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Just Another Quokka Monday, Whoa-Oh (Part II)

A fun follow-up to last month’s Quokka-fest. We dare you not to smile at these little maniacs. DARE ya.




From So Very Awesome.

Just Another Quokka Monday, Whoa-Oh

We thought you would like to start the week totally discombobulated. Once you see these… will be.


We’ve featured Quokkas a time or two. Quokkas are a small marsupial native to a small corner of southwestern Australia.

Submitter Nancy K. says “Ooohhh, so cute it will burn your eyes out.”

Southwestern Australia, eh? I am leaving for there later today.

Charging the Quantas airfare to Meg. Gotta do what I gotta do.

Gonna meet me some Quokkas, I am.

Will file dispatches from Down Under as time permits.

Title inspired by The Bangles.

Quokka Salesman

These leaves are priced to move!

Your Daily Quokka Quota filled by I Waste So Much Time.

The Best Of C.O.

Cute Overload likes to feature Cute in all shapes, sizes (Look! A kitten!) and types. But as you know, we have our favorites. When you see ‘em….ya Squee ‘em. Without further delay, we present The Best Of C.O. They’re not in alphabetical order- they’re listed as we think of ‘em. Are we (probably) missing someone? Let us know!

Maru: The Circle. His Royal Girthness. The Alpha and Omega of Internet Cats. Mugumogu’s Meal Ticket. He’s The Man, and he knows it. This article says Maru’s videos have been viewed over 200 million times. A lot of clicks, friends. He’s been saddled with a new sidekick, Hana. Maru, we all have our crosses to bear. His whole round video history is right here. One day, we hope to show you Maru in his house with some actual dirt on the floor- but don’t wait up for that.

Fearless Leader Jay Vitazko
He passed away August of 2013, but Jay lives on in the hearts of all his friends, and on the pages of C.O.


Simon’s Cat
Simon Tofield is a very talented and cat-tormented British artist, and several years ago decided to document his wretched life cat-dominated existence with the Simon’s Cat series.

Teddy Bear
Teddy will gladly obliterate anything you put in front of him, and isn’t shy about sharing his opinion, either. He likes to hang out at Zooniversity, a wildlife education company and exotic animal rescue in Dallas. All Tedster videos live here.

Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon is a prosh lil’ porker with a lotta heart and the fastest set of wheels in town. Here are all of CPB’s YouTube clips. Partner in Crime of Lentil Bean. (See below.)

Lentil Bean
The Bean gets into the Hall for the sheer WOW Factor of this first photo alone. But then this Fall 2013 photo sesh with Chris P. Bacon sends ‘em BOTH into the stratosphere. That’s GOLD, Jerry. GOLD! Known associate of Chris P. Bacon. (Above.)




A mighty little white puffball who didn’t forget to bake us a cake! Thank-you, Milo!

Maymo & Penny
The virtual definition of the word “Goofball.” Maymo and new pal Penny haven’t met a living room they wouldn’t like to trash. Gleefully. Check out a video or two at Maymo’s YouTube library.

Magilla Glub Glub & Lady Bubbles
The Kuddlin’ Kigali Kitteh AKA Magilla Glub Glub came blasting into the C.O. Collective Consciousness in the fall of 2012 and is now joined by a companion, Lady Bubbles (R.) It is my dream to someday fly to Kigali, Rwanda and snorgle these two until I pass out. And then stuff them in my Nike bag and make like a banshee for the airport and my return flight.


Both Kitties Couch

Glub Glub Licking Bubbles 2

Frostie The Snow Goat
The Lil’ Goat from Down Under touched many lives in his short stay on Earth.


Kodie packs a mighty wallop of Awesome QTE in his little body. I mean, LOOK AT THE TOP KNOT WILLYA.





These photos + video speak for themselves.






Oliver Donovan

This tuff little guy made his C.O. debut back in 2006 and was battling health issues from 2011-on. He sadly passed away in July of 2014, but we’ll always remember him.


Peacock Spiders
Do whatever you feel.

They get in for the name alone. The big ol’ schnozzles are just a bonus.





♫ Because I’m Cappy….♫

Is there anything cuter than a Bebeh Capybara? Can’t think of anything cuter offhand. Well, maybe a Quokka.

unnamed (1)
“Humph!” Major Side-Eye O’ Disapproval here.

unnamed (2)
“We’re right above them. Mabel 3 to Hustlers: Let’s break ‘em up!*”

unnamed (3)
“OK, here’s my iTunes password. But DO NOT tell your friends young man, am I clear?”

unnamed (4)
“When Einstein applied his theory to gravitational fields, he derived the ‘curved space-time continuum’ which depicts the dimensions of space and time as a two-dimensional surface where massive objects create valleys and dips in the surface.” Mwah mwah mwah.

unnamed (5)
“OK, see you when you get back from Camp Sandbox.”

From May Li-K, who helpfully points out, “It’s a capybara (known as a Chigüiro in Colombia.) Oh.

*Bonus points if you can name the movie this is from.

Happiest Happy Hour

Qwikey! Time to quaff a Quokka or two, mate.

Queue up for the Qte!

And now, a Quokka qwonching a qwumbly qwacker:

“I just came across this on RYOT news and thought I’d pass it along. No words. Simply no words.” -Nicole P.

Who’d Like To Trade Places With The Hoomin?

C’mon, raise your hands, let’s see ‘em.


“This little guy is a Quokka. It is a marsupial the size of a cat. It lives on an island called Rottnest Island, which is near Perth, on the west coast of Australia. The creature petting him is named Sowmya. She was having a bad day when a Quokka came out of the bush to say hi!”

[I bet the bad day ended right here. -Ed]

Cuteporter Doug E. checking in from Winnipeg, Manitoba…a LONG bike ride to Perth.

I’m quokkin’, yes indeed

How many of you have every seen a Quokka before? Raise your hands! [looking around the room]

Ok, not many. HERE YOU GO!


Well done, first-time submitter Mark. Curled paws, B.E.F. and moist nosicle, CHECK!


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