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Wombat Wednesday: Happy #30, Patrick!

Happy 30th Birthday to Patrick The Wombat! The Big Fella celebrated with his pals over the weekend, Down Undah! Patrick, as our way of saying Happy Birthday, you’re now in the C.O. Hall of Fame!

He’s also signed up with the dating service “Tinder” to try and met his special someone- no luck yet. Better charge that phone before all the notifications start flyin’ in, Pat.





Patrick The Wombat UPDATE!

Ya might recall that back in August we wished ol’ Patrick here a Happy 29th Birthday. Yes, 29! The world’s oldest (and biggest- 84 pounds) Wombat. We saw this article on Lost At E Minor, and decided an UPDATE was in order. We also have an interview request into the Big Guy- let’s hope we hear back.

(As we all know, WOMBAT is one of THE best words in the WORLD to say. WombatWombatWombat.)

(Check out P’s FB page here. And don’t forget your Patrick Merch.)



C.O. Wishes Patrick The Wombat A Happy Birthday!

[C.O. Editorial Rule- NEVER miss a chance to have a Wombat post. Ever. -Ed.]

“URGENT! I learned that Patrick, the world’s oldest wombat, is 29 today! Send him a carrot already, will ya? See Patrick on FB!” -Shirley.

Wombat Wednesday: Interview With The Wombat

PatC.O. presents an EXCLUSIVE interview with Patrick, Australia’s #1 Wombat!

Patrick- tell us about your daily routine. What’s your day like?

“Being the Godfather of the Wombats, I have to keep myself in great shape so I eat plenty of fresh greens and loads of carrots and eat my daily grains. I’m not too keen on exercise so I get pushed about in a wheelbarrow alot of the time.”

Who do you like to hang with?

“My neighbours are a fab family of Wombats which include a Mamma, a Dadda and a wee baby Wom. The kid often looks to me for Wombie Advice, which I always say ‘be nice to visitors…don’t bite! And dig really big holes so the keepers have something to do….we have to keep them in a job!'”

Big famous guy like you- bet you get tons of fan mail. Do you have a girlfriend?

“Being the Wombassador of Ballarat I have a busy schedule saying hi to visitors and often meeting VIP’S, which includes Nicholas Cage, Kirstie Alley, Jerry Lewis and most recently Phil Ligget. I have been on TV lots too, so I don’t have time for a girlfriend.”

Did you ever get to meet the late legendary Steve Irwin?

“I never personally met Steve Irwin, however my Dad, Greg Parker who owns the park knew him.”

Anything else you’d like to mention?

“I will be 30 in August and I am looking forward to the celebrations. Big Bucky Tooth kisses XOXOXO to all my fans! I’m off for a snooze now, as I have to keep up on my beauty sleep!”

Special thanks to Patrick’s pals Julia L. and Jared M.

Interview With BUB

Time for another chapter in our “Interview With” series- you might remember earlier interviews with Patrick The Wombat and even Mary Lee The Shark. Now following Tuesday’s Trading Card, we turn our attention to one of the true Giants of the Internet- even tho she’s just a tad on the Tiny side.

Please welcome the one and only BUB to Cute Overload.

BUB, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Now, how does it feel to be an Internet Cat Star?

Hello. It’s me, BUB. I’m glad to be here, talking with you. I can’t say that I’m sure what the “Internet Cat Star” is. As a well-traveled space cat, I know a lot of stars. Literally millions of them… but I’ve never heard of the “Internet Cat Star”.

Do you feel any competition with guys like Grumpy Cat and Maru?

Competition is not a term I’m familiar with. These are both great cats, I certainly am aware of their existence, and I respect their talents.

Your name is BUB, but you’re actually a female. How’d that happen?

This is true, my name is BUB. I was not aware of any correlation between my name and my gender so I’m a bit confused by your question, Brinke. In fact, with a name like Brinke, I have no idea if you’re a female or a male! [*Note: Touché. Male. -Ed.]

You live in Indiana. Guess you’re a hoops fan, right?

No, I don’t wear earrings.

Tell us about your new book with Norbert.

I have to say that I’m really proud of everything that I do, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m really good at anything I set my mind to, and my creative output is consistently high-quality. But when I finally saw this book in it’s final form, it totally blew my mind and exceeded my already unreasonably high expectations of myself. And that’s because it was a heroic collaboration with a heroic dog named Norbert. The book is beautifully illustrated, with a beautiful story, and for a good cause – to help special needs pets such as myself.

Anything else you’d care to add?


birthday yogurt prof pic

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Under the moonlight..the stherious moonlight!


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Friday Haiku: When we roll out the weekly Zen.


Climbing up the wall
Peering into the window
Just plain curious

“This little chap flew into our conservatory and seemed a little shy,” says Helen W.

Ferret Friday: Same as Wombat Wednesday, a semi-regular event. Who doesn’t love some Ferret Action?



Flashback Friday: Vintage shots from around the Intertubes. Thank Heavens for Shorpy. This one is simply called “Soldier and cat, 1940.”

[‘SCUSE me, sir- um, before you blast whoever you’re gonna blast- it’s 17:00- how about my chow?]

Soldier and cat, 1940, [499x312] - Imgur

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ResQtes Of The Week (Friday Sydney Edition)

Yesterday we featured some ResQte Photos from Aussie Patrick Jones– photos he takes for the RSPCA in NSW. In his email, he said he had some other posts recently, and to choose any that “struck our fancy.” All I can say is–THESE sure did! (But- no Quokkas or Wombats, sorry.) Comments on each photo (taken from his site) are in the hovers. That’s Billy The Kid up top.




C.O. Trading Cards: BY REQUEST!

Yesterday, quite by accident, we launched the C.O. Trading Card Series because..we did. Gipsy Danger started things off. And we got these comments:

“Oh please more cards! And make one with Earl from Tuesday? I’ve been showing that picture to coworkers all day. Not that GD isn’t adorable too, because she is. There could be a Wombat set too? Plz?”debg.

“I second debg! Earl too please. See, ’cause I’m going to print two of each and have the most ultimate memory matching game ever!!!” –Tara.

Presenting Earl and Patrick, #’s 2 and 3 in the Series! Collect ’em! Swap ’em! Print and use as bookmarks!


#4 in the Series coming………….soon.

Who Wants Some Belleh Rubs, Eh?

Welcome to Wombat Wednesday!

To kick things off, how about these two little maniacs, Jojo and DJ, goin’ nuts at the Wild About Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Victoria, Australia! Video spotted on T.O.


Our exclusive One on One Interview with Patrick, Australia’s #1 Wombat- is next.

C.O. Hall Of Fame

[Updated 8/25/15:] Cute Overload likes to feature Cute in all shapes, sizes (Look! A kitten!) and types. But as you know, we have our favorites. When you see ’em….ya Squee ’em. Without further delay, we present The C.O. Hall Of Fame. They’re not in any special order- they’re listed as we think of ’em.

We missing any? Let us know!

Patrick The Wombat

Patrick just celebrated his 30th birthday and is showing no signs of slowing down! Welcome to the C.O. Hall of Fame, Patrick!



I don’t think we need to go into too much detail as to why Norbert is our newest member of the C.O. Hall of Fame. Gadzooks–look at these videos/photos. This is more than the mind can comprehend. You know, like “How big is the galaxy.” Like that.







Fufu bringin’ the Maximum Redonk in photos by The Furrtographer!







Mr. Shankly_SGR-XL

The Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster

This is the video that gave him his name. The term “classic” is perhaps overused- but it’s perfect in this case. Go, Trunkster, go!!

The Entire Country of Japan


Yes, the entire country is in. Every. Single. Person. As of last check (2013,) that’s 127.34 million people. Japan occupies a unique spot within the C.O. Culture, since they consistently kick our ass top everyone else when it comes to unconventional Cute. Look no further than this tag: The Big J. Examples? Many, we have.

Puri-Ketsu. You’ll just have to click the link.

Mutant Parrot Bananas. We could not even begin to make this up.

Welcome to Disapproval Island, Mr. Bond.

Hello Kitty Halloween donuts. Awesome.

Furry Teddy Bear Bus.

Disney character USB Butts.. Really.


The C.O. Cat Café World Tour was created expressly for Japan. Other guys might sneak in, but J owns it.

Kittens, Doughnuts, and Pancakes.

Pokemon Cars.

Train Stations with Kitteh Station Masters. (RIP Tama, shown above.) 😦

Ninja Hamster Houses. Say that one out loud- sounds redonk.

A Travel Agency…Just For Stuffies.

Milo. What can you say about this little dude? We’ve covered him extensively on C.O. –one of the all-time greats.




Magilla Glub Glub, Lady Bubbles, & Mickey
The Kuddlin’ Kigali Boston Kitteh AKA Magilla Glub Glub came blasting into the C.O. Collective Consciousness in the fall of 2012. Glubs was soon joined by Lady Bubbles, and they now have a new pal, Mickey. [*Note: Glubs and new pal Mickey are now in Boston..Bubbles soon to join them. -Ed.]



Both Kitties Couch

Glub Glub Licking Bubbles 2


Grumpy Cat
Without question the most popular Internet Cat on the…um, Internet. And we can bet Tardar Sauce (real name) doesn’t care one bit. (In truth, she is one of these teeniest, cuddliest, and softest cats you will ever meet. Just don’t let her know that. Got to meet and pet her at a private media thing at Macy’s S.F. last November- truly a rock star moment. Not kidding. Photos by The Furrtographer, who was there with me. -B.)





Lil’ BUB
Lil’ Bub has overcome some physical challenges to become a truly beloved member of the Net Catosphere. (Is that a word?) GOOD JOB, BUB!

Maru: The Circle. His Royal Girthness. Mugumogu’s Meal Ticket. He’s The Man, and he knows it. This article says Maru’s videos have been viewed over 200 million times. A lot of clicks, friends. He’s been saddled with a new sidekick, Hana. Maru, we all have our crosses to bear. His whole round video history is right here.

Fearless Leader Jay Vitazko
He passed away August of 2013, but Jay lives on in the hearts of all his friends, and on the pages of C.O.


Simon’s Cat
Simon Tofield is a very talented and cat-tormented British artist, and several years ago decided to document his wretched life cat-dominated existence with the Simon’s Cat series.

Teddy Bear
Teddy will gladly obliterate anything you put in front of him, and isn’t shy about sharing his opinion, either. He likes to hang out at Zooniversity, a wildlife education company and exotic animal rescue in Dallas. All Tedster videos live here.

Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon is a prosh lil’ porker with a lotta heart and the fastest set of wheels in town. Here are all of CPB’s YouTube clips. Partner in Crime of Lentil Bean. (See below.)

Lentil Bean
The Bean gets into the Hall for the sheer WOW Factor of this first photo alone. But then this Fall 2013 photo sesh with Chris P. Bacon sends ’em BOTH into the stratosphere. That’s GOLD, Jerry. GOLD! Known associate of Chris P. Bacon. (Above.)



Maymo & Penny
The virtual definition of the word “Goofball.” Maymo and new pal Penny haven’t met a living room they wouldn’t like to trash. Gleefully. Check out a video or two at Maymo’s YouTube library.

Frostie The Snow Goat
The Lil’ Goat from Down Under touched many lives in his short stay on Earth.


Kodie packs a mighty wallop of Awesome QTE in his little body. I mean, LOOK AT THE TOP KNOT WILLYA.





These photos + video speak for themselves.






Oliver Donovan

This tuff little guy made his C.O. debut back in 2006 and was battling health issues from 2011-on. He sadly passed away in July of 2014, but we’ll always remember him.


Peacock Spiders
Do whatever you feel.

They get in for the name alone. The big ol’ schnozzles are just a bonus. Plus they’re Australian. Yes, Patrick is in here, but as a solo artist. Sorta like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame- the Beach Boys are in as a group, but Brian Wilson is also in as a solo artist. Like that.





Martin “Marty” Mouse
Maybe the Cutest Dumbo ever. Sadly, Marty left us in November of 2014. Marty’s FB is here.