I Haz Roku Thing?

[It WON’T stay STILL! This is worse than that little red dot thing.]

“You recently featured my house guest Indy (aka Indiana Jones) on an edition of Toesday because of his One Pink Toe (OPT). The other day I caught him trying to catch the Roku logo on my new TV, so I took a video and thought maybe this might be of interest, too.” -Tracy B.



  1. What an adorable goofball! It’s a good thing those logos don’t zoom, or you’d need another new TV.

  2. So sweet. There’s definitely some baroo-ing when he realizes that his paws can’t stop the power of Darth Roku

  3. I bet you’d rather watch Indy than TV. He’s quite a funny fellow.

  4. Can someone tell an old lady where to get Roku? It would be great to amuse my foster kittens!

  5. sleekityin says:

    It’s like the slo-mo kitteh version of the classic “Pong” game.