Flashback Friday

All her life Betty White has been an animal lover. As a child, her father adopted strays during the Depression. For over 60 years(!) she has lent her fame to many wonderful animal organizations; speaking at fundraisers, being an active member, making donations, and writing letters. At 91, Betty White still loves to spend days doing volunteer work with all the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo. Love ya, Betty! And thank Qte!

Los Angeles circa 1952. Actress Betty White at home with her dog. Photo by Maurice Terrell and Earl Theisen for Look magazine.

Gone With the Wind

Hold on to your hat! I mean, cat! Swooosh!

Oh nooo! Where’d the cat goooo?

This way, or that way?

Christie the cat all blowed up, by Tammy S. of RowdyKittens.
“I have a rather floofy looking affenpinscher called Frank. Frank and I live in a really, very windy city called Wellington, New Zealand. Anyhoo, he and I went on our evening run to the top of a nearby hill where Frank romped around smelling the smells of many thousands of hectares which were being brought directly to his noz thanks to the particularly crazy wind we’re having today. I took some pics of him thinking, “YAAAAAAHHHHHHH THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!” Which in fairness to Frank is what he thinks about life most of the time.” -Emma

The Mad Catter

I’m quite fond of this bed, but, then again, I’m quite mad!

A Burmese Birman cat named Gwash! Owned by Margaux D. a la Yummypets

Donkzee. Jeepers, whaaat?

Or is it zonkdee? Wait, (clickety-click-click, sigh page-loadiiiing)… It’s a Zonkey! A bebbeh Zonkey! Ayy, itsa Italian, capeesh? Say, sì!

Baby Zonkey named Ippo is the only one in Italy, according to Italian news Ansa. If you think you love zebras, read about Ippo’s dad, and think again. That’s Amore’!

I Don’t Want To

I don’t have to. You can’t make me.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 8.09.53 PM
“Please watch Tommy the chihuahua hide when she hears the word, ‘bath’ and consider posting on CO!” -Tommy and Gracie.

Kate & Wills Lof Teh Cute!

The new Prince has been dubbed, George! Orly? You don’t say. Very well. Then we shall hug heem and squee heem and call heem, George!!!

By George!

Very Curious, George.

“I cannot tell a lie.”


Admit It!

The crazy cat lady in you is a bit jealous!

“These 12 Save-A-Pet foster kittens redefine the phrase “cat tree” – Galahad, Orchid, King Arthur, Lancelot, Stache, Tristan, Pellinore, Polaroid, Simone, Pentax, Jonquil & Panasonic (top to bottom, left to right)” -Sandra Joy P.

Look What I Got

A brand new truck. All waxed up and ready to go. Now if I also had a driver, I’d be in business.

Heyyy! Let’s see if this thing can do 100 jowl flappings per hour!

“Peroni, the Italian Spinone.” -Mary C., “Just saw this post in the “Aww” section of reddit. So cute I had to send it in!” -Victoria L.

Oh Yes, They Call Me the Streak

I like to show off my physique!

With a bod like this, who needs hair?

“This is Hazel” -Angeline L. and Maia L. Lyrics by Ray Stevens.

Capybara Capers

Gary, is a 1 year old capybara from Venezuela who lives in Texas now, on the couch, in the car, in the pool and in the bed, with his hoomins, Melanie and Richard.
I’m a capybara, and you’re not. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah…

Size matters!

Gary’s watching his favorite scene from Princess Bride for the dozenth time, “Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t believe they exist.”

Gary’s warm and sensitive side.

My very own kitty cat. All my dreams have been answered!

Do you give the orders around here?

A capybara’s got to do what a capybara’s got to do. Sneef-sneef.

Thank you. And could you get me a little umbrella and a tumbler to go with it?

I wish I knew what was happening here.

Another day in capybara-dise.

With thanks to the Daily Mail