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Maru Gets a New TARDIS

To our favorite boxaholic, every container has more space on the inside than it appears to on the outside—it’s just a question of finding the proper entry vector.


Just WHO Does Wally Think He Is?

Doctor Who, that’s, um, who. For those out there who aren’t into The Doc, “Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show ever. In the five decades since it first aired, its main character has worn many different costumes and had many different faces,” according to the video’s blurb. Why dress up a Corgi as the Doctor? “Because Corgis are cool,” the video text flatly states.

Well, no argument there. (And this isn’t the first Dr. Who post, either.) More of Wallace here, BTW.

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And just because we can:

Doctor Who, Part Two

If you’ll recall, I was swiftly corrected for my glaring lack of Doctor Who knowledge. (It’s “Doctor,” not “Dr.,”..and it’s a time machine, not a phone booth.)

Now…The Tardis T.A.R.D.I.S. is back! (From another portal or Möbius loop or dimension or time-space continuum. Or…something.)

“I came home from Comic-Con yesterday to find that my husband had rescued a kitten while I was away. Her name is Rory Williams Reiter and at 8 weeks she is ready to take the time/space/universe by storm. She even managed to find our Tardis!” -Erin R.

It’s A UK Thing, Ursus

Have to admit, I’m not up on my Doctor Who lore. Other British shows like Fireball XL5 and Stingray, yes. But Dr. Doctor Who has eluded me, thus far. An online search reveals that this phone booth call box is called a “Tardis” and is in fact a time machine.

Well, of course it is.

It looks like British Shorthair Ursus doesn’t know Who or what is going on, either.

From Nicholas K.