Are You the Lady of the House?

Pardon me, is this who I think it is?

How embarrassing, you look just like Mrs. Bucket from the back!

Paul Bunyan says, “It’s Bouquet!”, Chris.


Real Vikings Don’t Need Helmets

Goats, the original baaaad boys, have a long and proud and beard-y history of raiding, sacking, looting, pillaging, and plundering other people’s property. And marauding, don’t forget marauding.

When the goating gets tough, the tough get goating, kyz

Evil Twin

Bob and Bob can never agree on who gets to be the Evil one.

This double dip is Albert and Elvis, mid-fight. Sent in by Cori K.

I’d Like to Propose a Toast

Hold your hedgehog like a drinking cup,

But watch out when you say, “Bottoms up!”

We think Professor RB Prickles is neat as a pin! David C. says this is his 10 month old hedgie, and the RB stands for Root Beer.

That is Going to Be One Epic Butterfly

Oh baby talk to me, like larvas do…

Marty is ready for the wild blue yonder, Taryn C.

It’s 5 o’clock, Do You Know Where Your Cute Is?

As a public service announcement, CO would like to remind you about the senseless tragedy of underage cuteing. CO strives to promote safe cuteing habits and encourages you to cute responsibly.

This message was brought to you by, Shiela O.

Let’s Play Twenty Questions

But, nobody better pick things like dendropsophus ebraccatus.

Treefrog, vegetable or mineral, Brian Gratwicke ?

Play It Again

Humphrey, Humphrey dahling. No, no no. Eet’s all wrong. THIS is how you do eet.

Don’t smolder and pout. Side-eye and snarl.

Here’s looking at you, Boo Radley and Justine S.

Juuust One More

Come home, Clarence. Put the nut down, and back away slowly. We’ve exceeded our target goal already. You need to know when to stop and think about something else.

Oh he can quit anytime, Stephanie F.

A Wee Itty Bitty Pony Ditty

The bonny pony from near Glasgoo
Aye, she kinna take much moo.
If she dinna pluck her auld eye broos
She’d look aboot like a highland coo.

Cheerioo, suvodeb