Cats Are Supposed To Be Smart

So when will they learn that they will NEVER EVER catch the little red dot?

“This is the same British shorthair kitten from “Kitten vs. Straw,” says Vladimir S. In this video she tries to catch the notorious red dot.”



  1. Now you expect kittens to have the properties of light down at? It’s rather like the elusive pursuit of happiness…doe we “smarter” human beings. But still fun to consider, eh?

  2. The thrill is in the hunt, not the bounty.

  3. sleekityin says:

    Love the kittenses with all it’s stalkin’ and pouncifying action. Too qte.

  4. I had a cat that figured out I was controlling the red dot and wouldn’t chase it.

  5. Yeah, the trick is to not let the cat learn how badly it has zero chance of affecting the laser.
    Once the ‘magic’ wears off, it’s gone for good, so you have to make sure it doesn’t ‘catch’ it as much as possible, or it will learn it can’t catch it. Make sure it disappears consistently and in reality, under a door crack, but not just shut it off so it disappears from reality. Foster the illusion.

  6. I can’t decide if the laser pointer is a cat torture device, or good for helping them exercise their visual acuity and pouncing skills. I’ll go for the latter. 😀 I wonder if in cat heaven there’s a big arena where humans chase red dots they can never catch, while the cats sit around and laugh and laugh.

  7. grytlappar says:

    I don’t like the laser pointer (I say this as a cat sitter (as if that gives me more athoriteh! 😀 )) Sure the cats are is into hunting it—but ultimately there’s nothing for them to catch! Which is the equivalent of them playing with a pole toy, and never, ever letting them catch the toy, which one would never do! So get yerself a string and drag it around, or summick.

  8. grytlappar says:

    Terri, my cat did the same. It took him about 2.25 secs to analysize where the read beam was coming from, and that was that. He walked away, all “As if. Pfft.”. I was quite proud… “My cat is so smart! Heh. (Like one of those insufferable parents. Apparently all children are now smarter than average, which, statistics…)

  9. Cats are more fun! My dogs will play for about 30 secs & move on.

  10. Delightful fuzzball, stubbular bebeh legs and large round paws… all the elements for a super qte. The pouncing action intensifies the overall qte. Of course kitteh is smart, she has figured out that all the pouncity-pouncity melts her hoomin’s heart and she’ll get extra treats and chin rubs. 😀