Might I Have a My Tie?

When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, some pups just can’t make up their mind.

This pup has decided to be undecided. Maybe.

Part of him says yes, part of him says …no.

What do you think? Smart, bold, professional? Or, clearly does not wish to be remembered this way.

“Here are some photos of my dog dressing up. He’s a Shiba Inu, he has his own Facebook page and his name is David Bowie the Dog.” -Michelle K. (PS. Say the title in Lucille Ball voice. ;-))


Time To Hit The Hay

Remember that old expression? Does anyone say that anymore? I have no idea why it popped into my head just now.

“This is Stjarni (STYAR-nee), an Icelandic Horse, having a nice roll after riding. Stjarni and his owner Vicka C. hang out in North Reading, MA.” -Lise B.

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

Today we learned how to go camping. First we set up our tent.

Then we listened to scawwy storreeeez!

“Cat’s name: Irony (That is not a typo. We actually named our little Himalayan after a literary device.)” -Tricia F

THIS JUST IN: Bundle of Panda Joy

Mama Panda Mei Xiang’s water broke at 3:36pm EST at the Smithsonian National Zoo and we are proud to announce she delivered at 5:32pm! We. Have. A. Cub! Proud Panda Dad Tian Tian was last seen giving out ceegars!

There’s a bit of a line forming at the PANDA CAM. Looks like everyone is sending their best wishes. More info 2 come! Stand by the Panda tweet feed!

Visit the Smithsonian National Zoo Facebook page and share the joy.


OK, now don’t faint or anything, but we got VIDEO of the BIRTH-EO, riiiiight here:

A Super Shout Out and Grand Panda Thank You to superfast Cuteporter Nicole K. who says, “Will you please get a load of that cute little squirmy hairless panda?!?  Mei Xiang is an excellent mom—she immediately picked up the cub and has been cradling it ever since.”, and our own Brinke! Photo: Astrid Riecken/The Washington Post

Flashback Friday

It appears that in the 1800s pugs decided to class it up with boas and bells.

No more rumply schlumply for these pugs’ classy chassis.

Images found on National Heritage Museum

Gone Fishin’

Once in a while it’s good to just call in sick and go on down to the ol’ fishin’ hole. Grab your fishin’ buddy and don’t forget your lucky fishin’ pole iPad, then kick back and enjoy the fresh air and little whap whap whap noises.

Fave Fishin’ Frame: (Love the underwater scooping at :29 and the bunny tail at the end!)

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.52.50 AM
“This is my kitten Zoe. Well, he’s not actually a kitten, but he’s so fuzzy and adorable. Anyway, my bunny cat (he has no tail) likes to play cat games on my ipad.” -Julie W.

Have You Nommed Your Whiskerstache Floof Today?

Hi, I nom on my whiskerstache floof a leetle beet every day and I FEEL GREAT!

“Hi friends and fellow cute enthusiasts at Cute Overload! Have I got a gem to share with you. My dog, Phoebe here showcasing her modeling skills for her upcoming Sears portrait photo shoot. Hope she can bring a little cute to your life! Thanks for filling the world with cute!” -Angelica R.

Tock to the Butts

So this is the ferrets idea of hangin’ out together.

“These are two of my four ferrets, Jack and Leo, enjoying, well ummm, drinking from their new indoor pool!!!” -Kate S.

Oh Wow, You Shouldn’t Have.

Really, an expensive, upmarket twist tie made by Gucci, for me? Gads. (Bats it under the ‘fridge in 3, 2, 1…)

“Little Chief is at it again. I asked Chief to keep an eye on this bug. He didn’t let me down.” -Photo by: Joshy

Toothpeeck, Anyonne’?

Offers elegant toothpeeck holdere’. Delicately extends peenkay.

“This is my hedgie, Henry Hazelnut, in a Hedgehog Measuring Cup. You can follow Henry at  Henry Hazelnut on Facebook.” -Ann Cordis