Bird Dog?

Something tells me that this little guy isn’t ready to be a bird dog. Leave the hunting to the big guys for now, fella.

Wanna See Some Kittehs Freakin’ Out?

Well, we have that base covered.

“Hey Honey, You’re Snoring Again.”

“Honey? You’re snoring. Can you roll over, please? Honey? WAKE UP.”

(Boing! Boing!!)

Flycatcher? More Like Eyecatcher, Amirite?

That’s right, hon-naaaaay, I am the Royal Flycatcher. Emphasis on the “royal” part. So if you can let go my leg and bow down before my regally epic fabulousness, we’ll get along fine.


Via Reddit.

One Good Cone Deserves Another

Stanley totally agrees with that. Since he’s got a cone to wear, he’d like one to SLURP, too. “This is Stanley Goobrick. He is a pure bred pug- so you know he loves his cones! He’s on Instagram, of course.” – Lily T.


At This Point, You Almost Have To Wonder…

….just how much Shiro & Friends can take. Fruit caps? Really? Seriously?

ResQte Of The Week: River

Bet you thought when you first woke up, “Gee, I hope C.O. puts up a video of a Bebeh Beaver having a bath. That’s what I want.” And here it is! Now, how do you think we knew that’s what you wanted to see? Hmmmm?

Blorpin’ In The Galápagos

Pssst! Buddy! Wanna see some Cute Sea Lions? You have come to the right place. From the video: “Florian Fischer and Patricio Garcés go diving with friendly Galápagos Sea Lions off the coasts of the Galápagos Islands.”


Chicken Cop 1: Bok, what seems to be the er, bok, problem?

Bunny criminal 2: He hit me first—

Chicken Cop 2: Bok SILENCE!

Bunny criminal 1: I was minding my own business when I was jumped!

Chicken Cop 1: I’ve, bok, had enough—we’re takin’ both of youse downtown.

F1v3r strikes AGAIN!

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

What Not To Do When Holding A Cooking Demo

1.) Invite Mari The Shiba Inu. That’s it. No other steps. Good luck.


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