Let The Sun Shine In!

Despite what your local TV station weather person might say- your forecast for today is LOTS OF SUN!

“I’d love to share with you pictures of my Rescue Corgi Sun who was the happiest dog EVER on a hike this week. If you’d like to see more of her, you can check out my Instagram: I also have 2 handsome kitties!” -Lottie P.



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Tips On Being Productive (By Kittens)

Most cats sleep around 16 hours a day. Kittens and older cats sleep even longer than that. So naturally, these kittehs have cooked up this video on how to spend your time more wisely, while you’re at the office.

WHOA! Almost Forgot Toesday!

DSC_0290WHEW! Still a couple hours of Toesday left on the the East Coast. Say, check out these terrific images c/o Samantha N. “Guinness in all his glor-toe-liousness! Is that a word? Does it matter? Photo by Cat Mom, Samantha.”


Drink Up! There’s Plenty To Go ‘Round!

This little one has decided rather than just, you know, lick the water out of the bowl, he’d just as soon DUNK HIS NOSE IN IT and…well, see for yourself.

Ah, but there’s more- of course there is. Ben and two siblings perform a “Synchronized Head Dance.”


It’s Owl Awareness Day?

HOOOOO knew about this? Well, the Oregon Zoo did (been there, wonderful place) and they put a video together for Owl Lovers everywhere! (Speakers UP, please.)

World’s Tiniest Barista

unnamed[Now, you want a Demi, Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, or Trenta? “Short” is the one I make the best…coming right up sir! While you wait, we have free Wi-Fi, you know.] Kodie, from Angela C.

The Shichon Saga (Continued)

IMG_0802Meet Paisley Fey The Shichon…who just came online March 31st! She is the proud owner of the Lang family in Colorado.

A Cat’s Guide To Boxes

It would be easy to assume that Maru started the “Cats love boxes” craze. The Round One will stuff himself into anything, after all. And then there’s the whole “If It Fits I Sits” meme. With that said, Celebrity Kittehs Cole & Marmalade present their own “A Cat’s Guide To Boxes.”

Don’t You Just Hate Summer Allergies?

The video of this Prosh Lil’ Pommy sneezing blew up the Internet last week- and so we’re happy to present a compilation of that very subject.

Kleenex, anyone?

Oh, Here’s One For Your Bucket List

Take a look at this! A really large Mama Grey Whale and her Bebeh cruise on over to a tourist boat, and allow themselves to be petted n’ scritched.


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