Sloth It To Me, Baby

We’re hangin’ out at the hippie shack today. Topsy-turvy groovy sloth giving you the peace sign, man.

Josh N., who should be an offishe Cuteporter, is at the Sloth Sanctuary RIGHT NOW and sent in this awesome shot! He also says he is taking requests if there is a certain sloth you want to see! Far out, Josh, far out.


Look! Tiny fuzzy snuggle bundles! Commence the hour long, “awwwwwwwwwwww”!

You think you’re prepared for this but ohhh no you’re not!

Suzanna F. says, “she met a lovely woman who had found these two absolutely precious tiny little kittens abandoned in a box outside her apartment. She was bottle feeding them and cleaning them up a bit and let me snap a few photos.”

A Friend is Like a Shamrock.

Hard to find.

Hop o’ the mornin’ to ye, Worldomonation

Infinite Cuteness Project Interloper

Oh someone had to go there.

What daring! What outrageousness! What arrogance! … We salute you.

Mojo says, “Ahem, leave this to the expert.”, Momo H.

Friday Haiku: A Cute Dilemma

Do red pandas rule?

Which critter’s cutest of all?

What Would Japan Do?

Neil M. & Felder took this photo of a 100% cute red panda yawning in a tree at Whipsnade Zoo.

My Foo is Strong

To win at foraging it’s not enough to be strong physically. You’ve got to be strong mentally. You have to look that acorn in the eye and let it know you intend to crush it like, …like an acorn!

Eastern Gray Squirrel, showing those acorns who’s boss, Ingrid T.

It’s What Kitty Would Have Wanted

Here lies kitty’s toebeans
Pink pads with toehawk in-betweens
Got their start climbing jeans.

Next, kitty was going up screens
And the tops of holiday evergreens
Kitty was ready for bigger sightseein’s.

Soon as kitty was in his teens
Kitty ran off to join the Marines
But toehawks aren’t for cleaning latrines.

So kitty jumped ship to chase sardines
Kitty ate ‘em up to smithereens
Kinda makes toehawks hard to cleans.

Traveling was in kitty’s genes
Showing kitty’s toehawks to kings and queens
Having so much fun, it’s lucky if kitty remembered to get vaccines.

Kitty was last seen in the Caribbeans
On the beach carving coconut figurines
Riding off into the sunset in kitty limousines.

The rest of kitty is off your screens
Do not be sad, don’t make any scenes
Just imagine a kitty of your dreams.

All we have is kitty’s little mitteens
Everybody knows what that means!
Mmmmm, delicious, yummy, peenk toebean cuisine!

Toe-tally padular, Jill M.!

Hamster Koozie

Get ready for summer and be the envy of your friends with your very own Hamster Koozie! Unique expanding one-size-fits-all pouch design is also conveniently pocket-sized!

Jess G.’s hamster, Smoothie, also makes a great broccoli holder.

A Straw, Some Milk; Hours of Fun!

Kids! They’re all the same when Mom’s not looking.

Does your baby lemur “blow” bubbles in the bathtub too, Frank W.?

If it Don’t Fit, Don’t Faucet

Well, if the fink sits…

Emma S., does Zigzag go with the flow?