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Quokka Qousins?

unnamed (1)“With all the Quokka Love on this site lately, I thought I would submit a competitor for smiling rodent-like creature: the Tree Hyrax! They’re not actually rodents, and are somehow related to manatees and elephants,” says Megan C. of Seattle.

[Pause to work that one out.]

“Photos taken by me in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. I regret not attempting a Selfie with a Hyrax, but they were not as camera-friendly as those Quokkas seem to be.”


Newborn Quokka ACTION

Many thanks to UK Cuteporter Hannah B., still awake at midnight local time, for spotting this Knucklehead-Beyond-Belief Bebeh Quokka on ZooBorns. “I don’t know if you have seen this yet (we hadn’t) but it’s too Cute! Love your site, makes every day happy.”

So this little maniac is “Meeuk Mia” or just “Mia.”

Keeper Bec Russell-Cook of the Taronga Zoo (Down Undah) has been hauling Mia around in a pouch, and waking up very early for the first of five daily feedings.








Photos on ZooBorns by Paul Fahy of the Taronga Zoo.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Quokka Quotient!

And we got it for you, oh yes you bet we do. Click that play button, then scroll down. Awe-inspiring awesomeness. Wait- what?





From BuzzFeed.

Just Another Quokka Monday, Whoa-Oh (Part II)

A fun follow-up to last month’s Quokka-fest. We dare you not to smile at these little maniacs. DARE ya.




From So Very Awesome.

Just Another Quokka Monday, Whoa-Oh

We thought you would like to start the week totally discombobulated. Once you see these… will be.


We’ve featured Quokkas a time or two. Quokkas are a small marsupial native to a small corner of southwestern Australia. Submitter Nancy K. says “Ooohhh, so cute it will burn your eyes out.”

Southwestern Australia, eh? I am leaving for there later today.

Charging the Quantas airfare to Meg. Gotta do what I gotta do.

Gonna meet me some Quokkas, I am.

Will file dispatches from Down Under as time permits.

Title inspired by The Bangles.

Quokka Salesman

These leaves are priced to move!

Your Daily Quokka Quota filled by I Waste So Much Time.

Daily Features

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Under the moonlight..the stherious moonlight!


ResQte Of The Week: Always on Thursdays, though we’ve been known to pop these in at anytime, too. The Furrtographer took these terrific shots at Animal Care & Control in San Francisco. (Names in the hovers; that’s Sparks in the first one, feeling kinda GIFy.)




Friday Haiku: When we roll out the weekly Zen.


Climbing up the wall
Peering into the window
Just plain curious

“This little chap flew into our conservatory and seemed a little shy,” says Helen W.

Ferret Friday: Same as Wombat Wednesday, a semi-regular event. Who doesn’t love some Ferret Action?



Flashback Friday: Vintage shots from around the Intertubes. Thank Heavens for Shorpy. This one is simply called “Soldier and cat, 1940.”

[‘SCUSE me, sir- um, before you blast whoever you’re gonna blast- it’s 17:00- how about my chow?]

Soldier and cat, 1940, [499x312] - Imgur

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Caturday: The name says it all. Lotsa cats.

[I’m ready for ya! Dive on in under the covers and Let The Snorgling Begin! And don’t forget my tummeh.]


Destination: Rottnest Island!

SONY DSCI’ve never met Quinn C. in person, but I’m sure he’s a fine fellow. Why? BECAUSE HE DID THIS.

“These photos were recently taken on a trip to Western Australia. I was there on business, but your Quokka posts inspired me to take an excursion to Rottnest Island. Being surrounded by these friendly, furry, little fellas: priceless.”

“P.S. While you’re there have a look around at my album of other furry and feathered friend photos (below) – they’re all indicative of the fauna present on this island country, and all humbly at your disposal. I’m especially proud of the Baby Wallaby because, you know….baby wallaby.

ResQtes Of The Week (Friday Sydney Edition)

tumblr_nmadp8RH8o1up2b4zo1_1280Yesterday we featured some ResQte Photos from Aussie Patrick Jones– photos he takes for the RSPCA in NSW. In his email, he said he had some other posts recently, and to choose any that “struck our fancy.” All I can say is–THESE sure did! (But- no Quokkas or Wombats, sorry.) Comments on each photo (taken from his site) are in the hovers. That’s Billy The Kid up top.




Heeeerrrrrreeee’s CARSON!

Well, Carson AND Willa. These two Red Pandas just received their names from the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. They truly might be the cutest things in the history of the planet. Except for Quokkas. We also get a couple of primo examples of Japanese Schoolgirl Foot Stance Action, too. (:14 and :40.)



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