It’s Snowing In Sweden, Too

10389679_10153527602475410_601208768974394662_n“Saw that you were looking for pics of pets in the snow. This is my dog “Vaffs.” I took it while it was snowing a few days ago here in Gothenburg, Sweden.” -Daniel F.

A Six Dog Night In Boston

Just in from Wendy Z.: “Today the BBC showed a graphic showing how to tell how deep the show is by “Can you still see your dog” showing six breeds. Sounds like an awfully cute way to tell – apparently one and a half chihuahuas equals one french bulldog?”

Snow depth in Boston 22:00 GMT (17:00 EST)

Snow depth in Boston 18:00 GMT (13:00 EST)

Snow depth in Boston 14:00 GMT (09:00 EST)

Snow depth in Boston at 08:00 GMT Tuesday (03:00 EST)

Snow depth in Boston 22:00 GMT Monday (17:00 EST)


Selfies Sleevies

From The Big J via RocketNews24/Andrew Y. comes the latest craze [Aren’t they always having ‘crazes’? -Ed.]…..HAMSTERS IN SLEEVES.

RN says that Japanese homes are somewhat poorly heated- we’ll take their word for that- and these naturally burrowing lil’ guys head straight for the closest source of warmth….

…right up your sleeve.

Also quoting RN here, they say “This trend is known as ‘袖ハム sodehamu.’ (Sode 袖 = sleeve, hamu ハム = the first half of the Japanese pronunciation of ‘hamster.’)

Got that?

And is the case with a lot of Cute things in Japan-

You’re sometimes left with a surprise.


#Snowmageddon 2015, Vol. II

2015_01-18_FSNY_Darbster_left_Collin_right_DSC_0214_CREDIT_Farm_SanctuaryEarlier today we presented #Snowmageddon 2015, Vol. I- and now we roll out Vol II, c/o Meredith T. at Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY. (If you have some snow related pet photos, you know where to send ‘em!) Critter names in the hovers, and all photos are by Farm Sanctuary. (Darbster & Collin, above.) And to all of the C.O. Peeps in the New England area- it’s a rough one out there theyah- we hope you and your animuhls stay safe!









THIS JUST IN! Teddy Bear Says The Super Bowl Winner Is…

You’re just gonna have to click the video to find out!


Thursday, 11:25 AM: My partner and I were working the day watch out of Homicide when the call came in. It was Kimba, the White Lion. Once a beloved TV star, now lying on the cold tile of his Brentwood ranch house. The coroner had already pronounced him sleepy when we arrived. Our job: get busy with the Sharpies.


“Here is Zuri taking a nap with his dog buddies Donald the poodle and Lana the Lab,” says sender-inner Therese C. (Apologies to Jack Webb again.)

WAHOO! #Snowmageddon 2015, Vol. I

unnamedWe’ve received a lot of great photos from #Snowmageddon2015! “Our 7 month old German Short-Haired Pointer, Jax, (above) just loves the snow as you can see in this picture my husband took the other day.” -Brenda M.

If you have some photos, send ‘em our way, as we’re working on Volume II right now! It’s done! (Add the location, too.) And who else do we have today? Let’s dive in!

“First photo is a blizzard pic of Peanut. This is only her second snow storm ever since leaving Costa Rica. She didn’t know it was so deep when she jumped in! Poor snowy Peanut. (Otto is with Peanut in the second photo, didn’t want to leave him out!) ” -Deirdre and Ken.

image1 (1)

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset



“We are in New York, just missing the really bad snow, but here is Nahreet (Her name comes from the first time i saw her, when she came to us very ill, i’m Scottish and said ‘That sheep’s nah reet as in not right’) and Missy-Moo checking out the snow.” -Carol B.

Nahreet and Missy Moo
“Little Penny the Yorkie caught a perfect snowflake under her eye!” -Jeni C.

unnamed (1)
“There’s going to be a blizzard coming soon, good thing I have my trusty Abominable Snowman handy,” says Kevin the pup. Photo by Yuan.

“Our dog Tucker Bob really loves the snow. Taken by his dad Steve P. in Boston.” -Zoe B.

Tucker Bob

Peanut! Get Over Here, Dude!

Have you ever seen this before? A Sqwerl (“Peanut,” of course) comes when his name is called, then hops up on the hoomin’s shoulder for the nomming.



Can’t Wait For Bunday, People

This…is a Bebeh Hairless..(pausing here so you can go WHAT IS THAT??????)…Rabbit.

Spotted Teddytassens Biran- that’s his name- on The Featured Creature.

Did you know rabbits are born without any hair? Carly did, and she says on TFC that “Teddytassens started getting his fur after several weeks but it still took some time before he looked completely normal.”






MMMMM, Bell Peppers!

[*Note: Speakers UP – but not too loud – for this one, please. -Ed.]

These two Guinea Pigsters are getting all kinds of SERIOUS about their Bell Pepper Nomming.

(From I Can Has Cheezburger.)
Thanks to Jennifer A.


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