True Blue Baroo™

In big trubs? Sittin‘ in the hot seat? True Blue Baroo™ instantly restores all warmandfuzzyjuju! Just point and aim the lasers and whoosh, no more stink eye death rays from your loved ones!

Disclaimer: Effectiveness not guaranteed against yeems.

OMG, is this even legal, Luna? Photos by Arwenita, sent to us by Pequenia A.


Thpppppt! Thppt! Thppt! (followed by head slaps)

But of course my mother was a hamster and my father smelt of elderberries!

Holy Grail of hamster raspberries, Juliet D.!

Greetings from the Caribbean

Gosh, do I miss my hedge…  (grunt, snuffle, squeal)

Aw gee, no worms or slugs here… (paddle, lap, splash)

Photos by Ratharee! Thank you sender-inner, Ant.

What’s the Scoop, Cup o’ Soup?

Not funny, honey! Don’t get wise, french fries. Get me out, Girl Scout.

Lucky ducky, Chantel L.

You Have Been Randomly Selected

Puplishers Clearing House is pleased to send you an official pup! Because you could be our next Big Winner to receive 1 Million Pups a year for life!

Please see Stefanie C. for official de-tails.

CO Double Feeture!

Locked Out – No Pawblem

Now where’d I put mah keys?


Hairy Houdini

Your prison cannot hold meee!

Adoorable, Sue H.! //NOTE! If you’re looking to adopt some kittens in the Tacoma area, check out Pitter Pats of Baby Cats!//

Serene Sunbeam Sunbath on a Sill

Ahhh what could be more peaceful? (honk-shu sounds)


Bring it on, Dada & Xiao-xiao! Thanks for the cuteness, Mona H.

The Tail is Willin’, but Maru be Chillin’

It’s not the heat, it’s the Marumidity. But Maru, you have so many fans.

Don’t look, Ethel! Maru’s over-exposed! (peeks through fingers)

Thanks again to hot sender-inner, Ant.


When Trees Attack!

Woah, isn’t it lucky that a springy branch broke Raccky’s fall? He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t…



Hold on for the ride, sender-inner Sarah G. Photo by her mom, Christine A.!

Three Scoops of Meerkat, Please

With caramel syrup, shredded coconut and some chocolate chips. In a pine cone, thanks.

Scoopalicious thanks to Lillian D., and the Melbourne Zoo.