Calendar Photo Assignment

Greetings, Cute Overload calendar owner! All throughout 2013, we’re asking you to share a photo of your favorite pet or animal in unusual and fun situations.

Assignment One: January 16


Send us a photo of your pet (or any animal) at a computer. At the keyboard, on the keyboard, draped over the monitor, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s cute! Send your photo(s) to, and be sure to include your name and your pet’s name!

Assignment Two: March 13


If you’ve been saving your favorite Cute Overload calendar pages, chances are you have your very own “Wall of Cuteness,” like the example shown here. Do something crazy and creative with your Cute Overload calendar and send a photo of it to

Assignment Three: May 15


How much cuteness can you put in your pocket? This assignment is tailor made for our readers with hamsters, hedgehogs and guinea pigs, but even small puppies, kittens and bunnies can be pocket pets, too! Send your pictures to

Assignment Four: July 10


If the weather seems hot to you, just imagine how your furry friends must feel! Show us a picture of how your pet (or any animal) likes to beat the heat. In a bucket of water? In the shade of a glade? Share your coolest, cutest pictures with

Assignment Five: September 11


Pets fall asleep in the strangest places sometimes — even a pair of sandals. Show us the most unusual place where your pet has fallen asleep by sending a picture to

Assignment Six: November 6


Although you shouldn’t give your pet human treats too often, who can resist sharing a nibble once and a while? Take a picture of your pet enjoying a favorite treat and send it to