The Power of the Pompadour

Flips up black leather jacket collar. Looks in mirror, “I’m just here to check my hair. Perfect, as usual.”

This don’t-touch-the-hair image digitally painted by 2lua. Original image by Sooper Deviant.


Everyone Likes the Story of David and Goliath

Especially the part where young David kitty wins by telling the giant dog, “Go, lieth!”

Top pic: Sender-inner Brady S., tells us, “We bought a new bed for Sarge but he said Foxton could have it!”
Bottom pic: Originally sended-ins by Katie R. here: Time Thou Art a Fickle Mistress. More themed silliness here: How Cuteness Can Save the World

This Just In! Camilla’s Koala Kerfuffle

I say, well well well! What ho, koala.

Right, Charles. You don’t suppose it might be tea time now, do you?

Charlie, it is positively tea time I do think. Are you even listening to me?

For the last time, Charles. Is it or is it not time we should be having our tea!

There are times when one requires a spot of tea. And this is one of those times!

This calls for drastic measures now. Lady needs a wee cuppa teaaa!

Pardon me, anyone, would a sherry be out of the question!

Keep Calm and Koala On! Via Buzzfeed.
The royal pair were in Australia this week as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Have You No Shame?

No smelly socks hoarded under the bed, no shredded expensive throw pillow stuffing all over everywhere, no stolen ice cream cones from little girls, no chewed up copies of War and Peace, no regurgitated pantyhose, no busted out screen doors when left alone for three minutes?!

What kind of puppy are you?

This is Felicia H.’s little angel, Sheldon.

Notice how big the woolly bears are this year?

Watch these red pandas  huge woolly bears, and see if you can predict what kind of winter we’re going to have.

Looks like it’s going to be a wild one!

Fave Frame™:

P.S. Real Red Panda poop – Ed

Never heard of a ‘wolly bear’ before? They’re actually caterpillars who can predict winter weather! At least that’s what farmers say. Videos via Cincinnati Zoo.

Everybody Should Have a Hobby

Despite being exceptionally talented, Tiger’s membership in the local Birder’s Club was denied based upon suspicions that his passion for birding was not just a hobby.

We appreciate Devon’s, erm, enthusiasm, Michele B.
Note of interest: That is a rare Avian Anatomy print by Nova Rico, Florence, Italy.

Friday Haiku: Baggy Basset Beach Babe

Ball brought to you by

Floppy jowls flapping freely

Followed by blorp rolls

Droopy drool action by Doug Jewell, a winner of the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year.

Why Do Leaves Really Fall Off Trees?

Puppies! That’s the reason why! It’s just autumn-atic.

Leave it to Wallpapers.

High Five

Singin’ a song.

Purrin’ along.

Via Timeline Photos. James Bowen is a London street musician (and a fine Men of CO candidate!) who rescued an injured tomcat and named him Bob. The two have been inseparable ever since, performing together and writing a book this year. Read their story of life together on the streets of London in, “A Street Cat Named Bob“.

Rodents of Unusual Sires

How many litters can one gerbil pair have? A gerbillion!

Did You Know: Dad gerbils love to cuddle and play with baby gerbils and help Mom gerbils care for each litter. In fact, Mom gerbils get too stressed raising a litter by herself!

Every litter bit helps, Zac B.