Hey, Anybody Need A Bath?

[Yeah, you! Mickey. You could use some sprucing up. C’mere.]

From the video: “Mickey Mouse likes to jump up into Magilla Glub Glub’s basket and get a good cleaning. Mickey is blind and often jumps up to find an empty basket, but when Glubby is there she’s so happy. Both cats are from Rwanda but are now living near Boston. Their sister Lady Bubbles prefers to clean herself.”



  1. Ellie's Mom says:

    Wonderful scene – and what a great, cat-friendly home that seems to be. That basket is glued-down, right? Maybe a tour of the rest of the cat furniture sometime …

  2. LOVE those kitteh names!

  3. MGG in the house! And his brother Mickey! So nice to see them happy together.

  4. grytlappar says:

    That leg that’s wrapped around Mickey!

  5. I’m so glad Magilla and co are settling in up in the snowy Northeast.

  6. The Original Jane says:

    Awww…glub glub is such a sweetie pie in addition to being gorgeous. It’s always too long in between his pics.

  7. A blind cat jumps into a basket suspended over the opening of a staircase?

  8. Jlamusings says:

    So happy to see MGG & clan settled in. And much love to their hoomins- people who rescue special needs critters are awesome! Mickey clearly doesn’t let a little thing like blindness slow her down 😉

  9. So happy to have an update on these guys! Sweet video! Wishing all your babies the best (hoomin too)!

  10. Stephanie says:

    I follow MGG and his girls on FB. They all seem to have acclimated well to their new home. He is a beautiful boy and Mickey is a lucky girl to have found such wonderful humans to take care of her.

  11. Mickey is handi-capable. There are all sorts of obstacles/ cat forts at our house that she is able to navigate. She’s really careful Michael.