Don’t Take These To Work

71KMwo65S-L._SL1000_If you do, all your co-workers will steal them!

The Midori Super-Kawaii D-Clips series has lots of designs to choose from- a selection of them shown here. Amazon has ’em right now. And that’s Amazon US, not Amazon JP!







(From Boing Boing)


  1. No FREAKING WAY!!! I just bought the Dog Clips. 2 day Prime Shipping! Can’t wait!!

  2. 25 cents per paper clip. CO needs to have a new tag called “Cute or Mental Disorder”. Ha ha!!

  3. I want!!!💗💗

  4. My office won’t even spring for red pens any more. Just black and blue.

  5. I want to work in an office now just so I can have a use for these paper clips.

  6. Or take a proactive approach and gift them to your coworkers

  7. Awwwww! So cute!!! 😘😘😘 I seriously want them!

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    The dolphin looks more like an orca. “Seriously, doesn’t that [look] a little orca-ish?”

  9. Usagi Earl says:

    I have the rabbit ones and I guard them with my life LOL

  10. i’d like to see a mixed box – like ‘animal crackers’