#TBT 01/14/2008: Wouldja Look At Those Meaty Drumsticks!

At least, that’s what Sender-Inner Scott B. said. He asked me to “Look at those meaty drumsticks.”
Scott. I don’t think that’s approooo—OMG LOOK AT THOSE MEATY DRUMSTICKS! No, seriously, Scott, you have a problem. [licking lips]

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]



  1. When dog is served on the table.everyone gets a leg!

  2. Kimberly O. says:

    Ha!! That’s what we say about Oscar’s drumsticks! 🙂 Our poodle wouldn’t even feed a starving mouse… she has super skinny legs.

  3. I always say my cat has meaty thighs, too. This pup is so very black he practically looks like a cutout silhouette rather than an actual dog!

  4. too funny

  5. grytlappar says:

    I laffed. And laffed. Wha a sweetheart. Pug, right?
    I love how straight the outline of the butt is, heh.