Oh Look, One Of Those New French(ie) Alarm Clocks


And OK here are a couple more.

The Lil’ Frenchie is Link- here’s his IG. Story spotted on Mashable.



  1. TOO CUTE. What a face! And some cute stuff on their page, including video with big brother or sister!

  2. omg so jealous.

  3. That tan dog realizes that they’re bigger right?

  4. I want one!

  5. I have a cat alarm clock. She wakes me by sitting on my chest and tickling my face with her whiskers as she tries to put her wet nose upon my face. I move, but she just follows, until I put the covers over my head. But that doesn’t stop her at all, When all else fails, she starts to be very verbal, and that usually does the trick.

  6. Badá Rock says:

    I’m dead. And it’s this little Frenchie’s fault.