Let’s Split Up and Search for Clues

Jinkies! My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!

Heather C. says Miss Lucy, is “amazing and adorable and hilarious!”, which makes Miss Lucy not just a maltipom, but a amadorahilamaltipom. Photo by husband Michael.

When They Were Handing Out Nosicles

Sumbuddy fergot to stand in liiine! (singsong)

OK, peeps, promise sender-inner Yu that Mr. Zues will be booped with care.


Ancient paintings found in caves show us what cute looked like many thousands of years ago. Some cute that inspired cave art still exist today. Extinction schminxshon!

Hey Oog, paint me like one of your cave drawings.

Fred and Barney yabba dabba doodled me.

Bebbeh trunkster via Sean Gallup/Getty Images. Rare, baby black rhino via Zooborns. Bebbeh Patagonian Mara is Teddy Bear the Porcupine‘s new wodent buddy!

That Come Hither Look

Now, I will turn and look over my shoulder and flirt with the camera; pout, smile and eyes a-glow.

Work it. Work it, girl!

This is beautiful baby Teva, the sea lion, born last summer at the Memphis Zoo. AP photo by Karen Pulfer Focht.

Number 1 Reason Cats Clean Themselves

Even when they get the bath water temperature to feel just right, …it still feels wet!

Maura C., rescued a curious kitten and gave it a curious name; Squid Ink Sassafrass, who, “seems to be a bit confused about the whole “cats hate water” thing. She drinks with her right paw in the water bowl, hangs out by the bath tub and dips her tail and paws in, and can often be found staring at the drain in the tub or the shower. I blame myself for naming her after a sea animal…”

Get It Fresh!

Finding fresh cute in the middle of winter can be tricky. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without. CO is here to supply you with fresh cute, all year ’round!

Plump and squee-liscious Bella, brought to you by Christine D.

Gotta Dance!

Get ready! It may appear that Miss Foxy Brown is simply being over-the-top-super-cute when in fact she is auditioning for Dancing With the Paws!

Miss Foxy Brown is ready for her big number, Tonya N. Photo by Russ D.

Move over, butter.

Cute puggle comin’ through! Outta the way!!

We are very moved by Sherlock, the 10 week old puggle, Alexandra C. & Jeff L.!

New Year’s Eve Keese!

The New Year’s Eve keese is a cute tradition for anyone! And we want you peeps to have thirteen of the cutest New Year’s Eve keeses to ring in 2013! Yay! (throws confetti)













Melissa S.’s cockatoos, kissing camels shot by Alex, Ant‘s bunnies & kittens, Halie E. at the Sloth Sanctuary, Pixdaus blorp, pony pals by Olga Itina, Cheetah kiss via The Telegraph, Komodo dragon hug via Tumblr, Squirrel kees via Daily Mail, Sterling & chippie by Alexander G., puppy glomp by D13Coates, and Lindsay C. with Buckley!

Tortoise and the Heir

Queen Tortiebeth III is rather pleased with her reflection. Everybody bow.

This critically endangered Egyptian Tortoise quite enjoys her delusions of grandeur, via Zooborns.