Caturday Afternoon Haiku, Because Why Not?

A cat yoga pose.
Inhale. Reach front paws. Relax.
Sunbeam is a must.

~ ~ ~

“This is my rescue Fiona. She practices yoga for well being and health. Her nose and paws have been featured on C.O. (thank you) and now the rest of her!” -Deb M. & Fiona =^..^=

[*Note: Haiku also provided by Deb & Fiona. And we cannot forget Rule #40. -Ed.]



  1. I’m on my way, your lover
    If you get cold,
    I will be your cover

  2. Thanks, Fiona, for the great haiku! A word of advice: if you’re going to provide a warm cover, don’t forget to keep those impressive claws well hidden… otherwise it might ruin the mood… 😀