12362903_10156337398165486_7984921072332690837_oTake a look at that BACKWARDS OVER THE SHOULDER SIDE-EYE stuff. Good grief. What’s the story here, Army K.? “Hello, this is Fritz, my ridiculously cute and sweet 4.5 month old Schnoodle ResQte puppy, and he’s the best.😀.”

Well,that settles that.




  1. Sabrina Rose says:

    A SCHNOODLE?!?! That’s a new one to me. Must be Schnauzer/Poodle? OMG, so darling!!! Fritz is the cutest of the cute. Must Have One Now!!

  2. Oh my…what a sweetie/cutie pie!

  3. Huuuuugs!!!

  4. Irresistible face.❤