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Because why not? (OK, OK, it was used SIX years ago. Bringin’ it back, and it’s ’bout time, too. And it’s still ALSO Caturday. They’re gonna have to share. Capiche?)

Look at these guys Emily K. sent to us. “First photo is Izzy. She gets a ‘lil messy sometimes and needs to take a sink shower. As disconcerted as she may look, she *mostly* enjoys the warm water and tends to brux and boggle the whole way through. I also submit for your approval my sweet, hairless dumbo named Milo hangin’ with my stuffed animals. One of the weirdest little dudes I ever did meet. Thanks for your consideration, keep up the excellent cuteness!”

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)


Um, Raturday would’ve been sooo much better.

"They don’t even DESERVE their own day, you knuh?" [Say in best rat-vallery-girl accent]

Caturday Critics, originally uploaded by l33twave.

I Like it

[Sat in rat voice] MUCH better than ‘Caturday’. Cats don’t deserve it.

Raturday Admirer, originally uploaded by l33twave.

I like the little hairs poking out from the hammock, Laura L.

Slumber party gone wrong

This is ratdiculous. Things were going so well, too.

I think the ‘Truth or Dare’ got out of control. Either that or they just got a crank call to see go outside and see if their refrigerator was “still running”.


Good luck with that tonight, this crazy ‘Raturday’, Emma E. 😉 Your vermin posting request has been granted.