Bobblin’ -N- Wobblin’

If I could do anything and be anywhere this second- it would probably be at the Toronto Zoo gettin’ some snorgle time with this two-month old PB. Although they say the weather in Maui is nice this time of year, too.

But they don’t have Bebeh Polar Bears.

(Story spotted on Mashable.)



  1. This poor bebeh just can’t seem to get the hang of walking. Her paws are too big for her to coordinate. I don’t mean to laugh but she’s so cute.

  2. BatBlaster says:

    The ball looks like a truncated icosahedron, like a soccer ball.

  3. Someone needs hugs tiem!!1!

  4. Who’s a little godless killing machine?You are!

  5. I can’t wait to see this little darling in action – hopefully in another month she’ll be “on display”. Our Toronto Zoo is full of bebeh action this year – 4 white lion cubs (all boys!), 2 panda cubs and this little girl. Fun times at the Toronto Zoo!

  6. *wobblewobblewobble* *roll-ehn-roll* *wobblewobblewobble*