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Rats, It’s The First Day Back From Vaca Monday

Someone sent you some Led Zeppelin MP3s to your office email, so now there’s 3GB of audio in there- and now the vengeful IT department wants to suspend your account. Your phone has 125 new messages. The coffee machine was left on and fused itself to the counter. And the thermostat is stuck on hi so it’s 97 degrees inside. In the shade.

Rats, it’s Monday.

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Rats, It’s Monday!

Rats, It’s Monday! Here’s another keen shot from Katheleen L; we first saw her work for the September 11th TGIF and two weeks ago as well. Maybe one of the best Ratty Photographers on the planet!

Rats, It’s Monday

“Here’s a pic of my dearly departed ratty, Rocket! She was never too keen on Mondays but always up for kisses, pocket snuggles and adventures. Photo credits are mine, Steph L. Thank you for your consideration!”

Rats, It’s Toesday (Special Edition)

Gonna combine Toesday and a special Rats edition in one post. Sorry to announce that Rats, It’s Monday alum Franklin has passed away. 😦

“This is Franklin. You may remember him from a Rats It’s Monday entry on C.O. last fall. Sadly, Franklin passed away on 11th June,” writes Frankie in the U.K. “He was a pretty special chap, doing a lot for ratty PR in the UK. He even made it onto Good Morning Britain on their Pets Week at the end of May.”

“He met so many people at the London Pet show the past two years and touched so many people’s hearts. He especially enjoyed meeting a young ten year old author there who wrote the Adventures of Sherb and Pip. I hope you can give him a little shout out as his human family were all very proud of all he did in his short life, and miss him very very much.”

Rats, It’s Monday!

And…welcome to Rats (and Bats perhaps?) it’s Monday! Great stuff for you today on the first Monday of March: New Maru & Hana, Bebeh Ducksters that will make your head melt, a Yorkie who details a VW Beetle, a Poll about a Potential NEW Rule- and much more. Right here on Cute Overload! Featured photo of Beethoven by Melina S.

Rats, It’s Monday

We have a special tribute to one of the stars of C.O.’s Rats, It’s Monday feature (And a member of the C.O. Hall of Fame) – Martin “Marty” Mouse, who passed away last Thursday night. Click here to save this image to your desktop to use as wallpaper.

Rats, It’s Monday

Ever wanted to just chuck Monday altogether and wake up Tuesday? You’re not alone. Beethoven, Linus, Schroeder and Cupcake, from Flickrer Melina S.

Rats, It’s Monday!

Arggh, another Monday morning. We can help you make it through the day, though- presenting Sweetibelle!

“Here are three photos of my diva Sweetibelle whose poses perfectly capture my attitude towards Mondays. In reality though, she’s just being overly dramatic being introduced to her new hunky friend Oliver, the other rat in two of the photos.”

“No worries though – both are spayed and neutered. These lovely Ratties were adopted from the amazing North Star Rescue in the SF Bay Area.” -Lee.

Rats, It’s Monday!

From The C.O. Mailbag…

“Many thanks for featuring Oskar and Bran! Very proud rat mama here. Just for you, here are some photos of their brother, Franklin, enjoying his burger, fries and Coke. Many hugs to Cute Overload! Frankie O.”






Rats, It’s Monday!

And……we’re ready to kick off another week with this pair of maniacs. Please say hello to Oskar on the bookshelf, and Bran in the teacup!

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“I see you interviewed Marty two weeks ago. He is a fantastic rat ambassador! My rats want to join the crusade!” -Frankie O.