24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 3:30p PT (Bonus Hour Post!)

Looks like Little Walter has a Valentine’s Day romance tip for us: Listen to your heart. Awwww.

“Little Walter has a heart shape spot!” -Sarah M. 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day Flashback @ 6:05a PT

Ah, that first crush, that first kiss, that first loff, that first Valentine. Remember?
24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

Help meee!

It’s desperate, man. I’m a refugee trying to escape from the crazy knitting lady of Knitzillastan!

Via SadandUseless.

Dad Is Not Amused

In fact, he is befuddled. Indignant. Maybe even a little wounded.

Via Imgur.

Capybara Creations

Alright, today we’re going to turn our favorite capybara into, extra special capybara with toppings!

Let’s start with the perfect capybara. Then, we add a teaspoon of rattie for extra zing!

We’re gonna top that with a coating of monkersons, for extra warmth.

Next thing we do is add a dash of Mr. Beady Eyes. There it is!

Capybara and Cowbird
Let’s see what else is on the shelf. Hmm, a leetle schmear of bunneh for texture.

Last but not least, we let it all simmer for a couple minutes.

Via Animals SittingonCapybaras.com..

This Message Will Be Recorded for Training Purposes

“-gone doggedly doggiest doggie dogbert of all dogdom!” That part must have been cut off there at the end.

Via TwentytwoWords as seen on YouareadogTube.

Golden Opportunity

The puppeh version we’ve all been waiting for of the famous Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Yawn:

“YAAAWN! YAAAWN!” (scream in Kirk voice)

Via Humor Train.

“They are our TV.”

Sally C.’s personal portrayal of her two kittehs tells it better than any commentary can!

“Wendy and Galen are entirely too spoiled but repay us manifold with plenty of snuggles and laughs. They’re about five. We adopted them as a bonded pair when they were in their very early teens. Wendy likes walks outside on her leash, sniffing coffee (it is like catnip x 1000 to her), instigating epic throwdowns with Galen, and pooping in the tub.”

“Galen likes long belly rubs while lying on his heated pad, chasing the Red Dot around the house, performing his infamous “Turn and Sit on Opponent” fighting manouver upon Wendy, and peeing in the tub. Both are fully aware that the tub is verboten for these purposes. They are very tightly bonded, play, snuggle, eat, and playfight together. They are endlessly entertaining. They are our TV. “

“Hi! Many-time reader, first time submitter. Your website is one of the first places I go when I’m having a crappy day.” Best, Sally C.

What Do You Mean My Ears Don’t Match?

It’s called selective hearing.

“My friends just brought an as yet unnamed puppy home and she is the cutest puffiest puff ever! Her new sister Mimi (above) is not convinced yet that having this little creature is a good idea… ” -Leila D.

I Don’t Have Your Nut, For the Last Time!

Sometimes, McTabbersons wished he didn’t have a friend with furaging habits.

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