It’s National Sqwerl Appreciation Day!

Well, it’s not ’til a week from today. But these couldn’t wait!

“My name is Eric. I know you get a million submissions, but you may remember the Squirrel videos I sent a few months back – one of which was Zatoichi eating his first Cheerio!”

“As I’m sure you know, January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day, so I wanted to make sure C.O. made all the squirrels proud with their recognition on the 21st.” [*Note: Or on the 14th. -Ed.]

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  1. I appreciate! 🙂

  2. Mrs. Norris says:


  3. Agreed, these could not wait till the 21st!! How could anyone keep from sharing this adorableness?

  4. Many squirrel pics and stories here:

  5. I can appreciate their cuteness and cleverness. However that doesn’t mean I appreciate them emptying my bird feeders or trying to destroy them.

  6. Isn’t that Inauguration Day in some years? We should elect a squirrel.

  7. awwwwww indeeed

  8. about time these sweet creatures get some love.

  9. @Tammy You should see our back patio. They come to the front door sometimes and just sit and stare at the door, waiting for their peanuts. When they get the “Wind Crazies,” it’s very entertaining.

  10. I love squirrels!