Crazy Daisy

♪ ♫ “Here’s a li’l tip I’d like to relate, big fish bites if ya got good bait! I’m a goin’ fishin’, yes I’m a goin’ fishin’!” ♪ ♫

Rodeo Daisy – yee haw!

Go ahead, make my Daisy.

Googlie eyes Daisy!

Daisy, the yarn artiste’, has good taste.

This is all the Daisy-ness our minds can absorb, …for now! Photos by Ben T.

In Da Hood

Kermit is like: Yo, touch the sofa and you hafta answer to us.

Marbles is all: Fo’ shizzle.

Kermit and Marbles playin’ big dawgs.

Memo To All: Missing Paper Shredder

Everyone would you please check to see if you have the spare paper shredder around your desk. It has gone missing again.

Lindsay H. found it, and named it Mable!

No Cookies For Me, Thanks

They’re not good for maintaining my girlish figure. (pats belleh)

Fave Frame:

This is Cookie, baking in the sun with Frîncu M.

Here’s A Question For You

Is the ratio of cats who sleep on their backs directly related to the level of FLOOF on their bellehs???

And, does a floofeh belleh cat who sleeps on its back assume all responsibility for snorgle attacks?

No? Hey, you catch on quick!

Roly-poly Monkee makes Erica G. late for work almost every day.

Daisy and her loyal attendant, Camera

[Royal fanfare] Daisy has arrived!

Please meet the Cutest Little Kitten in the World…Daisy.
Posey Daisy.

Lazy Daisy.

Upsy Daisy.

Donesy Daisy.

Camera will never stray far from Daisy, AKA the Cutest Little Kitten in the World, who first appeared on CO here. Photos by Ben T.

It’s a, It’s a, It’s a

It’s asleep!

What could be cuter than a sleppeh chinchillacheen? Two! Two sleppeh chinchillacheens!

Turn it up for Chinchillacheen chatter chatter chatter!

Chin chin anee, chin chin anee, chin chin aroo, Karen ChinTubeHD

Oh, Deer

The nose is real and the antlers are fake. No, no, the antlers are real and the nose is fake. No, wait a minute, the nose is real, the antlers are real and the eyes are fake!

Sender-Inner Soren says this is Trixie, the Christmas Greyhound.

Friday Haiku: To All the Noses We’ve Booped Before

Good bye Nosevember

Schnozzes, beaks, nosicles, boops

Was nice nosing you

Gizmo says, “smell ya later”, Aileen M.

The Schnozz Boss

Welcome. You finally leveled up. The temple guards were defeated, the two torn halves of the map fit, the right crystals exploded, you collected coins, avoided traps and obliterated my armies. You’ve come a long way. Now you must speak the Correct Password to the Keeper of the Last Door; The Schnozz Boss!

Deb B., says her 4 month old Great Dane, Sif, is “nosetastic!” Agreed! Nosevembertastic even!


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