufus. He is one adorable little Boston bean. As a matter of fact, his nickname is “Beans.” Not quite sure how it happened, but now he actually answers to either name.” -Marisa G.

A Cat’s Bag is His Castle

You know, a coat of paint, some furniture, some curtains, couple turrets, and this bag ain’t half bad.

I’d also like a moat, full of alligators, to keep out the riff raff.

“My two tabby males, Bart and Harry Chanuka are always sparring for dominance. My black cat, Joe Meower (polydactyl paws look like catcher’s mitts) ended up a sandwich. Exit strategy is not his strong point!” -Mary W.

How You Doon?

Me and my associates are conductin’ a little Family business up hea. If you got a problem with dat we might have to do a number on yous.

“Cute baby swallows on my front porch.” -Heather M.

She Wore a Raspberry Berry

The kind you find in a second hand store. I think I lof her.

“I found this on Reddit. Commence operation: terdle deezguise!” -Pablo A.

Flashback Friday

And to think this poor puppy will have to dial each number, all the way around. We’re dizzy thinkin’ about it.

1978. Photo: Hulton Archive, Getty Images. From the wonderful world of Stamford Advocate’s historical photos of dogs being adorable.

Today Was a Good Day

I drank almost the whole ocean and snarfed up half the beach!

“Charlie taking a break from digging, sitting on her butt in the hole she made.” – Raelin S.

Cancel All Plans

We’re going to the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama! To meet the first red panda cubs born in the US in 2013!

Ta daaaa!

The proud first-time Mama is named Sorrel. What will the cubs’ names beeee?! (singsong)

Sorrel is being the best new Mama ever, but we think all red panda Mamas should check out How to pick up a baby Red Panda in 5 easy steps!

The cubs are still in seclusion until this fall. But zoo visitors can view Sorrel and her cubs on a video monitor.

Show Stealer

Gorgeous ruby red tropical blooms that scream for attention? Oh please. Wally is the headline act.

Even a fluffy black Eminence on a neon tapestry is getting upstaged by Wally!

It’s OK, all you hot pink and fuchsia flowers, ain’t no shame in being outdone by Wally.

“We adopted Wally, the Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot, when he was 23 years old and had had two previous owners.  He will live well into his sixties and I have promised him a forever home. He has settled into our family of 2 dogs, 2 cats, a cockatiel, a tortoise and a Bearded Dragon. I love to place Wally in colorful settings around the back yard and take his photo.” artist, Kris B.