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Happy Nosevember Thanksgiving

On the menu today- Tofurky, Cranberries, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, and….Noses! (Names and sender-inners in the hovers, OK?) Above, Kona Bear from Hafeeza J.





image1 (1)

photo 3


Grand Nosevember Finale!

Time for a big ol’ honkin’ Nosevember Finale. Thank you to all the hoomins who sent in their photos! Above, we have Dingo The Saucy Bossy Wahwah from Heather & Brandon O. Other names and assorted comments are in the hovers, right? And….here we go!


Riley (2)













And…… beak.


Kermit The Frog Dog

Little K is rockin’ the “Two Flaps Down” look, and there’s the beginning of a quality Baroo in the bottom photo. Good job, Kermit! “Hello! I wanted to get my dog Kermit’s pictures in before ‘Nosevember’ was over. He has a very prominent schnoz. Thanks for checking him out!” -Tiffany B., Kermit’s mom and the photographer.


Nosevember In Firenze

“We took our Luca all the way to Italy so we could take photos of Luca in Lucca. Here she is overlooking Firenze though. Foto by me. Love your site!” -Stefanie R.


Flyin’ With One Flap Up Sideways

Usually, Rule Of Cuteness ##58 means “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” [*Note: Seen earlier today here. -Ed.]

However,there are always exceptions. Right, Maria K?

“I thought this pic was pretty cute for Nosevember. This is my dog Skooter and he ‘nose’ he’s cute.”

Hunt For Grey Nosevember (Part II)

Greyhounds are perfect for Nosevember due to their classically tapered snoots. Reader Dawn M. concurs. “As greyhounds are truly the perfect Nosevember participant, I submit to you Audrey (aka Audreykins or Fuzzy Britches.) Her parents love to take multiple photos of her as close as possible before she shows her “You have to do this now?” eyes. And thankfully, due to a greyhounds ‘hectic’ lifestyle requiring no less that 22 hours of sleep a day, we are able to snap a lot of photos.” -Photos by Matt & Dawn.


[*Note: Part I here. -Ed.]

Nosevember VIDEO

We rarely never get any VIDEO submissions for Nosevember, so we hafta go out and search for just the right video.

Found it.

Rats, It’s My Birthday Monday

As Nosevember reaches the halfway mark, these three goobers show off their best side. “Noodle, Hester and Vincent chilling on top of their hammock. Hester has a fabulous schnozzle as I am sure you will agree.” -Megan D.

Nosevember: Kazoo, Part II

Last week, Sender-Inner Mindy emailed us some photos of her kitteh Kazoo. We saved a couple of them for this week, and here we see Kazoo intently studying a backyard Sqwerl.

For educational purposes only, naturally.


Nosevember: Teddy, Now & Then

Guess we could consider this a “Flashback Friday” post, too. There’s T-Man today (above) and below when he first came online. “​Hello! Please consider my cat Teddy (a.k.a. Theodorable) for Nosevember. Everyone who meets him comments on his dark nose even though his fur around his nose & mouth is white. It is a prime Booping target for sure. Thank you! Stephanie Lee.”