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Happy (Late, Sorry) First BD to Camilla Barker Freckletocks

Congratulations and Pupcakes all around, CBF! “Happy Birthday to Camilla Barker Freckletocks! She turned 1 year old Monday!” -Joy.


Toasty Turtle ‘Tocks

“This is a photo of my Red Eared Slider, Jamie, enjoying the fireplace on a chilly November afternoon!” -Fiona C.

“Tocks! As Far As The Eye Can See!”

“My mother was recently on a group trip out to the Grand Canyon,” reports Dai-Suzanne M. “One day their bus came to a halt and my mom went to see what the hold-up was. Apparently, it was…’Tocks. I hope you find this photo as funny as I do, and hopefully it’ll make the ‘Tocktober cut! Thanks a bunch, keep up the Cute!”

Bear Necessities: ‘Tocks & Beans (Part II)

“Oh no, the last Toesday in ‘Tocktober! I’d better get you this photo of a grizzly bear showing off both. I hope you enjoy it. Taken by me at the San Francisco Zoo last Saturday.” -Carina M.

#Tocktober: “Hummy ‘Tocks!”

“Before the month is out I thought you might like to post some Fuzzy Hummy ‘Tocks! These belong to a Cute little Anna’s Hummingbird (we call her him Esmerelda Ernesto) that was kind enough to pose for some photos a while back while molting.” -Simon & Sarah in the SF Bay Area.


#Tocktober: Those Are….‘Tocks?

I swear I must need a new glasses prescription. Or something. To me, that looks like…a hat. With a head stuck on the right side. (Need..sleep. Staying up too late watching baseball.) “Here’s our furbaby Daisy. She enjoys stealing the socks right off our feet and hoarding them, Belly Rubs, and barking at neighborhood cats. She also has some adorable ‘Tocks.” -Julia.

#Tocktober: Queen Bella Part I- The ‘Tocks

[*Note: We’re going to save Part II for Nosevember 1st, which gives you a good idea of what that post is all about. -Ed.] Queen Bella lives in the mystical Land of Oz or as the commoners call it: Kansas. Her loyal subject and favored servant Shaila B. sees to the Queen on a daily basis.

#Tocktober: “♬I Left My ‘Tocks…In San Francisco…♫”

“Greetings! I visited San Francisco last weekend and spent some time at the Zoo, collecting a few pictures of animal ‘Tocks…and a lot of weird looks from the other zoo visitors. Guess what? Prairie Dog Butt! Enjoy! Susan H.”

[*Note: Apologies to Mr. Bennett. -Ed.]

#Tocktober: Even Cats Admire ‘Tocks

We’ve got Supreme Goldie Action on the kitchen floor here, with RULE #47 strictly enforced: Splayed haunch action is cute.

“Hi Cute Overload, my sweet golden Theo is shown here splaying out, while his brother, Mia (boy cat with girl name,) looks on, judging*.” -Jennifer H.

[*Note– A cat, judging you? Imagine that. -Ed.]

#Tocktober: Zebra ‘Tocks!

This Rule just smacks you in the face, don’t it? All together now- #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute. This is Enzi and his mama Elvira, from Maia C.