“I Kissed a Cat and I Liked It”

Except for the milk mustache, that part was gross.

You have excellent taste, Alexander G.


I Said Feng Shui, Not Funky Shag!

Electric-blue shag carpet, burnt-orange sofa? Noooooo! [covers eyes for dear life]


Sean G. says kitteh Tanuki has exquisite taste.

Aberbeagle & Fitch

OMG, that nautical rope and life vest outift is completely “overboard”!!!

The oak canoe strut accent is nice though.

Sent in swimmingly by Sender-Inner Leanne D.

Blue Bunny

Marge knew that Walter would find her ‘Adios’ note soon enough.

Finally on her own, she could eat as many carrot soufflés as she wanted.

Stay strong Zao C.! (and Sesame, the Bun.)

The Sarsparilla Saloon is Closed

Too many complaints that *someone* couldn’t hold their licker.

Thank you to Laura for sharing Ella, her party animal.

Boo-kingham Palace

Time for changing of the guard! Oym a fancy Buckingham Palace Guard now oy am!

Wi’ me big fuzzy ‘at, an’ me staring eyes, an’ me knees wot don’t bend!

If it don’t work out, oy could be a boo-kend!

Punchlines Only Cats Get

“…so the chicken said, ‘Take my eggs—please!'”


“I dreamt I ate my pillow, and when I woke up, the dog was gone!”


“Mr. Bigglesworth isn’t in right now. Would you like to leave a hairball?”

Don't make me laugh..!!!

Lulz, Peter H., Shadamai and Urban Spaceman. Punchlines for dogs here.